How Much Is 1930 Buffalo Nickel Value?

Are you a numismatist and looking for superior coins to add to your collection? 1930 Buffalo nickel is such a coin to be placed in your dearest coinbox. The Indian Head is popularly known as ‘Buffalo Nickel’. The early date 1930 buffalo nickel value is higher. The value ranges from  75 to  80 cents.

1930 buffalo nickels minted with a limit are evaluated as standard. As they are in circulation for a longer period of time their grade is higher as well as their value. But no rarities or key dates denoting their specialty are found in the 1930 nickel in this series.  

How Much is 1930 Nickel Worth?

How Much is 1930 Nickel Worth

The total minting of 1930 nickel is lower if compared to the other years of the series. Hence, it is nothing unusual that your wallet may lose a higher amount as its cost. To figure out the worth you are to concentrate on type and condition. 

You might be able to avail of the lower-grade nickel at a lower cost. From good grades to extremely fine conditions you may have to pay $1.25 to $11.

There are some higher-grade 1930 nickels like MS-60, MS-63, and MS-65. According to PCGS, you have to spend $34, $62, and $230 consecutively. 


1930 Buffalo Nickel History

Buffalo nickel was an outcome of redesigning the then 5-cent coin. The designer was James Earl Fraser, an sculptor. The coin includes the image of an Indian Head with two feathers and braided hair. 

There is an inscription of the letters ‘LIBERTY’. The very image doesn’t mean any Indian portrait. It’s the image of some contemporary Native Americans. The minting year was 1930. And the US mint produced the 1930 nickel as the second and the last nickel of this category including the Indian portrait. 

The coin at a glance-

                                                      1930 Buffalo Nickel

Compound75% copper and 25% nickel
Face value5 cents ($0.05)
 Melt Value0.0612
Coin Diameter0.8346 inches (21.2 mm)
Coin Weight0.1764 ounces (5 g)
Coin ShapeRound
Coin Edge Plain
Coin Thickness0.0768 inches (1.95 mm)

How to Determine Accurate Nickel Value?

To evaluate the value of the circulated nickel you are to grade them perfectly. For this, you have to separate the average 50-cent nickels. 

You will notice a gap between the value of the circulated average and that of better-condition nickel. The nickels seem to be very worn. They are found in ‘good’ to ‘fine’ condition.

Varieties of Nickel

Nickel varieties are marked by date and Mintmark. The mintmark is located on the reverse side of the nickel. It is inscribed just below the mound and the lettering ‘FIVE CENTS’, closing to the coin rim. 

1930 buffalo nickels are minted by two mints only. They are Philadelphia and San Francisco mints. The value of the coins with the mintmark doesn’t vary that much.

1. 1930 S Buffalo Nickel

The San Francisco Buffalo nickels cannot be termed as rare. But its value increases according to the higher condition grades.

Because the 1930 nickel value differs depending on the coin’s endurance of wearing and abuse. Hence you need to examine each collectible nickel minutely. Determine how well they have survived and get an idea about the coin’s worth.

2. 1930 Buffalo Nickel with No Mintmark

The nickels stuck at the Philadelphia mint bears no mint mark. Similarly, the buffalo nickels produced in 1930 by the Philadelphia mint also have no mintmark on the surface. In 1930 the mint produced about 22,849,000 buffalo nickels. 

                                               1930 Buffalo Nickel

Location                                YearMintedValue
San Francisco1930 S5,435,000$2.91

Grading Condition

1930 buffalo Nickels are graded according to the condition. The value of all categories is not the same. They are found both in circulation and non-circulation form. Huge quantities of both category coins are collected from banks and circulation. 

1. Uncirculated

The nickels in uncirculated condition bears no sign of wearing. They give a brand-new look. The glossiness of the surface does not fade away. Observe the portrait of the Indians and the image of the buffalo on the coin surface. 

If the raised points of the Indian’s cheek and the buffalo’s hip and leg,    have a dull look, it’s a sign of wearing. Coin lovers treat the coin as a coin with an ultimate grade.

These nickels hold the top position in the demand list of both dealers and collectors. They bear a big price tag, in spite of being uncirculated.  

2. Extremely Fine

The shiny look of the coin’s surface disappears in this grade. Despite that, it is a well-defined and collectible coin. There is just a start of wearing on the Indian’s hair. 

The upper back and front side of the shoulder of the image assume a reverse look due to wear. The value of this grade coin is higher. Because its appeal to the collectors is also high.

3. Fine

You can term a nickel as of fine grade if the wearing of its notable details takes place. You will notice the elimination of fineness and smoothness on the coin surface. The sharper points of the image become almost blunt. 

4. Good

The coins which are worn well belong to this category. Their value is not that higher. The rim of the coin wears to such an extent that the letters ‘LIBERTY’ seems to be merged. The numbers inscribed on the coin seem to be faded away. 

The overall surface of such coins is seemingly flattened. But still, you will be able to read the date. You will see the major details of the nickel on the heads and tails side. 

                        1930 Buffalo Nickel Value According to Condition

DateGoodFineExtremely Fine UncirculatedMS 60MS 63
1930$0.72$1.93$9     $25$38$72
1930 S$0.76$2$10$51$81$131
                        1930 Buffalo Nickel Value as Updated in /2022


How do I identify rare nickels?

You can identify scarcely found Nickels, keeping them under a magnifying glass. With this end in view, the numismatists usually do a close-up observation of the coin they are opting to buy.  They judge the condition, look for the mint mark, and thus determine the scarcity of the Nickel.

What is a 1930 Buffalo Nickel made of?

Composition of 1930 buffalo nickels also like other buffalo nickels. They are made of a mixture of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The diameter of such nickel is 21.2 mm and it weighs 5.0 grams.

Why do people love to collect 1930 buffalo nickel?

People long for having a place for 1930 buffalo nickel in their coinbox. Due to a great combination of beauty and value, it is appealing to the numismatists. The easily collectible nickel is affordable. But you need to pay more for key dates and semi-key date coins. 

How do I collect buffalo nickel?

Online shopping may be a great means to collect buffalo nickel at an affordable and good price. But the pictures shown online might not always produce the real coin condition. Chances are there to be cheated. The best way is to visit the local coin dealer to have a good deal.


Final Word

Whenever you intend to buy or sell the nickel, you are to know the worth of the coin. 1930 is a great nickel with which you can give a start to your coin collection. The chart stating 1930 buffalo nickel value, their varieties, grading, etc. will help you determine the worth of collectible old nickels. Give a second look at the coin while buying such coins and consider the increasing demand and rise in the nickel price. In this way, you will be able to differentiate the rare nickels from the common nickels. Collectors worldwide love the attractive 1930 nickel as a numismatic coin.

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