How Much Is 1981 Quarter Coin Value?

The 1981 quarter coin is a collector’s item that was minted in 1981. It is made of 9.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel and has a diameter of 24.26 mm. This coin was minted in limited quantities and is considered to be a valuable collector’s item.

The 1981 Quarter coin value can be $6 in a certified mint state (MS+). Meanwhile, the coin could be worth 25 cents if the average value.

 If you have been collecting coins for years, it’s no secret that the 1981 D Washington Quarter is one of the US’s most famous coins. Unfortunately, however, its popularity among collectors has started to wane.

Saving money on rolls or holding coins in your hand is always an excellent idea. But, on the other hand, you may want to sell some collectible coins on rare occasions. 

If you are curious about the 1981 Quarter coin value, this post is for you. We will also help you familiarize yourself with these coins and see if they are worth collecting or selling.

How Much is 1981 Quarter coin value?

If you have a 1981 Quarter penny, it can be worth around $6 in certified mint state (MS+). If the value is average, expect the value to be 25 cents.

In a rough coin value estimate, it is safe to assume that the coin’s value in average condition is around 25 cents. Therefore, as with the coin in an excellent mint state (MS+), you can sell it for $6 at auction.

Remember that a coin’s price does not correspond to a recognized grading scale. It is referred to as typical when it is in similar condition as other 1981 coins and has been certified MS+ by a trusted coin grading firm.

Th 1981 Washington Quarter’s condition being covered can significantly impact the price. In return, damage or an uncleaned scratch is valued at face value.

What is the History Behind the 1981 Washington Quarter?

The US Mint started the George Washington Quarters distribution in 1981, the same year President Ronald Raegan was elected.

The 1981 Washington Quarter was officially issued on June 1, 1981. The coin was minted at the Denver Mint. It is one of the most popular coins in the 50 State Quarters Program.

On the front side is the portrait of George Washington, which John Flanagan designed. Washington has his back to the viewer and us looking out a window. On the reverse side, there is the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “Quarter Dollar,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM inscriptions and the denomination.

The 1981 Quarter commemorates George Washington and features a theme that honors his life and legacy. His legacy lives on even if two centuries have passed since his life.

What is the Composition of a 1981 Quarter?

The 1981 George Washington Quarter was designed by John Flanagan and is composed of 9% nickel and 91% copper.

The coin comes in 24 mm in diameter and weighs 5.67 grams.

Does the 1981 Quarter Value Vary?

The value of 1981 Quarter coin varies depending on several factors, such as the condition, the date, mint mark, etc. 

In many cases, coin collectors initially examine the 1981 Quarter’s condition. Then, the lettering and mint mark are another consideration concerning the coin’s value.

The year of the issue also impacts the coin’s value. The numismatic market often refers to coins that are in circulated condition as common coins. Plus, coins that have never circulated or handled as uncirculated.

To give you a bigger picture, check out the following:

  • Condition 

The 1981 George Washington Quarter depends primarily on its grade and condition. The coin has an estimated value of $3 to $44, depending on its grade and condition.

  • Mintmark

The 1981 Washington Quarter has a lot of variation, which means it was minted in different places. 

The 1981 George Washington Quarter with a mintmark of P was minted in Philadelphia. The 1981 D Quarter was minted in Denver, and the 1981 S Quarter was minted in San Francisco.

  • Circulated / Uncirculated

Circulated 1981 George Washington Quarters are worth as much as $6 each. As with the uncirculated coin, it could go up to $18.

  • Demand

When coin collectors wanted to get the 1981 George Washington Quarters, they quickly studied the market. Remember that market fluctuates, just like the value of all other coins.

On the other hand, the price of the 1981 George Washington Quarters is heavily influenced by the supply and demand of the coin as well as current market conditions, the same with other collectible coins.

  • 1981 – S Type 1 and Type 2 

The 1981 Quarter with P mintmark and Type 1 Proof is worth $5 to $40 price range. Meanwhile, the Type 2 proof is worth the $10 to $190 price range.

What Makes the 1981 Quarter Collectible?

The 1981 Washington Quarters are among US history’s most popular commemorative quarters. So, it’s no surprise that both beginners and experienced collectors are interested in collecting these coins.

Coin collecting was initially for the money you had made. However, nowadays, more and more people are collecting coins because of the rich history behind them.

Coin collecting can be a lucrative hobby if you can get ultra-valuable or rare coins like the 1981 Quarter. This particular coin was minted when the 50-state quarter’s program began. However, the coin was only minted in 90% of the states. This means these coins are very rare.

With the coin prices starting around $3 and up, these coins are worth tracking down. That is especially true if you wish to sell them.

Are 1981 Washington Coins Valuable?

The 1981 George Washington Quarter has a very high collector value. This is because the coin design was first introduced in 1967, and since then, more than 50 million 1981 George Washington quarters have been issued with only one design.

Its unique design is now considered collectible. Plus, its value has soared over the years

These coins often have special mint marks. This means the coins were struck especially. These mint marks usually indicate where the coin was struck. 

Some mint marks indicate that the coin was minted in Philadelphia, while others suggest that they were minted in San Francisco, Denver, or West Point. 


So, now you know how much the 1981 quarter coin worth. The 1981 George Washington Quarter is one of the most valuable US coins ever minted. Therefore, knowing their value is critical when you want to collect or sell them. Now you know the 1981 quarter coin value. Good luck!

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