Let me just say that a diamond’s worth and price are different. However, a 1/10 carat diamond worth can start from $80 and go up to $200. This will depend on the clarity and cut of the diamond you get.

But all things considered, you should still be well within the $200 mark with a 1/10-carat diamond. As diamonds go, a 0.10 ct diamond is pretty affordable yet elegant and delicate. If that is something you are looking for in your jewelry, you are in luck.

Other than that rule of thumb statement, other factors may help you understand how much a 1/10 carat diamond worth. Let’s take a look at those.

How Much is a 1/10 Carat Diamond Worth: In Comparison

So, let’s put things in perspective. If you’re looking up the worth of a 1/10 ct diamond, you have already studied diamond points quite a bit. Let us still delve a little into it.

1/10 Carat diamonds are also called 0.10 Carat Diamond. Now, what does that even mean? A regular 1-carat diamond is said to have 100 points or 1.00 points. So, a 1/10th of that would be a 0.10 point diamond. Needless to say, it is quite a small stone. However, the price of the diamond isn’t in the weight; it is rather in quality.

Now, of course, a 1/10-carat diamond isn’t always going to be round. But, this chart shall give you a rough idea of the sizing. And, it is very hard to find smaller diamonds in rounder shapes. But a 1/10 Carat would be somewhere around 3.00 mm.

To give you a further idea about sizing, here is a chart:

Carat Weight0.200.250.300.400.500.700.901.001.251.502.00
Round3.80 mm4.10 mm4.30 mm4.80 mm5.20 mm5.70 mm6.20 mm6.40 mm6.90 mm7.30 mm8.10 mm

Here is a comparison next to a regular engagement ring:

Carat Weight of Diameter Infographics 1/10 carat diamond worth

An average engagement ring would be 0.9 ct, the leftmost one on the 3rd row. And you can compare it to the 0.10-carat diamond. So, realistically, a 0.10 ct diamond is the best fit for a small stud or drop necklace instead of a ring.

It would cost you about a couple of hundred bucks, and you can also wear it on the go because it is lightweight and casual. For the price point, it would be a really good buy.

Okay, now you have a clear comparison in front of you. I have tried to add visual and descriptive comparisons, but I still won’t be doing you any justice if I left out the 4 C’s of diamond jewelry.

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The 4 C’s of Diamond

The 4 C’s of diamond jewelry are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. And, we have already discussed carat weight, which for you is 1/10 or 0.10 points. 

So, if anything decides what the worth will be for your 1/10 diamond, it will be the cut, color, and clarity. 

Color of the 1/10 Diamond

Well, you might be thinking that diamonds are clear and reflective in nature. That they are colorless. But that is not true. Diamonds found in nature carry a tint. It is either yellowish ranging toward brown. Yellowish tints are more common. 

There is a color scale for diamonds. They are usually graded within a D to Z scale, and we recommend sticking with a borderline colorless white – an H.

This will cost you less than opting for the perfectly blingy translucent stones.

Cut of the 1/10 Diamond

There are some very classic cuts like the round cut, the oval cut, the square, and the princess cut. Diamond cuts are man-made, and they require precision and expertise. So, naturally, you’ll have to pay the mastery when you pick a precisely cut stone.

Fun Fact: Classic simple cuts cost way more than fancy cuts because simple cuts require more precision and mastery.

1/10-carat diamonds are already very hard to finesse because of their size. However, if you pick a very polished cut, you will need to pay more than usual.

The princess cut is the second most expensive cut of diamonds. It also demands more cash than fancier cuts. Researching what cuts you want to pick would be helpful while shopping for the stone.

The cheapest cut available is the marquise cut. It has a large area and less reflection. Most of the cheaper cuts will have significantly less shine. So, remember to pair it up with diamonds with a yellower tint. 

The idea is a diamond with a tint will take away from the dullness of the cut and balance out the aesthetic.

Clarity of The 1/10 Diamond

Diamond clarity is the last and one of the most important features of the jewel. A diamond’s clarity is not visible, but one can see the internal flaws under a microscope. 

The internal flaws of the diamond make the clarity go down by a lot. Many famous stores will not carry diamonds with visible or prominent internal lesions.

Frequently asked questions


The most average size is a 0.9-carat diamond in a round cut.

What is the best jewelry with a 1/10-carat diamond?

Earrings look the best with smaller diamonds of this size.


No, quite the opposite. Fancy cuts and lab-grown fancy diamonds come cheaper than natural diamonds with classic cuts.


Well, thank you so much for keep reading. You can never talk enough about diamonds. After all, these are expensive purchases that we hope to preserve and use for a long time. This is why choosing the right cut, color, and weight is so important. 

We’ve got you covered with shedding some light (pun intended!) on 1/10 carat diamond worth. It is a rather small stone but with so much class and elegance. I have recently been seeing many dainty jewelry inspirations.

I believe dainty, delicate jewelry is making a huge comeback in the fashion industry. No better time than now to get that diamond, really.  Stay ahead of the curve, and be a trendsetter. And do it all within a modest budget! Good luck!


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