How Much is 1972 Quarter Value? (2024 guide)

Imagine decades-old quarters with valuable errors that make them unique in your collection. If you are a fan of coin roll hunting, you must be pretty intense by this imagination. Different quarters of the U.S. have the same value of 25 cents which is the quarter of a dollar. But when these coins have some errors or valuable grading of a mint mark, they can be worth hundreds of dollars! In this article, you will learn about the 1972 quarter value.

The value of the 1972 quarters differs on the condition of these coins. As it is a mare quarter, it has an expected value of 25 cents which is the quarter of a dollar. But with the higher mark on the 70-point scale of grading and some unique errors, these quarters are worth over $650.

Professional numismatists have made this 7–point scale based on some standard rules for recognizing the mint status of coins.

1972 Quarter Value: How much worth are these coins today?

The 1972 quarter’s face value is worth 25 to 40 cents if it is in a typical state, but the value will be more if it’s in a mint condition.

A 1972 quarter is worth $4.52 to $5.70 in perfect mint condition, graded as MS-68.  This quarter is sometimes found in a rare state, like smashed or scratched. In these states, it may even be worth up to 600 dollars in an auction.

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The average mint state for the 1972 quarter is 66. And the lowest grade of this mint state scale is 48 for 1972 quarters. And the perfect grade for this quarter is MS-68 (Mint State-68).

In other words, if a 1972 quarter is in a circulated and average condition, then it is well worth the regular price of a quarter which is $0.25. But if it is in an uncirculated condition, it can be worth much more, like hundreds of dollars.

Sneak Peak of the 1972 Quarter

On the obverse side of the 1972 quarter, there is a bust of George Washington. Below this bust, there is 1972 engraved, and on the left of Washington, the motto “ IN GOD WE TRUST” is engraved.

On the other hand, the reverse side has an eagle sitting over some arrows. Both the eagle and arrows point to the left, symbolising power and might. There are also some olive branches that indicate peace.

TypeWashington Quarter
Diameter24.3 mm
Thickness1.75 mm
Face Value25 Cents
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel Clad Copper
DesignGeorge Washington Bust
DesignerLaura Gardin Fraser

Variations of 1972 Quarters

Based on the mint mark, there are three types of 1972 Quarters, which are- the 1972 P quarter, 1972 D quarter, and 1972 S quarter.

1. 1972 P Washington Quarter

TypeWashington Quarter Doller
Value( Average Condition)$0.25
Value( Mint Condition)$5.70
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel
Mint MarkNo mint mark
Place of MintingPhiladelphia
Mint Quantity215,048,000
Obverse DesignHoudin’s portrait of Washington
Reverse DesignAn eagle symbolising power and might

2. 1972 S Washington Quarter

TypeWashington Quarter Doller
Value( Average Condition)25 cents
Value( Mint Condition)$4.52
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel
Place of MintingSan Fransisco
Mint MarkS
Mint Quantity3,260,996
Obverse DesignHoudin’s portrait of Washington
Reverse DesignAn eagle symbolising power and might

Errors of 1972 Quarter: Valuable Errors

Some minor errors are found in the 1972 quarters sometimes. These errors can make a mere quarter coin valuable and worth over 500 dollars. If you have a 1980 quarter that is not scratched and entirely in good condition, it’s worth only 25 cents. But scratches or double strikes can make it worth more!

For example, a 1972 S quarter was sold on eBay for over 1300 dollars. This quarter was sold at this value because it was double struck on the word “1972” and  “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

On another 1972 quarter’s reverse side, one of the olive leaves extended above the arrows, which is quite a unique error. That’s why it was sold for hundreds of dollars.


1. How much is a 1972 quarter worth today?

The face value of a 1972 quarter is $0.25, and it is worth $0.052 if it’s melted. The melted value of this coin is inferior because it has no precious metal. Errors or rare mint states can make these quarters more valuable than their face value.

2. Are there any rare 1972 quarters?

There aren’t any rare 1972 quarters that are perfect because millions of 1972 quarters were produced. But sometimes, very few 1972 quarters are found with extraordinary errors, making these coins worth more.

3.  How do I know if my quarter is valuable?

Till 1964, all the Washington quarters were made of silver; that’s why they are slightly more valuable than the coins of the modern age, which are made of copper and nickel-clad copper.

Quarters made before 1964 are worth $3.24 as of 2022. So, if you have quarters from ages ago, check if it’s a silver coin or not by looking at the year.


I hope you have all the possible answers to your question about the 1972 quarter value. Rare errors and mint states can make this coin worth up to 1300 dollars which is 2600x higher than its face value.  In short, a 1972 quarter in circulated condition(no scratch or damage) is worth only 25 cents. But some errors can make these coins extremely valuable. Also, these coins’ prices will differ on different conditions.

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