Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring (2024 Review)

When it comes to celebrity engagements, there’s one thing you can expect besides an outpouring of love and romance, the massive and expensive engagement ring. The proposal can be a simple dinner, a fun getaway, or even a breakfast in bed, but you can always expect engagement rings that are outlandish and will sparkle enough your eyes will hurt looking at them.

One of the most impressive engagement rings is Draya Michele’s, from the former American football cornerback and now a sports commentator Orlando Scandrick. Although the couple’s engagement and the relationship ended years ago, Draya’s ring is still the talk of the town when it comes to impressive celebrity engagement rings.

What Setting Style is Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring? 

Choosing the ideal engagement ring often starts with selecting the right ring style and setting. It’s a critical step when ring shopping as the setting style will play a huge role in what the ring will look like in the end. It will also determine which type of diamond is the ideal option for you.

When Orlando Scandrick bought the engagement ring that he gifted Draya Michele, he went back to the classic, but with a more allure and grandiose.

Draya Michele’s engagement ring has a timeless prong setting. A prong is that little metal claw that holds the diamond tightly and in place. Prongs come in varying shapes, including flat, rounded, pointed, and V-shaped.

Prong settings can also feature four or six prongs, each having its advantages and drawbacks. For example, a four-prong setting lets you see more of the diamond, and as more light passes through the stone, you can expect more brilliance from the diamond. Meanwhile, like in Draya Michele’s ring, the diamond is more secure with a six-prong setting.

When choosing a setting style, here are many reasons why a prong setting is a classic and popular option.

  • It supports and complements and a wide variety of Diamond sizes and shapes.
  • It offers a timeless and classic look.
  • It highlights the diamond stone, making it more noticeable and a prominent feature of the engagement ring.
  • Prong settings allow a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond, adding to its brilliance.
  • It’s simple to clean and maintain.

Draya Michele’s engagement ring also features a diamond melee setting for the platinum band, which adds sparkle and interest in her already massive center stone. Melee diamonds are accent diamonds, and in Draya Michele’s ring, these smaller diamonds line up the shank of the ring and bring more emphasis to the center diamond.

What Shape is Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring Diamond?

With a ring setting style in place, the next crucial step when ring shopping is choosing the best diamond stone shape. Like setting styles, there are also tons of options for choosing the shape of the center stone.

Diamonds come in various shapes, like round cuts, princess, oval, cushion, pear, radiant, emerald, Asscher, marquise, and heart shape.

Round diamonds are the most popular and also the most expensive diamond cut per carat. It gives a classic look for an engagement ring, although a round cut produces more diamond waste during creation and shaping.

Draya Michele’s ring, although not cheap, features a cushion-cut diamond. Although this diamond shape isn’t as brilliant as a round-cut, it has incredible character and value, making it a well-loved option for engagement rings as well.

  • Cushion cut diamonds offer a mesmerizing fire and spark that traditional round cuts.
  • Cushion cuts give you tons of options, including the shape and the number of facets. It can be a square, elongated, or a modified cushion cut.
  • It doesn’t have sharp edges like you would find in a princess cut diamond, so it’s less likely to chip or break.
  • It is around 25% cheaper than traditional round diamonds.

How Many Carats is Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring?

Draya Michele’s engagement ring features 7-carats in diamonds, which is extremely rare, making it incredibly valuable. The heavier a diamond, the rarer it usually is, and thus comes a premium price tag. A 7-carat diamond is not something you can buy from a local jeweler.

One common misconception when choosing carat size is that people believe it refers to the diamond size. However, carat is, in fact, a measurement of the diamond’s weight, which is 0.2 grams per carat. So, Draya Michele’s engagement ring is 7-carat, which means the diamonds in her ring all weigh 1.4 grams.

Where Is Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring From?

Draya Michele’s ring was designed by famous jeweler Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills.

Jason is the radical jeweler based on the ninth floor of the Bank of America building in Beverly Hills. He’s earned a global reputation for crafting extravagant diamond pieces for an incredibly selective clientele. Jason of Beverly Hills creates one-of-a-kind and custom design diamond pieces that go overboard the boundaries set by traditional jewelers.

