How Much is 1943 Nickel Value? Ultimate Guide

The 1943 Jefferson nickels are of great value to the numismatists. These numismatic coins are silver bullion. 1943 nickel value varies depending on some factors. NGC Price Guide shows the price range. 

According to the guide you can avail of a circulated 1943 Jefferson Nickel spending between $1.25 and $3. Whereas it may cost $1175 to buy uncirculated P Nickels in pristine from the open market.

Continue reading the punchy article and know the nickel varieties, their value-determining factors, and their price depending on the condition. 

The Factors Determining 1943 Nickel Value

In most cases, Nickel value varies depending on the interest of the collector. At the initial stage, numismatists prefer cost-effective circulated nickels. Again expensive mint-level silver nickels are affordable to advanced-level collectors.     

1. Date and Mintmark Variety

Three mints produced 1943 Nickels. They are Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. They can be availed with almost similar cost. But the Denver mint 1943 nickels are rare due to low mintage and their worth is a bit more than the other two.   

They are named –

  • 1943-D Jefferson Nickel: “D” mintmark is on reverse, and minted very few in number. Hence they have become elusive.
  • 1943-S Jefferson Nickel: “S” mintmark is on reverse,  above the dome of Monticello. This silver nickel was produced abundantly. 
  • 1943-P Jefferson Nickel: “P” mintmark is on reverse, and was produced abundantly.

2. Grading Condition

Grading is done according to the surface qualities of a coin. The value differs depending on wear and its amount. Concentrate on the different points of coin design. You will be able to mark the wearing stage of the coin and its grade.

The nickels are graded as –

  • Good Grade: Such coins lack details due to their being heavily worn. The portrait’s flattening is more visible.  
  • Fine Grade: External appearance of the coin shows that it’s worn. Mild flattening of coin surface marks id as fine grade coin. But they don’t seem to be that smooth.
  • Extremely Fine Grade: Mint luster is faded on such nickel. There is a light amount of wear on the highest areas of the coin design. You will notice slight flatness and a smooth feel on the coin.
  • Mint State Grade: There is no mark of wearing on the coin and all the details are available on it. Its surface is smooth and shining.

1943 Jefferson Nickel Value according to condition

DateGoodFineExtremely Fine Mint State
1943 P$0.79$0.79$0.79$3.87
1943 D$0.79$0.79$0.79$2.90
1943 S$0.79$0.79$0.79$4.33
1943 Jefferson Nickel Value as Updated on 10/10/2022

3. Special Qualities

In the 1943 P series, two notable error coins are found. These errors are treated as unique qualities of the nickel. Their values are also different. The noticeable errors of such nickels are as follows: 

4. 3 Over 2 Error

The error of such 1943 P nickels is minting the number 3 over the number 2.  Its worth is around $50 and $100 consecutively in very fine and in extremely fine condition. You need to pay $275 for uncirculated nickel with an MS 60 grade. Numismatists collect such coins with a grade of MS 65 at around $650.

1943 Nickel Value with 3 Over 2 Error

               Nickel Type                   Value
Very Fine Condition                   $50
Extremely Fine Condition                   $100
Uncirculated Nickel with MS 60 Grade                  $275
Uncirculated Nickel with MS 65 Grade                  $650

5. Doubled Eye Error

This 1943 nickel presents Jefferson’s image in such a way that it seems to have two left eyes. The 1943 P nickel with doubled eye error coin may cost about $30. But the nickel should be in very fine condition. 

Your pocket might lose around $50 while buying extremely fine nickel. Uncirculated nickel with an MS 60 grade costs about $125. The cost jumps to around $450 in uncirculated condition. These nickels grade is MS 65.

1943 Nickel Value with Doubled Eye Error

               Nickel Type                   Value
Very Fine Condition                   $30
Extremely Fine Condition                   $50
Uncirculated Nickel with MS 60 Grade                  $125
Uncirculated Nickel with MS 65 Grade                  $450

What is wartime nickel?

During world war II there was a shortage of zinc, copper, and tin. Then, the US mint started producing one-cent coins made of 56 percent copper, 35 percent silver, and 9 percent manganese. These coins are popularly known as wartime nickels.

What is the melt value of 1943 nickel?

The value of melted 1943 nickel is calculated according to the current spot price of per ounce silver. On October 4, 2022, the value found is $1.19. Because the spot price of per ounce silver on that very day was $21.09.

What is the error on a 1943 nickel?

Two noticeable errors are there on the 1943 P series nickel. The first one is the ‘doubled eye’ error where Jefferson seems to have two left eyes. The second error is the ‘3 over 2’ error where 3 is mistakenly minted over 2.

Final Word

As a coin lover, it’s nothing unusual that you are looking for the most common wartime nickels. 1943 nickels may enrich your collection.  The rise of the 1943 nickel value is associated with the rise of the silver price. Because one of the components of this coin is silver.


Besides, collectors’ interest also matters in this respect. This interest is influenced by the coin lovers’ affordability, coins’ grading, mint mark, year, etc. Before spending a single penny for any coin of this nickel series, go through the article.  Make wise decisions. Hence there will be the least chance of being cheated.

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