1937 Buffalo Nickel Value : Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for an iconic buffalo nickel to add value and beauty to your collection? You may look for a 1937 buffalo nickel. People are sort of crazy about this nickel. Some issues are there to contribute to the 1937 Buffalo Nickel Value. 

James Earl Fraser designed this coin as a part of the ‘Renaissance of American Coinage’. It’s a 5-cent coin produced from .250 nickel and .750 copper. The 1937 nickel is the last buffalo nickel produced by the Philadelphia mint. 

The coin includes an image of an indigenous American on one side and a figure of a buffalo on the reverse side. This article will let you know about the details of the 1937 buffalo nickel, its type, value-determining factors, and so on.

What is the current 1937 Buffalo Nickel Value

All nickel coins are not that valuable and people don’t look for each type. The value of a 1937 buffalo nickel is high among numismatists. Its rare and fascinating varieties are the reason lying behind it. Besides, there is a close relationship between the coin’s history and Buffalo nickel values. 

To identify the valuable one for you, you may look into the close-up view of it as stated below. The factors which make buffalo nickel worthy are –

  • Series and denomination: It was the year 1973 when the US coinage system started. Since then, they have been producing different varieties.
  • Variety: 3-legged variety that is elusive or difficult to find is highly demanding. 
  • Mint marks: The value of buffalo nickel varies, according to the coin-producing mint. According to the mint they are named as “1937-D“,1937-S produced in Denver, and San Francisco consecutively.The third mint is Philadelphia where buffalo nickel got struck, don’t use any mint mark.
  • Coin’s Condition: Usually, the uncirculated 1937 nickels are of great value. The rising and falling down of its value are influenced by its condition. Corrosion or scratches, loss of detail, edge wear, soft details, and edges, etc. might decrease the coin value.

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Varieties of 1937 Buffalo Nickel

There exist five design variations of the 1937 buffalo nickel. You can identify the category to which it belongs, by the last date digit of the coin. 1937 buffalo nickel worth and its variations and their value are as follows:

1937 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel

James Earle Fraser designed the type as a replacement for liberty headquarters dollar. The 5 cent5-cent nickel was much longed for during the first world war. The term buffalo was used by Fraser symbolically referring to the native Americans. 

 In New York Central Zoo there’s a buffalo called Black Diamond. From this buffalo, he received the idea of the portrayal of American Bison on the nickel surface. The value of the nickel type is $2.26 To $41.73 USD.

Basic 1937 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel

1937 “No-VDB” and 1937 “V-nickel” Buffalo nickel fall under this category. You may get them at $2.26. Again paying $41.73 you can collect a heavily circulated nickel. The value of the nickel type is $2.26 – $5.33 USD.

1937 No VDB Buffalo Nickel

You can easily identify an authentic type 1, 1937 buffalo nickel excluding VDB. VDB stands for Victor David Brenner’s initials. In doing so you can just follow the first digit of the date. Your coin is genuine if the number is ‘8’. And it includes Fraser’s signature too. 

There are two vertical lines on both sides of 8 close to the rim. During World War II these lines were demolished. So, you can check the authenticity through these lines. The nickels with such visible lines are not real. The value range of these nickels is $2.26 – $41.73.

1937 V-Nickel

The nickel you are opting to have will be treated as 1937 V-Nickel if there is no inscription of VDB on its surface. The lines mentioned earlier will not be visible. Besides you need to check the lettering and the way of writing “FIVE” on the nickel. 

The genuine coin follows the matte style. And there you will find the elimination of the details. Fabricated coins bear more details. The value range of the 1937 V-Nickel is $5 – $41 USD.

1937 D Over S Doubled Die Buffalo Nickel

It’s a Type 2 of 1937 buffalo nickel. This nickel is dissimilar to its Type 1. The buffalo on the coin surface doesn’t include more detail. Unlike the “D” mintmark, the ground of this specimen is a bit raised, on which the bison seems to stand. You may have to spend about $2,500+ to be a possessor of the dream nickel. 

The worth of the 1937 Buffalo Nickel at a Glance:

Types of 1937 NickelApproximate Value
1937 D over S Doubled Die Buffalo NickelUSD 2,500+
1937 Type 2 Buffalo NickelUSD 1.18
1937 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel Including VDBUSD 100+
1937 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel Excluding VDB$2.26 – USD 5.33

The Conditions of 1937 Buffalo Nickels

The 1937 buffalo nickels are available in different conditions like-


Uncirculated coins are treated as of superior condition. They seem to be almost new. They are not worn at all for being not circulated at all. You can examine the wearing of a coin by rotating it under the light. To the collectors and rare dealers, they are of high value.

Extremely Fine

They are circulated but not that worn. They are collected before losing their nice look. The coin includes detail on both sides of its surface. But some loss of the details is noticed.

 Minute observation reflects the reduction of the hair braid on one side and the wearing of the buffaloes’ backs on the reverse side of the coin. 


Coin of this category has some features. It is marked by the notable elimination of the overall design at particular points. Besides, such coins lose the sharpness and smoothness of the surface. The details imprinted on the nickel surface becomes hazy.  


The features which locate the 1937 buffalo nickel under this category are:

  • Merged numbers of date
  • Readable date on the coin
  • Flattening of the roundness of the designed buffalo especially on the shoulder, stomach, head, and hip.
  • Mingling of the rim with the upper side of letters

Comparison Table Showing the Value of 1937-Nickel

Nickel coins depend on the buyers and sellers to a great extent. In addition, the price varies according to the type and condition of the Nickel. For your convenience, you may follow the chart as stated below. It will help you make differences between the rare and common. Thus, you will attain a good deal.