Besides the shop in Beverly Hills, Jason Arasheben also has boutiques in Miami, Las Vegas, and Tokyo. However, in his Rodeo Drive headquarters, you can find his most outlandish creations, like Justin Bieber’s gem-encrusted Stewie figure and Drake’s diamond-covered iPhone case.

Jason of Beverly Hills is the go-to for some of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports world, such as Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and Drake. He’s also created an 8.5-carat cushion cut diamond ring for Dwayne Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union and another 8.15-carat yellow diamond ring for L.A. Laker’s Nick Young’s fiancé Iggy Azalea.

He’s also tight with footballers, so it wasn’t surprising that Orlando Scandrick commissioned him to create Draya Michele’s engagement ring back in 2015.

How Much Did Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring Cost? What Is It Worth?

A rare 7-carat diamond can cost between $10,000 to $30,000 per carat, and that is considering that the stone is in minimum grades for clarity and color, S12 and K, respectively. Highly graded and truly exquisite 7-carats may cost even more, like around $50,000 or higher.

Draya Michele’s engagement ring cost around $400,000, which makes that roughly $60,000 per carat. It sure isn’t a minimum grade with that price tag.

Finding a More Affordable 7-Carat Diamond

A 7-carat diamond is rare, and that means that kind of engagement ring will cost you significantly more than a more common and smaller diamond. That being said, you can easily end up overspending when shopping for a 7-carat diamond if you don’t know how and where to look.

Here are some excellent recommendations to find a more affordable 7-carat diamond-like Draya Michele’s engagement ring.


The cut is one of the most important features you don’t want to skimp on when buying a 7-carat diamond. Always opt for an ‘Ideal’ or ‘Excellent’ cut to get the diamond’s maximum fire and brilliance.


Clarity isn’t much of an issue for a 7-carat diamond, as high-carat diamonds will usually have tiny imperfections. So, choosing a high grade means you’re only paying a premium price without much increase in clarity.


When it comes to color, grades G to I give you a more affordable option. Diamonds in these grades look colorless to the naked eye, and anything higher only means you’re paying a higher price tag for a feature you won’t even notice.


The shape of your 7-carat diamond doesn’t have much influence on its price tag. However, if you want to get a ring that has a somewhat bigger appearance, opt for a pear or oval-shaped diamond. It seems a bit bigger than a brilliant round diamond with the same carat weight.

Jewelry Shop or Vendor

Make sure to buy your engagement ring from a reputable jewelry shop or vendor, especially if you are looking for a rare 7-carat diamond. Check out the certificate from a reputable grading entity and get it inspected by an expert before buying.

Draya Michele’s Engagement Ring Copy

Whether you’re currently shopping for the best ring or simply bookmarking your ideal engagement ring styles, Draya Michele’s engagement ring is still one of the most exquisite pieces.

Check out some look-alike of Draya Michele’s engagement ring, stunning but won’t cost you $400,000.

#1. ¼ Ct French Pave Diamond Engagement Ring from the Blue Nile

French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic French pave-set diamond complements well with the immaculate platinum band, similar to Draya Michele’s ring, but in a more affordable price tag.

#2. Cushion and Pave 0.95 Ct Diamond Ring from Leibish

Cushion & Pave Diamond Ring, GIA (0.95Ct TW)

This gorgeous cushion cut diamond engagement ring with pave-set on the sides is available in platinum-like Draya Michele’s ring. However, it’s also available in gold if you want a bit more sparkle.

#3. Cushion-Cut Petite French Pave 1/3 Ct Crown Diamond Ring from the Blue Nile

Blue Nile Studio Cushion Cut Petite French Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

This special-order cushion cut from Blue Nile Studio features a pave crown diamond setting, beautifully crusted with a platinum band.

#4. Lab-Created 1.77 Ct Cushion Modified Petite Pave from James Allen

Lab-Created 1.77 Carat F-VVS2 Cushion Modified Cut Diamond Petite Pavé Engagement Ring

This engagement ring features a 1.66 Ct modified cushion cut ring with a platinum petite pave set to complete a 1.77 Ct stunner.

#5. 1.25 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond East-West Pave Ring from James Allen

1.25 Carat H-SI1 Cushion Cut Diamond East-West Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit )

This flush fit engagement ring has a 1.09 Ct H-SI1 cushion-cut center stone and a 14K white gold east-west petite pave setting.

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