How Much is 1921 D Silver Dollar Value?

Did you know that the 1921 D Silver dollar is the only Morgan dollar produced by the Denver Mint? The D Silver dollar was produced two years before the Denver Mint started its operations.

Most 1921 silver dollar coins are usually worth $20 to $40. Although the 1921 D Silver Dollar has a face value of $1, the Silver Dollar’s current value is closer to $1.5. 

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1921 D Silver Dollar: What Is It?

In recent years, the 1921 D Silver Dollar has risen its value. After all, it is a scarce coin. However, since it hit its peak in 2013, the value has increased by around 30%. This makes the coin in the range of 5,000+ in value for a single specimen.

This once-in-a-lifetime coin is currently available in highly circulated conditions. It was the sole Morgan dollar to include the slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” and was struck for only a year.

Among the US coins minted between 18978 and 1921, the Morgan silver dollars are considered the most beautiful. This silver dollar is nicknamed after George T. Morgan, the coin’s designer. However, in the last 100 years, there has been a decreased value in Silver Dollars.

Who is George T. Morgan?

George T. Morgan designed the 1921 D Silver Dollar at its conception in 1878. He was responsible for redesigning and perfecting the Silver Dollar’s design.

He designed the silver dollar to look like Spanish coins. The 1921 D Silver Dollar has most Spanish coin features, like the date, the eagle, and the crown. The Silver Dollar also has English coin features, including the wheat stalk, the clover, and the “IN GOD WE TRUST” slogan. 

Since the people of America were getting more interested in silver coins, Morgan created the 1921 Silver Dollars. He wanted the coin to seem American and, at the same time, look like the coins they already were accustomed to.

What Does the 1921 D Silver Dollar Look Like?

In 1921, the 1921 D Morgan Silver Dollar coins were introduced, and the US Mint struck Morgan’s second dollar. 

On the obverse side, you will find Lady Liberty. The reverse side depicts the American eagle. With only 1,209,000 struck, the coin is the lowest mintage Morgan dollar.

The 1921 D Morgan Silver Dollar’s metal composition is 10% copper and 90% silver. The coin weighs 27 grams and has a 38 mm diameter.

How Much is 1921 D Silver Dollar Value?

The value of a 1921 D Silver Morgan Dollar depends on its condition and rarity. Like other coins, if the Silver Dollar’s condition is better, its worth is more. 

There are factors affecting the coin value, like condition, certification, and demand, which will determine the value of the 1921 silver dollar coin. Most 1921 silver dollar coins are usually worth $20 to $40. Therefore, while the 1921 D Silver Dollar has a face value of $1, the coin’s current value is closer to $1.5. 

1921 D Silver Dollar Worth Based on Conditions & Grade

Very Good
Very Fine
Extremely Fine
About Uncirculated
SRC: USA Coin Book

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What Should You Know About the 1921 D Silver Dollar Minting?

Aside from being the 5th rarest Silver Dollar US coin, it was first minted in 1921. Then, minted as well in 1923, 1924, and 1925. 

The coin is considered to have fewer than half of the circulation. However, it is precious due to its scarcity. Collectors value this coin at $3,000.


The 1921 D Silver Dollar is also referred to as the King of the American Silver Dollars. The coin was issued between 1878 and 1904. 

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