How Much is 1982 Quarter Value? (2024 guide)

As a coin roll hunter, you may find the values of different types of quarters fascinating and want to collect the rarest quarters. The face value of the 1982 quarter is $0.25, and this is a Washington-type quarter of the United States of America. But when these coins have some errors or valuable grading certified by the NGC price guide, they can be worth hundreds of dollars!

 To put it in a few words, if you have a typical 1982 quarter, which means there are no scratches or errors on the quarter, then it is worth the regular Washington quarter price, which is 25 cents. But some errors can make these coins extremely valuable and worth over $600. Also, these coins’ prices will differ on different conditions.

1982 Quarter Value: Are they worth keeping?

The face value of a 1982 quarter is $0.25, and it is worth $0.06 if it’s melted. The melted value of this coin is inferior because it has no precious metal. But this value changes over the change on the standard 70-point scale made by professional numismatists.

At first, numismatists used to grade coins using specific words like( fair, reasonable and excellent, etc.) But these words created confusion because different people had different interpretations. To clear out the perplexions, experts made a standard grading scale to fix the status of quarters.

Some grading on the 70-point scale is given below to determine the value of your 1982 quarters-

MS-60(Basal): It is firmly uncirculated with a luster on the surface, pretty much ugly looking.

MS-63(Acceptable condition): The nicks and marks are visible with an average to weak strike.

MS-65(appealing condition): This grade indicates that the coin is in an appealing condition with visible marks.

MS-68(premium quality): This grade indicates that the coin is in a premium-quality mint state. These coins have no visible contact marks and perfect shining (luster) on the surface.

MS-69(almost perfect):  The coin is in an almost ideal mint condition. It has no visible contact mark, an excellent and attractive strike with an uncirculated condition.

MS-70(Perfect condition): Indicates that the coin is in perfect mint condition with no microscopic flaws under 8x magnification and has luster on its surface.

Do 1982 Quarters have Silver as Material?

After 1964, the quarters produced had no silver; instead of silver, they had 91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel Clad Copper.

Till 1964, all the Washington quarters were made of silver; that’s why they are slightly more valuable than the coins of the modern age, which are made of copper and nickel-clad copper.

The quarters made till 1964 are worth $3.50 when melted because they have 90% silver as their material.

As a 1982 quarter is produced after 1964, it has no silver, which is why its melted value is less than its face value.

Errors of 1982 Quarters

If you have a 1982 quarter that is not scratched and entirely in good condition, it’s worth only 25 cents. But scratches or double struck can make it worth more because these errors make them rare.

For example, a 1982 P quarter had the word LIBERTY cut off, and on the reverse side, the engravement of the word “ QUARTER DOLLAR” was also cut off. These errors made this coin extremely valuable and sold for over $350.

Also, a high grade of mint 67+ was why a 1982 D quarter was precious, and PCGS created this mint state. This high-grade mint state made this coin worth $2,500.

Another 1982 S quarter was double struck on the obverse and reverse side and was sold for over $745.

Outline of 1982 Quarter

Even though there are three types of 1982 quarters based on their mint mark, all the 1982 quarters have some standard criteria, which are given below as a chart for your ease-

TypeWashington Quarter
Diameter24.3 mm
Thickness1.75 mm
Face Value25 Cents
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel
DesignGeorge Washington Bust
DesignerJohn Flannagan

Assortments of 1982 Quarter

All the Washington quarters of the United States have specific year on them. Generally, there are three types of quarters each year. For the 1982 quarters, there is the 1982 P quarter, 1982 D quarter, and 1982 S quarter. The initials of these coins are the mint mark, and they indicate the place of mintage.

1. 1982 P Washington Quarter

The price of the 1982 P quarter may vary from 25 cents to 30 dollars. The pricing changes over the mint condition and different errors on the surface of the coins.

The Philadelphia-minted quarters didn’t have the word P engraved before 1980. But as the year 1982 is after 1980,  the word “P” was minted.

TypeWashington Quarter Doller
Value (Average Condition)$0.25
Value (Mint Condition)$30
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel Clad Copper
Mint MarkP
Place of MintingPhiladelphia
Mint Quantity500,931,000
Obverse DesignHoudin’s portrait of Washington
Reverse DesignAn eagle symbolizing power and might

2. 1982 D Washington Quarter

The price of the 1982 D quarter may vary from 25 cents to 20 dollars. This pricing depends on the mint condition and certified grade of the NGC price guide. Circulated quarters are worth only their face value, but uncirculated quarters are pricey.

TypeWashington Quarter Doller
Value (Average Condition)$0.25
Value (Mint Condition)$20
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel Clad Copper
Mint MarkD
Place of MintingDenver
Mint Quantity480,042,000
Obverse DesignHoudin’s portrait of Washington
Reverse DesignAn eagle symbolizing power and might

3. 1982 S Washington Quarter

The price of the 1982 S quarter varies from 25 cents to 5 dollars. But rare errors can make this price go over hundreds of dollars.

TypeWashington Quarter Doller
Value (Average Condition)$0.25
Value (Mint Condition)$5
Composition91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel Clad Copper
Mint MarkS
Place of MintingSan Fransisco
Mint Quantity3,857,000
Obverse DesignHoudin’s portrait of Washington
Reverse DesignAn eagle symbolizing power and might

Obverse and Reverse Design of 1982 Quarters

On the obverse side of the 1982 quarter, there is a bust of George Washington. This bust is  a portrait of Washington made by Houdin. Below this bust, there is 1982 engraved, and on the left of Washington, the motto “ IN GOD WE TRUST” is engraved. The designer of the obverse side of this coin is John Flanagan.

The reverse side has an eagle sitting over some arrows. Both the eagle and arrows point to the left, symbolizing power and might. Some olive branches are also under the arrows, which indicate peace, and the word “ E PLURIBUS UNUM” is engraved on the upper line of the reverse side.


1. Is there a rare 1982 quarter?

Because of the limitation on the supply of 1982 quarters, almost all the quarters having the year 1982 is rare. To your amazement, almost all the coins produced in the 80s are rare because they are in the perfect mint state, MS-68.

2. What year quarter is pure silver?

Before the year 1965, the coins made in the United States contained 90% silver. That means the melting value of these coins is more than their face value. Usually, the face value of all quarters is 25 cents, but because of the silver of its metal, its melting value is worth $3.50.

3. What is the error in a 1982 D quarter?

There can be multiple kinds of errors in a 1982 D quarter. A common error of a 1982 quarter is the Washington portrait being off-center; you may find this error in your pocket change. If you find it, you can sell it for over $25 on eBay.

Another 1982 quarter was graded by NGC and was 15% off center that’s why it was sold for over $100.

4. Which quarter is worth $35,000?

Some 1970 quarters with unique errors were sold for over $35,000 in an auction. On one of those quarters, the year 1972 was engraved over the word “Dollar.” It was marked as a rare quarter and sold for $35,000.


I hope you have all the possible answers to your question about the 1982 quarter value. Rare errors and mint states can make this coin worth 1000 dollars which is 1000x higher than its face value. Professional numismatists made a standard rule for giving the perfect grade to all types of quarters. And the best grading for the 1982 Quarter is 68 Mint State, and a 68 Mint state 1980 quarter is worth $5 to $30.The lowest grade for this quarter is F, and it only has a face value of $0.25.

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