How much is 1979 Silver Dollar Value: History with Price Chart

The United States Mint issued the first silver dollars in more than four decades in 1971, and the coins soon became popular with collectors. 

Most 1979 Silver Dollar coins are worth $1, only face value. If the coins look nearly perfect, expect $1 to $2. The price can go up to $52 for a 1979 Silver Dollar S Type 2 Proof coin in its uncirculated condition.

Do you have 1979 Silver Dollar coins? Then, keep reading to learn more about them, from their history, worth, grading, or everything else.

What is a 1979 Silver Dollar?

The 1979 Silver Dollar is also referred to as “Susan B. Anthony Dollar.” This coin was made in 1979 in the U.S.

1979 is the most common year of the coin series and the first year of these coins. Aside from being widely circulated after four years of creation, these coins are also popular because they were the first U.S. coins to feature a woman.

What is the Value of a 1979 Silver Dollar?

Most 1979 Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar coins are worth $1, their face value. If the silver coins look nearly perfect, the price range can be $1 to $2.

Here are other 1979 Silver Dollar value estimates in varying conditions:

1979-S Silver Dollar in uncirculated condition$2
1979-D Silver Dollar in uncirculated condition$2
1979-P Silver Dollar in uncirculated condition$2.20
1979-S Type 1 Silver Dollar Proof$6.30
1979-P Wide Rim Silver Dollar$22
1979-S Type 2 Silver Dollar Proof$52

What is the History Behind the 1979 Silver Dollar?

The new silver dollar coin was released in 1979. However, circulation never started since the coin was mistakenly struck twice, making it unusable—the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin is legal tender and is valued at $1.

This coin was minted by the Treasury Department from 1979 until 1998. It was one of the first coins to feature a woman’s portrait. It was also the first time a commemorative coin was struck during the bicentennial celebration of U.S. independence.

When 1979 coins were first minted, they were only available in silver. The first gold coin was issued in 1795. However, it took until the 20th century for gold coins to become widely used. 

The 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was the first silver dollar since 1878. Some consider this coin to be the most beautiful dollar ever minted

Why Susan B. Anthony Was in the 1979 Silver Dollar?

You are wondering why Susan B. Anthony was chosen to be featured in the silver dollar.

Susan B. Anthony (1820 – 1906) was a suffrage leader and an instrument in the 19th Amendment passage. Her effort and dedication gave women the right to vote. This is what makes her an excellent choice for the coin design.

She was also the first American woman to campaign for votes for women. In addition, Anthony contributed to several reform efforts on behalf of women and children, including advocating against and penalizing child labor, suffragettes, prostitution, assault, and domestic violence.

Anthony was the first woman to vote and was arrested for protesting. Even though Anthony died before women’s suffrage, her legacy lives on. She was one of the founding members of the National Woman’s Party. And was one of the organizers of the first major public protest for women’s rights, held in Rochester.

The 1979 Silver dollar coin is usually incorporated into frames or display cases. Most of these coins were sold alongside postage stamps, called first-day covers.

The U.S. Mint produced millions of 1979 Silver Dollar coins – 750 million silver coins in total.

How Does a 1979 Silver Dollar Coin Look Like?

The 1979 Silver Dollar coin is a $1 coin issued by the United States Federal Reserve in honor of Susan B. Anthony, the first American female politician to achieve national prominence. 

The coin’s obverse (front) features a portrait of Susan B. Anthony. The reverse shows the year of minting and the inscriptions “IN GOD WE TRUST” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” 

What is the Metal Composition of the 1979 Silver Dollar Coin?

The 1979 silver dollar comprises 92% copper and 8% nickel. The coin’s diameter is 26.5 millimeters, and its weight is 8.1 grams.  

What are the Different Varieties of the 1979 Silver Dollar Coin?

The 1979 Silver Dollar coin is not limited to one variety. So, do not get surprised if your Susan B. Anthony coin is different from other collectors.

Here are the four noteworthy 1979 Silver Dollar varieties you should know:

1979-P Silver Dollar Narrow Rim

The 1979-P Silver Dollar Narrow Rim is the most common type of this coin series. Once you find a 1979-P Silver Dollar coin, it will most likely be the Narrow Rim variety. This Susan B. Anthony coin variety is also referred to as the 1979-P Far Date Susan B. Anthony Dollar.  

If the coin is worn, the worth is equivalent to its face value. However, the price range could be $2 and up if it is in uncirculated condition.

Even if this 1979 dollar variety is not worth very much in circulated or uncirculated grades, the coin is still distinct from its more valuable and scarcer 1979-P Silver Dollar Wide Rim counterpart.

If you prefer individual merits, the coin is worth collecting, especially if you aim to complete your Susan B. Anthony dollar collection.

1979-P Silver Dollar Wide Rim 

The United States Mint officials decided to widen the Susan B. Anthony dollar’s rim in 1979. That is to modify the coin’s appearance. As a result, the Near Date or Wide Rim variety became scarce.

The wider rim was used on all 1979 Silver Dollar coins that came after. However, this feature is only seen on a few 1979-P Silver Dollar coins. The surviving specimen total number is less than 25,000, but no mintage number is dedicated to the 1979-P Silver Dollar Wide Rim coins.

