The US mint has used Jefferson nickels since 1938 for minting coins. It was used instead of Buffalo nickel as the latter was too demanding for minting because of its complicated design. 

About 300,000,000 5 cents coins were minted in 1941, which made them abundant in the current coin market. This is why you can even find these pieces in the mint state today. However, 1941 nickel value is comparatively low as collectors often look for uncirculated coins. 

History of 1941 Jefferson Nickel 

This was the third coin that was minted, having the image of a former American President after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. 

CityYearCoins Minted
Philadelphia1941 proof18,720
Denver1941 D53,432,000
San Francisco1941 S43,445,000

These coins were minted after US Mint decided to replace the Buffalo nickel for its 5-cent coins. To mark the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson, in 1943, the mint approached contestants to create a design with two conditions. 

The first condition had to include Jefferson’s portrait, while the second was to include Monticello on its reverse. 

Face value5 cents ($0.05)
Compound75% copper & 25% nickel
Coin weight0.1764 ounces or 5 g 
Coin diameter21.2 mm
Coin thickness1.95 mm

The winner who won the prize money of $1,000 was Felix Schlag. But unfortunately, his design, although beautiful, had to be changed according to the officials. This is because they did not like the letter’s appearance in its inscriptions and the Monticello view from its angle. 

The design was pretty simple, showing Jefferson’s profile on the left. On its left was a phrase IN GOD WE TRUST with an inscription of LIBERTY along with the minting date present behind the portrait. 

On the reverse side, it showed the Monticello house followed by the word MONTICELLO beneath it. It also has the Latin phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM written on the upper coin rim. Finally, on the lower rim, we see the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the FIVE CENTS inscribed above it.  

Types of the 1941 Jefferson Nickel Coins and their worth

Approximately 300,160,720 Jefferson nickels were minted in 1941, which included 18,720 proofs. These were minted at Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. Coins minted at Philadelphia did not have any mark on them, but the ones from the other two cities were marked D or S mint mark. 

A substantial quantity of these coins was minted in Philadelphia which is because of the significant availability of these coins in the market. The year 1941 saw a mintage of a whopping 203,265,000 coins. 

The estimated value of These coins has been summarized based on their condition and composition. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
Very good$0.08$0.11$0.11
Very fine$0.15$0.35$0.35
Extra fine$0.35$0.5$0.65
MS 60$1.3$2.65$3
MS 65$2.25$5.5$6.25
PR 65$120

The reason that these coins were minted in huge numbers makes their value very low. It is possible to buy this coin at as low as $0.06. However, if you have the MS67 grade coin, you can sell it at $81 or higher. 

Proof Jefferson Nickel

The year saw the minting of over 18,720 proof Nickel coins from Philadelphia. It is the reason why they are the most common ones available in the coin market today. Their price for the PR60 rating is about $18, while for the PR68 graded coin, the pricing is about $9,750. The below table gives an approx. Value of each quality of the Jefferson Nickel Coins. 

PR 60$18-$24.3
PR 61$20-$27
PR 62$24-$40.5
PR 63$28-$47.2
PR 64$45-$88
PR 65$52-$94
PR 66$90-$143
PR 67$250-$325
PR 68$7,800-$9,750

S Jefferson Nickel

These were the least minted coins from the mint in San Francisco. Only 43,445,000 coins were minted, but still, they are not highly valuable pieces. Their valuation ranges from $0.3 to $1.5 and depends on their quality and higher if they are among the uncirculated ones. 

Low-grade Nickels are typically priced at $0.08 to $1.7 per piece. However, if it’s an MS66-rated coin, the price can be $40. 

D Jefferson Nickel 

If a 1941 Jefferson Nickel coin has a D mark on it, it belongs to the coins minted from Denver. As many as 53,432,000 D Jefferson Nickel coins were minted in huge numbers, making them easily available in the coin market today. The table below summarizes the valuation of each coin based on its quality and markings. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
Very good$0.13$0.26$0.25
Very fine$0.2$0.26$0.6
Extra fine$0.3$0.26$0.6

As clear from the above summary, the value of Nickel isn’t high and the average price of a coin in a decent condition can be anywhere between $0.08 to $1.7. However, if it is an MS67-rated coin, the value is about $56. 

Rare Jefferson Nickel Coins 

Full Steps Jefferson Nickel coins come with 5-6 steps at the entrance of Monticello, shown on the coin’s reverse. Scarcely available, such individual pieces can reach high prices. The approximate value of them has been summarized below. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
MS 64$13.5$10.8$37.8
MS 65$33.75$20.25$68
MS 66$81$40.5$221
MS 67$422$10$3,000
MS 68/$6,250/

Off-Center Jefferson Nickel Error

Some coins with a matrix outside its center have frequent errors. If you have one of these coins, the value of it could be anywhere between $8 to $100. 

Doubled Die Jefferson Nickel

Some doubling nickels from 1941 are also available and none of these stand out with an error. This is the reason why their value is significantly increased. 

Jefferson Nickel Grading

Collectors often look for coins in their mint state, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any demand for the circulating pieces. Especially the ones with a higher rating and in excellent condition are in demand. However, one should trust a professional to value the coin based on its condition, as these coins date back several decades today. Therefore, the valuation of the coins from this category has been summarized below. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
MS 64$17$19$48
MS 65$21$26$59
MS 66$104$115$546
PR 66$69
PR 67$402

Uncirculated 1941 Jefferson Nickel Coins 

As mentioned before, collectors like to buy uncirculated coins as these pieces were not circulated, and one can see their original luster on the surface. These coins have Jefferson’s portrait visible and you can easily see the eyebrows and the hair in the perfect inscription. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
Extra fine$0.1$0.1$0.1

Extra Fine 1941 Jefferson Nickel Coins

These coins are the ones that were in circulation for a limited period. So you may see minimal signs of wear over these coins. For example, it has minor flattering of protruding details of Jefferson’s portrait, like his eyebrows and hair. But the hair strands or the coat contours are distinctly visible. 

Fine 1941 Nickel value

These coins were in circulation for a considerable period. As a result, they have significant signs of wear over them. But if you look closely, the main elements, such as the contours of Jefferson’s coat and face, are visible. Additionally, you will notice that their hair and eyebrow of Jefferson have merged. 

On the other hand, you will see that the former President’s hair and eyebrows details are almost merged. The chart below gives you an idea about the approximate value of each coin based on its quality and condition. 

Quality19411941 D1941 S
Extra fine$0.7$1.9$2.15
AU$0.9 to $1.5$3 to $3.71$3.38 to $3.78
MS 60$2.15$4$5.4
MS 61$2.4$4$6.75
MS 62$2.65$5.4$8.1
MS 63$4$6.75$9.45
MS 64$6.75$8.1$10.8
MS 65$12.15$9.45$16.2
MS 66$16.2$18.9$40.5
MS 67$81$54

Good 1941 Jefferson Nickel Coins

These are low-grade coins that were in circulation for a considerably more extended period. Such coins will have several scratches, and damage will be visible on the surface. The relief details of these coins will be worn out. 

The coin will have larger surfaces with the main design elements having contours but its legible inscriptions and date on it. 

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Concluding Remarks

Determining the value of a 1941 Jefferson Nickel Coin requires defining the type of coin you have. The year saw three mints minting the coin, and mint marks impacted the market value of those coins. 

The condition of any coin is a critical factor that determines its value. But having said that, the coins in the mint state do not have a significantly high value. 

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