                                     Updated 1937 Nickel Value in 2022

DateGoodFineExtremely FineUncirculated
1937 D$0.47$0.81$2.60$21
1937D 3 Leg$263$309$384$1,235
1937 S$0.47$0.81$2.60$23

1937 Buffalo Nickel No Mint Mark Value

It is already known that the mint mark refers to the name of a buffalo nickel-producing place. The mint mark is imprinted on the coin’s tails or reverse side just below the words “five cents”.

But all the coins do not have their mintmark. In such US coins, the date is written without any mintmark. No mintmark actually signifies that Philadelphia is the actual mint of that coin. 

The coin produced in the Philadelphia mint bears no mint mark. They are rarely found. Some of the coins having no mintmark are so precious.  

1937 F Buffalo Nickel Value

This 5- cent coin is of rare version. You will find the image of a rugged American buffalo on the coin’s back. On its front, there is an Indian’s face. You will notice a date written on the lower portion of the head’s side. 

There is a letter “F” inscribed just below the date. Here “F” stands for Fraser. This is the last name of the coin’s designer renowned sculptor James Earl Fraser. 

All the Buffalo nickels include the initials of the designer. Mentioning the mint facility does not matter in this respect. You may own such a piece of history.

1937 P Buffalo Nickel Value

You can be a possessor of 1937 P buffalo nickel by spending an amount within your reach. This is a unique item to be loved. It’s an uncirculated buffalo nickel. It’s ensured that you are getting the coin piece at the lowest price. You may avail of the nickel at $8 depending on the condition.

1937 S Buffalo Nickel Value

One of the most commonly found nickels is a 1937 “S” buffalo nickel. Production of this coin is completed with the mintmark ’S’, referring to the San Francisco mint. 

People are mostly familiar with San Francisco Mint Buffalo nickel as the 1937-S. You will find the mint written just after the footstep of the coin’s buffalo.  It is one of the most common buffalo nickels. 

1937 Buffalo Nickel 3-Legged Value

Without a 1937 buffalo nickel 3-legged variety, serious coin collectors can’t treat their collection as a complete one. It is rarely found. The key feature of this variety is the image of a buffalo with a missing leg. This error is made by the mint. The collectors long for this variety.

The Denver mint produces this three-legged variety. Hence there is a mintmark ‘D’ installed on the coin. We notice writing – ‘five cents’ just below the buffalo image. The mintmark ‘D’ is found under this writing.

There is a saying that indiscriminate dye polishing caused the metal removal from the coin.  It resulted in the vanishing of the buffalo leg. It was too late when the mint noticed the error. Because then the coin was already in the market for circulation.

Then, a huge number of Nickels, with errors circulated without any obstacle. As a result, they are now about to be worn. At present they have taken their place in your old coin box. These days they seem to be very valuable to collectors. 

Due to its high value, coin collectors started preserving old & circulated nickels as well as new ones from banks. High-grade buffalo nickels are always a hot favorite among collectors.


Which Error Is Noticed on the 1937 Buffalo Nickel?

Missing leg of the bison of 1937 nickel is its error. It has become one of the most desired and prominent coins in America. It may happen due to a sort of breakdown in the coin feeder and failure in sending blank coin or planchet to the press of buffalo nickel. The erroneous variety came into being as a result of clashed dies. And too much polishing of the damage erased the foremost leg of the buffalo.

What Is the 1937 Buffalo Nickel Worth If It is Electroplated?

Some 1937 Buffalo nickels are found with expensive metal plating. It contributes a lot to upgrading the nickel’s appearance. If it is in well-worn condition, you can collect it by paying $3.50. Mintmark mentioned on the other side of the coin doesn’t matter in this respect.   

What Is No Date Buffalo Nickel?

Usually, four digits are imprinted on the coin to indicate the production year of the coin. But some dateless coins are also on the market. There is no such incident that the US mint mistakenly missed the date. The reality is too much handling and circulation caused the wearing away of the feature from the coin surface. 

What Is So Special about a Buffalo Nickel?

The specialty of a Buffalo Nickel is the featuring of an animal instead of an Eagle. In the history of the US Mint, in 1913 any circulating American coin got the first appearance of any animal. In the nickel’s first version the buffalo is seen standing on a pile. 

What Is a 1937 D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel worth?

The NGC Price Guide in its September 2022 version presents that the worth of a circulated Buffalo Nickel value range is from $350 to $1950. Releasing $110000 through your bank card you can enrich your collection with uncirculated 1937 D 3 LEGS Nickels in pristine.  

Final Word

There is a rise in buffalo nickel value. On average 1937 buffalo nickel value is $1.12. But you can avail yourself of high-grade nickel paying high. It will cost $149. This is not the end. To be in possession of some rare nickels you may spend thousands of dollars from your wallet. 

You need to be aware of the fact that some coin vendors are engaged in selling counterfeit coins. It becomes difficult for you to identify worthy coins. But a technique is there. If you attempt selling them at a higher rate, the real scenario will come to you.

You may look for a rare version of Buffalo nickel in exchange for a huge amount of dollars. But before that get authentication from a renowned coin dealer.

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