Top 5 Best Fake Diamond Studs (2024 Review)

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  • How much are Fake Diamond Studs Worth?
  • Fake Diamond Studs vs. Other Pieces of Jewelry
  • How to Tell if Diamond Studs are Real
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

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Here are a few reasons why I think these Cubic Zirconia diamond studs are the best out there:

  • Genuine Swarovski Zirconia, which is the best quality faux-diamond in the market
  • Luster is guaranteed for life
  • 4 Solid prong basket made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Indistinguishable from real diamonds
  • Come in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold

These CZ Swarovski Stud Earrings are my choice for the best fake diamond studs as they’re extremely high quality, affordable, and come in a range of carat weights, from 1.0ct to 8.0ct.

Plus, they feature over 50 facets, deliver the same brilliance as natural diamonds, and carries an exclusive Swarvoski engraving.

The Swarovski name has been using state of the art technology since 1976 to provide some of the most precisely cut gems on the market.

They even developed the “Pure Brilliance” Cut, a newer cut that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

All these stones are cut and polished in Austria, making sure that there is a high attention to environmental and social manufacturing standards.

Our Top 5 Best Fake Diamond Studs

These are, in our opinion, the best fake diamond studs in the market today, and each has a particular style that is sure to go well with any outfit.

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  2. Szul 1/2 Carat TW Round Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings
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What Are Fake Diamond Studs?

Fake diamond studs are earrings whose diamonds have gemological characteristics similar to that of a diamond.

These are, however, different from synthetic diamonds, which are actual diamonds that have the same properties as natural diamonds but were produced in a lab.

Overall, faux diamond studs are a perfect piece of jewelry for an important event without having to spend the big bucks for real diamonds, which will break the bank and be a stress to handle (you’ll have to make sure you don’t lose them either!).

The most common fake diamond is the Cubic Zirconia, which is abundant in earth’s crust and can be cut to look pretty much exactly like real diamonds without the excessive cost.

How to Pick the Best Fake Diamond Studs?

When looking for the best fake diamond studs, there are just a couple things to take into account, mainly quality, cut, and price.

For quality, many of the diamond studs have bases made from sterling silver; we recommend going for a high sterling silver value (>= Sterling 925), which essentially means that a material is that percentage of pure silver.

For price, these diamond studs can range from $10-$35, and a lot of that difference comes down to the cut and source.

Our recommended pick comes from Swarovski, a company that is well-known for making some of the best cubic zirconia cuts and facets, so if they’re available, we definitely recommend them!

What Cut Should I Pick for My Diamond Studs?

There are a few different types of cuts for diamond studs, but the most common one by far are the round and princess cut.

Most of the retailers online will show you the round cuts, but if you dig deep enough you can find some princess cut ones as well for a similar price.

Princess cut diamonds typically do look larger than rounder cut diamonds due to the fact that the size of the table (the top of the diamond) and the bottom of the diamond (the pavilion) is smaller.

Did you Know Fake Diamond Studs

Where Should I buy Fake Diamond Studs?

You can generally find fake diamond studs in many online retailers, like Etsy, if you are looking for a specialized piece of jewelry.

They are also sold in retail stores like Kohls, Macy’s Nordstrom, and others.

Top 5 Best Fake Diamond Studs Reviewed

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As mentioned, these fake diamond studs are our top pick and for good reason! They come in three stunning styles-rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold-and are perfect for everyday wear.

These CZ studs have luster guaranteed for life, and the posts are 14K gold, 100% Nickel free, and 100% hypoallergenic. Plus, you can ensure that these studs will last a lifetime as they are double notched for extra security.

Moreover, they are a product of Swarovski, which is the leading provider of high-quality cubic zirconia and sources their Zirconia straight from Austria.

This means there is more oversight over the manufacturing process to ensure that the studs are made ethically.

To top it all off, each stone produced by Swarovski is engraved with an insignia that is invisible to the naked eye but guarantees the authenticity of the highest quality diamond simulant in the world.


  • Swarovski Zirconia
  • Sterling silver basket with 14k gold posts
  • Hypoallergenic material


  • On the higher end of the spectrum with regards to price

Szul 1/2 Carat TW Round Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings

"Szul 1/2 Carat TW Round Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings

These Szul diamond stud earrings are a close second to our top pick. They’re set in 14K yellow gold, so you’re getting quality material at an undiluted percentage.

Plus, they come in a sturdy, durable basket setting with push-back posts, unlike other thin prong sets that are prone to breaking within a few days. We found everything from the setting, post, and back to be extremely sturdy.

These faux diamond studs range from 4mm to 8mm, able to complement your style without any worry!

These stones are of excellent quality, sparkle, and shoot fire. The diamonds weigh 1/2 carat in total and are hand-picked and set by experienced jewelers.


  • Round cut
  • 14K yellow gold
  • 4mm-8mm sizes
  • Well-priced
  • Quality assured by a GIA Graduate Gemologist


  • Size is a bit small

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Armed with a 90-day money-back guarantee, Jstyle comes through with another stunning piece of jewelry at a truly affordable price.

One order comes with 6 pairs of earrings, each with a different size. This set is perfect if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck.

These pieces are perfect for ear lobe piercings, and their round cubic zirconia will give you just enough bling for your outfit.

Jstyle’s studs are made of quality stainless steel in the classic 4-prong style. The measurements range from 3mm-8mm, giving you a wide selection of earrings to choose from for virtually any occasion.


  • A Great Bargain!
  • Diverse Selection


  • Not 925 Sterling Silver

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A pair of faux diamond stud earrings from Amazon themselves! Now, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

These studs definitely take the cake if you’re searching for a balance of affordability and high quality.

These earrings come in a princess and round cut and are just shaped wonderfully. They are crafted in .925 sterling silver, and feature a dazzling butterfly backing.

Plus, these pieces include a metal plating that gives off a more lustrous appearance, making them one of the best diamond simulants, even among zirconias.

And for those allergic to nickel and have to be careful around earrings, you don’t have to worry about these, as they are platinum plated.


  • Solid Bargain!
  • Princess or Round Cut
  • .925 Sterling Silver


  • No rose gold or yellow gold options

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These CZ studs may be the perfect ones for you if you’re looking for the high quality zirconias in the previous examples without the 14k gold price.

These zirconias are rated AAA and feature high quality surgical, hypoallergenic steel.

Additionally, they are round cubic zirconia inlay with high polishing. The set includes 5 pairs of earrings, a gift box, and a small bag to ensure that there’ll always be a place to store your studs.

We found them perfective for sensitive ears as well as for the younger ones, as these are recommended for 6 years and older.

Quick Tip: The backs are easier to screw on if you don’t look in the mirror as these have a bigger gage than your typical earrings. Just sensing your way around it seems to do the trick.


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • 5 pairs included
  • Great accessories


  • Improvements on some material (sterling silver, higher rated zirconias)

Final Thoughts On Best Fake Diamond Studs

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with any of these picks we’ve selected for the best fake diamond studs.

They all range a span of budgets ($10-$35), are high quality, and come in different styles that will be sure to fit your outfit and look.

However, we recommend that you research the best size for your ears. If you haven’t worn diamond studs before, then you want to be sure that you don’t get a size too large.

Many first-time buyers often complain about getting a 6mm-8mm, which happens to be too large for them, when they don’t do the research beforehand. Don’t be that person and get a second opinion.

And as always, good luck shopping!

Our Top Picks!

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