This Susan B. Anthony coin variety is in high demand. It is also valuable even in its circulated grade. The price range for circulated specimens is $5 to $8, while you can expect $25 and up the price range for uncirculated specimens.

1979-S Silver Dollar Proof Type I 

When it comes to 1979-S Silver Dollar Proof coins, you will encounter two types, and Proof Type I is considered the more common one.

The difference between the 1979-S Silver Dollar Type I and 1979-S Silver Dollar Type II is their worth.

The 1979-S Silver Dollar Type I Proof features a blobby “S” mint mark. This coin was sold to collectors in the United States Mint Proof Set in 1979.

Most of the 3,677,175 Silver Dollar Proof coins made in 1979 belong to the Type I variety. Meanwhile, this silver dollar variety in typical proof grades is worth around $3 to $5.

1979-S Silver Dollar Proof Type II

In comparison with its 1979-S Silver Dollar Type I, Type II is much scarcer. 

You can quickly determine if your coin is a Type II with the clearer “S” mint mark. This mint mark is clear, but its end tends to be connected to the middle of the letter alongside slightly raised areas. 

As a result, you will see the number 8 in a rough appearance. You will also notice two clear holes close to the bottom and top segments of the mint mark.

The 1979-S Silver Dollar Type II Proof is typically worth $30 and up.

1979 was one of the most exciting years for U.S. currencies history. It was the first year the Lunar coin series was minted. It was also the same year the Silver Eagle was created, replacing the need for minting Silver Dollars. 

Since the U.S. Mint ceased Silver Dollar production, many coin collectors have been searching for these coins as investments. They even have started scavenger hunts for the Silver Dollars. 

These coins may not be easy to find. However, a 1979 Silver Dollar coin is easy to find since the Silver Eagle was mass-produced, and the public quickly began hoarding them. 

The 1979 Silver Dollar coin is widely considered one of the most beautiful coins to strike the Philadelphia Mint 1979. The coin’s design was modeled after Susan B. Anthony’s one-dollar coin was struck the same year. 

The only difference is that the Anthony B. Susan coin features a youthful Anthony B. Susan on its obverse. Unfortunately, the Anthony B. Susan coin was minted for just one year, and out of those minted, less than 1,000 remain in circulation today. 

The 1979 silver coin is still legal tender despite its low mintage and has become sought after by collectors.

What are the Different 1979 Silver Dollar Errors?

Like other coins, the 1979 Silver Dollar coins have no exemption regarding errors. On the other hand, most of these silver coins were struck with no noteworthy flaws. In other words, those coins with significant errors are considered rare ones.

Below are the 1979 Silver Dollar errors you may encounter during your hunt:

  • Clipped Planchets 

A 1979 Silver Dollar coin with a crescent-shaped cut on either side or a straight edge means the coin has a clipped planchet error.

If you have this coin, its worth is around $20 and up.

  • Blank Planchets 

Aside from clipped planchets, a Susan B. Anthony dollar can also have a blank planchet. 

You can tell that a 1979 Silver dollar has this error if it has a 26.5 mm diameter and weighs 8.1 grams. Plus, it is only the U.S. coin made from copper-nickel clad.

A 1979 silver coin with this error is typically worth $100 and up.

  • Multiple Strikes 

Once a planchet gets stuck on the press between the does after an unintentional additional striking, this error occurs. As a result, the coin appears to have multiple images of similar designs. In some cases, the image is oriented in a similar direction, or the design appears at varying angles.

  • Wrong Planchets

Wrong planchets refer to a coin error when a coin from a smaller-sized or the same denomination gets struck with a design coming from other denominations, especially the physically wider coin.

As with the 1979 Silver Dollar, the design can possibly be struck on planchets from the Sacagawea dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, or Lincoln cent.

  • Broad strike

This coin error happens once a coin is not retained within the collar during striking. As a result, the coin often appears flat beyond the standard diameter. Plus, it lacks a formed rim.

In the case of, Susan B. Anthony dollars, these silver coins do not have a crisp rim. They also lack reeded edges. Typically, coins with this error come in a $50 to $100 price range.

  • Off-Center Strikes

Only a few 1979 Silver Dollar coins were struck off-center. This makes them quite rare coins. 

Most Susan B. Anthony dollars with at least 5% to 10% off-center strikes are worth $150, $600, or more. However, it still depends on how drastic the off-center strike was. 

What Other Factors Affect the 1979 Silver Dollar Value?

The condition of a 1979 Silver Dollar affects the coin’s value. If the silver coin is in circulated condition, it typically shows signs of wear and tear. However, many collectors prefer those coins in mint condition.

If you have a 1979 Silver Dollar with good circulation evidence, expect its value to drop, regardless of its type. 

However, if your coin is in uncirculated condition, you have a better chance of getting good value. Most coin collectors are willing to pay well for these coins, especially if they are the rare 1979-S type. 


The 1979 Silver Dollar coin was the first United States coin to honor women. Susan B. Anthony was the first-ever woman elected to Congress. Besides that, she was also an anti-slavery activist, a women’s rights activist, a producer and co-founder of PBS, a philanthropist, and an author. 

So, it is no surprise that many collectors are interested in this coin. 

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