What are Crushed Diamonds? (Your ultimate Guide)

Crushed ice diamonds are gems that look exactly how they sound, like crushed ice or broken glass. However, if you think that there are fragmented diamonds, you’ve got it wrong.

No matter how eccentric its name sounds, a crushed ice diamond is 100% real and authentic diamond, only with an appearance that closely resembles a crushed block of ice. It’s a type of cushion cut diamond that is lesser-known, at least a couple of years back. However, crushed ice diamonds continually gain popularity over a couple of years for their unique style and appearance.

Crushed ice or crushed glass diamond takes its unique broken glass appearance at the center from the smaller facets at the base of the stone. However, it doesn’t mean that the stone’s structure is compromised. It’s only that these smaller surfaces bounce and reflect lights off each other, and that gives the stone a dramatic crushed look.

No other gemstone, at least not yet, has the same crushed iced appearance. However, it’s quickly becoming a trend for individuals looking for something new and wants to break from the traditional uber-brilliant round diamond jewelry.

What Shapes Can You Get a Crushed Ice Diamond In?

Diamond cuts come in every shape, and the ten most popular include the brilliant round cut, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, Asscher, heart, radiant, and marquise.

Before you start looking for a crushed ice diamond in a round or oval cut, it’s important to remember what a crushed ice diamond is.

A crushed ice diamond is a modified cushion cut diamond, meaning it can only occur in a cushion cut. Although some radiant cuts will look similar, crushed ice diamonds are only available in cushion cuts.

Did you Know Crushed Ice Diamonds

What Is the Purpose of a Crushed Ice Diamond?

Cushion cuts, including crushed ice diamonds, are significantly cheaper than its more popular version, the round cut diamond. They are more or less 25% less expensive per carat, and it all comes down to the shaping and the brilliance.

When jewelers make the round diamond from a rough stone, more parts get lost in the shaping than when one would create a cushion cut. So in some sense, a cushion-cut preserves more of the original diamond stone. It means there’s a much lesser diamond waste.

Crushed ice diamond is a modified cushion cut that aims to reduce diamond waste further. Although it’s less brilliant than, say, the round cut diamond, its eco-friendlier modification makes it a major selling point to many people.

The crushed ice diamond design aims primarily to eliminate the four primary facets look that the cushion cut is famous for. Instead of making the four of the larger facets, jewelers create tons of tiny facets, giving the crushed ice diamonds its broken ice or glass look.

What Is the Difference Between a Crushed Ice Diamond and a Traditional One?

The traditional cushion cut diamonds were originally based on the mine cut diamond, although it has considerably more facets. The older mine cut has only 58 components, while the cushion has features 64, plus an open cutlet.

Although traditional cushion cuts are less brilliant than the more popular round brilliant diamond, it’s been a trendy option for many people for their pillowy form and affordable price tag. Cushion-cut diamonds can have varying faceting patterns, including either four, six, eight, or ten primary facets.

The most common pattern is the ‘four mains,’ which corresponds to four large facets intersecting at the cutlet.

There are tons of modified diamond cuts on the market, and crushed ice diamond is one. It’s a modified cushion cut that helps reduce diamond waste. It doesn’t have the four larger facets that cushion cuts are well-known for. In its place are countless tiny facets that give this modified cushion cut its crushed ice appearance.

Because of its smaller and more facets, crushed ice diamonds reflect light more and sparkles like a pool of water under the bright sun. It will give you an eternal flash of light than the traditional cushion cut, but often in a chaotic and disorderly way, but mesmerizing. It’s one reason why the crushed ice diamond is quickly getting popular because of the unique character it possesses over traditional cushion cuts with larger facets that have fewer flashes of light.

However, you won’t catch a single light reflection with the tons of stylized patterns in a cushion cut. There are so many going on that it becomes chaotic but captivating at the same time. This unique feature is because the tiny facets were designed to bounce off the light in varying directions instead of the crown.

As a result, you get white light or maximum brilliants instead of color or fire, similar to what you can see in most diamonds.

Also, the smaller facets in crushed ice diamonds, or what others call inclusions, can hide any imperfection better than the larger facets in traditional cushion cuts. However, the tint and color also improve with smaller and more inclusions. So while traditional cushion cut diamonds look more inclusive, you won’t be getting more color than what you can get from a crushed ice diamond.

To sum it up:

  • Traditional cushion cuts have four wider facets at the center, while crushed ice diamonds have tons of smaller facets.
  • Traditional cushion cut diamonds have fewer flashes as lights hit the stone, while crushed ice diamonds will give a blended flash of light.
  • The traditional cushion cut has less color and tin than crushed ice diamond.

Buying Guide: Crushed Ice Cushion Diamonds

So, you’ve seen a crushed ice diamond and admired its unique appearance. Now, you think it’s a great fit for your preference and want to feature it in your next jewelry. But, before you go off into a jewelry shop looking for crushed ice diamonds, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

First off, don’t listen to the haters.

Not everyone likes the crushed ice appearance in diamonds, but if it’s what you prefer, ignore the haters who say it’s a bad choice. There is nothing wrong with crushed ice diamonds. They are legit and real diamonds and if you like and enjoy how they look and appreciate that crushed ice diamonds have less diamond waste than other traditional cuts, then go for it. The significant price break you can get is also an advantage.

Choose an ‘H’ color grade or much better.

Cushion cut diamonds are the worst in retaining color, but crushed ice does provide better tint than traditional cushion cuts. When shopping for a crushed ice diamond, opt for an ‘H’ color grade or better for a good value option.

‘H’ diamonds are not 100% colorless, but they are near-colorless, which means there will be a slight yellow tint. However, it’s not nearly as noticeable as you might think, especially when it on yellow or rose gold.

Don’t worry too much about transparency.

When looking for crushed ice diamonds, don’t worry too much about inclusions or transparency. Its fractured facets will mask any imperfections in the stone.

Buy a crushed ice cushion diamond in person as much as you can.

It’s hard to get a good look a crushed ice diamonds if you buy them online. So, you might need to get a feel when trying it on or look at the diamond from different angles before buying.

When in doubt, it’s smart to ask for help from an expert and trusted jeweler.

When you are in the market for new jewelry or looking for an engagement ring, whether you want a crushed ice diamond or a traditional round cut, it will be a lot easier with the help of a trusted expert jeweler.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to trust your jeweler friend blindly. Ask a ton of questions as possible to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money. Expert jewelers and gemologists will know crushed ice diamonds inside out and help you find the ideal stone for your preference and budget.

Should I Buy a Crushed Ice Cushion Diamond?

Crushed ice diamonds are well-loved by those who are looking for a distinctive and dazzling diamond for their jewelry, especially those looking for the best engagement rings. Looking at a crushed ice diamond is similar to looking through a kaleidoscope.

While other people like the wider facets that show more inclusions, many people also appreciate the brilliance and character of a crushed ice diamond.

If you mostly prefer the traditional cut, it’s most likely that you won’t favor this diamond. Also, if the resale value is a priority for you, you won’t get much from a crushed ice diamond, and a more conventional and classic cut would be a better fit.

Still, it doesn’t mean that crushed ice cuts won’t become more popular in the future, as this style is becoming trendier every day. Plus, crushed ice diamonds are proving to be timeless and spellbinding over and over.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference. If you like the crushed ice look, then this diamond style will be a good fit. But, typically, if you are looking for an out-of-the-box look for your jewelry, something with a more unconventional stone with a unique personality to match yours, a crushed ice diamond is a great option.

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