How Much Is the 1935 Buffalo Nickel Worth? Ultimate Guide

Would you like to add century-old coins to your historical box of old coins? You may go for a 1935 nickel. But unfortunately, there was an interruption in the production of the buffalo nickel. Later, when the mint resumed its manufacturing, its 1935 edition was received warmly by the collectors. As collectors, you might be interested to know how much is the 1935 buffalo nickel worth.

As a coin collector, you must know about the supreme acceptance of old coins. Hence, they try to collect them in their best possible condition. 

The article will inform you of the 1935 buffalo nickel, its varieties, different conditions, value range, etc.    

Factors Determining the Value of a 1935 Buffalo Nickel worth

  • Mintmarks: To indicate the mint name, the installation of letters on the nickel surface is noticed. They are generally seen below the letters’ FIVE CENTS’ on the coin’s reverse side. The letters are ‘d’ for Denver, ‘S’ for Sanrfncisco, and lastly, no mint mark for Philadelphia mint
  • Conditions: The erosion of any numbers, sharpness, and smoothness of the coin’s appearance can determine its worth. Uncirculated nickels are of great value.

        In addition to the mentioned factors, the dates and series type of the 1935 nickel also influence the value of such nickel           

Varieties of 1935 Buffalo Nickel

There is a series of 1935 Buffalo Nickels, each having a face value of $0.5cas, stated below:

  • 1935 Buffalo Nickel No Mint Mark – It’s minted in Philadelphia but bears no mint mark. Its minting quantity is 58,264,000.
  • 1935 D-Buffalo Nickel – It’s minted in Denver, and the minting quantity is 12,092,000.
  • 1935 S-Buffalo Nickel – It’s minted in San Francisco, and the minting quantity is 10,300,000.

The Conditions of 1935 Buffalo Nickels

The 1935 buffalo nickels are graded according to the coin condition. The conditions are termed separately. Each condition has some particular features. Observing the presence of the features, you can assess the coin grade you possess. You can easily differentiate one grade from the other.

The conditions of the buffalo nickel are termed as follows –

Good Condition

Usually, well-worn buffalo nickels are categorized as nickels in good condition. In such coins – 

  • Numerals become merged with one another. 
  • The coin rim becomes blended with the text’s upper border to eliminate texts relating to the legends.
  • The coin’s design is demolished, and the coin’s portrait becomes flattened.
  • The date remains readable. 

Fine Condition

The buffalo nickels under this category can easily be identified. The features for which the coins are termed as ‘Fine Condition’ buffalo nickel are-

  • The hair on the portrait’s head becomes smooth.
  • Losing elements of braid and hair of the Indian.
  • Noticeable huge reduction of the image detail from top to bottom of the shoulder.
  • Readability of the date despite having every possibility of deterioration. 

Extremely Fine Condition

The glowing of the coin’s surface fades away. The hair of the native American imprinted on this category buffalo nickel starts wearing. Besides, you can easily mark the sign of elimination on the back of the portrait. It is more visible on the upper back areas and on the front shoulder. The value of this design is noteworthy.  


The nickels belonging to this category are not circulated ever. Hence, they have a fresh look and bear no wearing sign. From a minute observation, you will notice that the raised points of the Indian’s cheek shine. 

 There is no scratch resulting from friction due to use. The top of the buffalo’s head on the coin’s reverse also bears no mark of wear.    

What Is Double Die Error in 1935 Buffalo Nickel?

Double Die Reverse, or DDR in brief, is a minting error in 1935 Buffalo Nickel. It is on the reverse of the coin. It happened due to the multiplication of design components and shifting them to the leading die by the master hub. 

 Fortunately, this double die has made the nickel worthy. But the number of such produced nickel is very few. If the nickels are in circulation, their value range is between $42 and $1,667.

Again, the spotless and shining might cost $5462. You may enrich your collection with the best-preserved nickel if your budget is higher. Such nickel might cost you $25,300.  

What Is the Worth of a 1935 Buffalo Nickel?

The nickel grade highly influences the worth of the 1935 Buffalo Nickel. In the case of error coins, the assessment is done based on the coin. It differs from coin to coin. So, the value of such nickel can’t be determined accurately. However, you may check the value chart to evaluate your coin’s grade and worth.

 1935 Buffalo Nickel Value

Quality1935 (P)1935 S            1935 D
Good$0.7 to $0.8$0.7 to $0.8$0.7 to $0.8
Very good$0.9 to $1.3$0.9 to $1.3$0.9 to $1.3
Fine$1 to $1.6$1.1 to $1.6$2.1 to $3.2
Very fine$1.5 to $2$1.9 to $2.5$5.4 to $13
Extra fine$2.6 to $4.9$2.6 to $11.3$20.2 to $35.6

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Is a 1935 Buffalo Nickel worth any money?

1935 buffalo nickel value varies according to the coin condition. The price gets higher as the grade condition improves. It may cost $1 if the nickel is in ‘Good’ condition. Again, for a Fine Condition, you might need to spend $2. The cost of ‘Extra Fine’ – a higher grade coin is $3. Get prepared with the highest amount of payment for uncirculated grades.

Whose portrait is found on the 1935 Buffalo nickel?

1935 Buffalo nickel bears the portrayal of three native Americans named Chief John Big Tree of the Kiowa, Chief Iron Tail of the Oglala Lakota, and Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne. Moreover, on the coin’s reverse side, you will see a buffalo known as Black Diamond from the Bronx Zoo.

Are 1935 Buffalo nickels made of silver?

Be noted that buffalo nickels are in no way made of silver. The metal composition of this highly collectible coin includes 25% of nickel and 75% of copper. The coin weighs only 5.00 grams. The nickel experiences wearing when they are in circulation.

Where is the mint mark seen on a 1935 Buffalo Nickel?

 Like other nickels, the 1935 buffalo nickel also includes a mint mark on its surface. But exceptions are there too. If they are minted in Philadelphia, they bear no mint mark. The mint mark is on the reverse side of the nickel. It is just below the place where the words’ Five Cents’ are written.

Final Word

The numismatist always dreams of adding a well-preserved piece of 1935 buffalo nickel to their much-loved collection box. And now you know how much is a 1935 buffalo nickel worth. So, it’s your turn to pick a genuine buffalo nickel for which you are letting dollars come out of your pocket.

As a part of awareness, you may look for expert advice from a recognized coin authenticator. You may knock the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation -NGC or Professional Coin Grading Service – PCGS.

 Thus, you will remain protected from cheaters. And your pennies won’t be spent on any counterfeit coin piece.

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