How much does Herkimer Diamond Worth?

If you’re looking for a unique diamond alternative that won’t break the bank, look no further than Herkimer diamonds! These semi-precious gemstones are named after the place they were first found in Herkimer County, New York and can range in price depending on the size and quality of the stone.

You might interested to know about Herkimer Diamond worth. Actually, Herkimer diamonds are less expensive than other diamonds but still more expensive than other semi-precious gemstones. The average price for a Herkimer diamond weighing 10 carats is $55, but rarer, more giant stones could cost much more.

The final price of this stone depends on the carat weight, crystal’s colors, cut, and the retailer you like it to purchase from. Remember that you should search for a certified stone with proper documentation to get the best deal.

What are Herkimer diamonds? 

People started using Herkimer stone centuries ago as a gemstone, amulets, and creating different types of tools. A Herkimer diamond which is a 500 million years old stone, is a kind of crystal that looks like a diamond at first glance. But, unlike it’s look, it is very different from regular diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds are a type of crystal that is doubly finished and has termination points on the end of the rock. They are popular because they have eighteen naturally-occurring facets.

Herkimer diamonds are more sustainable and ethical than mined diamonds because they are mined above the ground. In addition, Herkimer diamonds are rarer than other crystals because they grow on their own and are not reliant on the host rock. 

 Even though such stones are typically transparent and have excellent clarity, there are still instances when stones could have impurities and flaws like air bubbles, rainbow inclusions, and black carbon deposits.

How much is Herkimer Diamond Worth?

herkimer diamonds worth
Herkimer Diamond

Like a real diamond, Herkimer stone value also depends on several variables like cut, carat, clarity and color, which is known as 4cs as well. In addition, Herkimer diamonds are difficult enough to cut into gemstone shapes. That’s why craftsmanship also plays a part in determining value.

 Herkimer diamonds come in a wide array of sizes and can be seen in the jewelry of heavier or smaller carat weights. However, big Herkimer stones can be costly, as it is a rare gemstones. A Herkimer diamond is a water-clear, four-millimeter round faceted diamond that is worth approximately $1,600.

A few retailers offer a certificate of authenticity along with their Herkimer diamond jewelry. Make sure you check with your retailer if they offer a certificate. You can do that if you’re worried about purchasing low-quality or fake Herkimer diamond.

In their descriptions, retailers often list their Herkimer diamond as a genuine diamond. Unfortunately, that can be extremely misleading, so enquire if you have any concerns.

What are the properties of a Herkimer diamond?

Herkimer diamond has unique properties and is common among crystal enthusiasts and mineralogists. Below are some of the unique properties of these stones.

  • Physical properties 

Such crystals are first sought for their unique structure, showing a stunning doubly terminated form. The stones show the normal hexagonal form common with quartz but provide two terminations instead of one.

That quality is because of its strange growth nature. In case you didn’t know, Herkimer diamonds grow with little to no contact with their host rocks. As a result, it also offers the crystals a more extensive form than their normal one-faceted quartz equals.

Take note that Herkimer diamonds are chemically categorized as silicates because their build material is composed of oxygen and silicon compounds. They also feature a particular gravity of 2.6 to 2.7 and rank a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

This stone also has a conchoidal fracture, evident in the crystal structure. You will find most of them with at least eighteen facets and the ideal specimens measuring less than one inch in total length.

  • Gemological properties

Herkimer diamonds also provide particular attributes that make them enticing for gemological purposes. All such factors are the reasons the stones were named after natural diamonds. The mineral crystals are always transparent, even though they could still range from smoky to colorless.

However, the quality choices are more favored for their excellent brilliance when it’s held under natural light.

These crystals are cherished for their excellent clarity, but most specimens come with impurities. As a result, you will find most Herkimer diamonds along with mineral inclusions, carbon deposits, and air bubbles.

The mineral inclusions may include sphalerite, dolomite, pyrite, and calcites. The carbon deposits may also range from gaseous carbon dioxide to solid hydrocarbons and liquid petroleum.

The distinct shape of Herkimer diamonds is because the stones grow in clay deposits, and that is why the crystals do not happen in similar designs.

You may find other stones housing traces of decayed plants. Others may take place as rare forms of crystals showing captured water bubbles within the structure.

Other Herkimer diamonds may also have anthraxolite—black pieces that look like coal. In rare cases, twin skeletal clusters and phantom crystals are found.

Where can you buy Herkimer diamonds?

You can get Herkimer diamonds at offline and online jewelry shops and antique stores. These places will provide information about selected stones, including where they’re mined and their unique qualities.

However, it also helps to remember that Herkimer diamonds are not as expensive as natural diamonds, particularly when purchasing them as jewelry. Some stones would cost you a fortune, but the average price for such crystals is at least $75.

It is essential to remember what is sold to you when buying Herkimer diamonds. Other retailers may be enticed to give them as natural diamonds—a move considered illegal and unlawful.

It will help if you request certification and documentation when buying Herkimer diamonds. The stone’s clarity, cut, carat weight and color classification are found in the paper inscribed and approved by an established gemological institute.

frequently asked questions


You can soak your Herkimer diamond in a mixture of dishwashing soap (two drops) and two cups of warm water. You can remove the stone from the dishwashing solution after fifteen minutes and gently brush it to remove the dirt. After that, you can rinse it with running cold water.

what makes a herkimer diamond rare?

It is the oldest (500 million years old), clearest, hardest (7.5 on Mohs scale) quartz crystal in the world. It is the only crystal that Mother Nature has already faceted with 18 faces and 2 points. It’s a single source mine found only in Herkimer County, NY.

do herkimer diamonds break easily?

No, Herkimer Diamonds do not break or chip as easily as diamonds that have 3 (!!!) planes of cleavage to break along. Also they have a high resistance to scratching, making Herkimer Diamonds extremely durable for everyday wear and tear.


Now we’ve got you covered in Herkimer diamond worth. There’s no doubt that Herkimer diamonds are appealing and beautiful crystals for both jewelers and collectors. However, not everybody knows what that diamond is composed of.

You should have detailed information about these gemstones and where they can be seen. That way, you can better understand how they are priced, used, and catered for, helping you decide the ideal way to use these double-terminated quartz crystals.

We hope you find this guide on Herkimer diamonds value enlightening and informative at the same time. Do you have Herkimer diamonds? Have you seen it before? How do you take care of it? We want to know your thoughts, too!

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