What is the Worth of 1967 Dime?

The 1967 Dime was the last US coin minted using the traditional minting process. This coin was struck in 9 different mints. It is also considered the most attractive among all dimes minted during that era.

A 1967 Dime in MS 63 grade is worth $0.50. If the coin is graded MS 65, the value can be $1. The highest graded 1967 Dime is MS 68 with up to $400 value because of its rarity.

Knowing its value is critical if you plan to buy or sell a 1967 Dime or make it part of your collection. So don’t worry; we will give you crucial information about its value and other ideas.

What is a Roosevelt Dime?

The Roosevelt dime was designed by John Sinnock and first struck in 1946. This coin was a tribute to former President Roosevelt, who fought the disease polio. 

The president also helped build the March of Dimes. This nonprofit organization funds research to prevent premature birth and congenital disabilities and help babies born with these complications. 

Roosevelt founded it in 1938 when he read an article about the plight of newborn and premature babies. He had polio as a child and believed a virus and vaccines that caused the disease could prevent it. 

The dime was chosen as a tribute to his effort in founding the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, later named March of Dimes.

What is the History Behind the 1967 Dime?

Also known as the 1967 Roosevelt Dime, the 1967 Dime is currently one of the most popular dimes among collectors. However, it also has a rich history.

All three US mints took responsibility for minting the Roosevelt Dime series. However, the Philadelphia Mint took part in the minting process of the 1967 Roosevelt Dime. This means San Francisco and Denver did not mint any of these coins.

The Philadelphia Mint was forced to produce all Roosevelt Dimes in 1967, and it was the first in the mint’s history that only one mint created over 2 billion Roosevelt Dimes. This mint produced a total of 2,244,007,000 dimes.

What is the Metal Composition of a 1967 Dime?

In 1964, silver was removed in Roosevelt Dimes. The 1967 Dime is made of 25% nickel and 75% copper. As a result, each coin weighs 2.27 grams, and its diameter is 17.9 mm. 

How Does a 1967 Dime Look Like?

On the obverse side of the 1967 Dime is the bust of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The “LIBERTY” word was inscribed in the top corner, front of the portrait. Then, the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” and the date appear are found below the portrait. 

As with the reverse side, the torch is in the middle with olive and oak branches on each side. It is finished with the “E PLURIBUS UNUM” Latin phrase near below the side of the dime.

What is the worth of 1967 Dime?

If you have a 1967 Roosevelt Dime with MS 63 grade, you can expect its worth of $0.50. However, for a dime with MS 65 grade, the price can reach $1. 

A 1967 Dime with MS 67 grade can be around $18. The highest graded Roosevelt Dime minted in 1967 comes with MS 68 grade, and it is valued at $400 because of its rarity. If you have 1967 Quarter with No Mint Mark also, You might be interested to read about 1967 Quarter value.

How Is Uncirculated 1967 Roosevelt Dime Graded?

Since most of the 1967 Roosevelt Dimes had massive amounts minted, most of their uncirculated variety still exists.

This means that only high-grade Roosevelt Dime in uncirculated condition have a real premium over their face value.

In comparison, grading uncirculated dimes are more challenging than lower grades. So, ensure that you know what you are really looking for.

Check out the following to know-how is an uncirculated Roosevelt Dime is being graded:

  • Mint State 67

 In this grading, the coin has an incredible luster with an almost perfect strike. As a result, you will see only one tiny contact mark in the non-distracting spot.

  • Mint State 65

A 1967 Dime with MS 65 grade has a bright luster, and the strike is above average. Plus, you will find on1 to 2 hairline contact marks.

  • Mint State 63 

This coin grade has a sharp strike. The dime is seen with full and strong luster. There are only a few visible contact marks.

  • Uncirculated 60

A dime with an uncirculated 60 grade shows no evidence of wear. However, you will find some contact marks, and the luster can be a little impaired.


Now you know the worth of 1967 dime, the 1967 Roosevelt Dimes that was a tribute to President Franklin Roosevelt. The coins may not have a higher value than other coins, but they can be a great addition to a collection or an exciting place to begin a collection.

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