How to Clean Diamond Earrings: 7 easy to follow Steps

Don’t you think cleaning your diamond jewelry is essential as they are costly and precious things in your collections? Unfortunately, not all the solutions for cleaning diamonds are safe for the gems and stones used in diamond stud earrings. So, you must know the proper steps and cleaning materials to help your diamond studs sparkle.

Diamond enhances the user’s beauty and adds luxury to their wardrobes. However, it is our favorite costly possession that requires special care. This post will cover how to clean diamond earrings with basic household items and some additional tips.

Importance of Cleaning Diamond Earrings

Importance of Cleaning Diamond Earrings

It is not about diamonds; to ensure hygiene, you must keep all your essentials clean and fresh. Nevertheless, jewelry is a crucial part of women’s life that doesn’t only enhance their beauty but also boost their confidence level.

There are many pieces of jewelry women wear in their daily work, but earrings are the most common among all. Therefore, cleaning them effectively should be your top concern. A cleaned pair of diamond earrings always stay beautiful, new, and unspoiled. Besides, clean them immaculately to prevent the increase of bacteria that can build up on the diamond earrings over time.

Cleaning diamond earrings helps users to maintain hygiene for their significant events. Furthermore, ensure prolonging the life of your diamond earrings by proper cleaning. You should also care about where you use the earrings; if there is any substance in a setting that may cause deterioration, try to avoid wearing them in that setting. You can correctly prevent the high risk of deteriorated and degraded diamond earrings in all these ways.

How to Clean Diamond Earrings: 7 Steps to Follow

Even if you have yet to ever hear of cleaning jewelry, the steps of cleaning diamond earrings will not seem a tricky task to you. You can bring back the shiny effect of your diamond earrings just within a few minutes after cleaning them in the process given below:

Things You Need

  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • Liquid soap
  • A piece of clean cloth
  • Toothbrush

Step 1: Place the Diamond Earrings in Warm Water

First, you have to take a small and shallow bowl full of warm water and place the diamond earrings there. The bowl has to have a smooth surface to reduce the risk of losing the earrings and any possible spillage.

Double check whether there is any loose diamond in the earrings that might need to be more secure in its place after cleaning. You may lose your precious diamond stones just for being unconscious while cleaning them.

If you don’t have a shallow bowl, use a colander alternatively that has smaller holes than the earrings or studs. While washing them in a sink, use a plug, so the earrings don’t go down the drain.

Step 2: Add Liquid Soap

Add a few drops of liquid soap to the bowl. Please ensure you use a liquid soap that is safe to use and doesn’t damage your diamond earrings. In addition, it shouldn’t have any added dyes or fragrances harmful to diamond jewelry.

Step 3: Leave the Earrings in the Solution for 30 Minutes

After adding the liquid wash, mix the solution very carefully and move the earrings around. Leave the diamond earrings in the solution to lift off the dirt for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the Diamond Earrings

Ensure you rinse off the diamond earrings properly before drying them. Try to remove all the residues to secure the earrings from looking dull. Therefore, gently rinse the earrings in the solution of warm water.

Step 5: Dry the Diamond Earrings

Once you’re done cleaning, take the earrings from the solution to dry them. For drying, take a clean cloth and pat the earrings properly. A microfiber cloth ensures no lint remains in the diamond earrings.  

Step 6: Use a Toothbrush to Remove the Leftover Residue

Even after the drying stage, you still can detect some spots or dirt in the earrings; go for a quick cleaning using a children’s toothbrush. The brush sweeps away the leftover residues very quickly. However, don’t rush while using a brush to clean. Be sure you don’t dislodge any stone.

Step 7: Repeat the Whole Process if Needed

If you see one cleaning with all the above steps is not enough, repeat the entire process until you get the desired result. It doesn’t matter how many cleaning steps are repeated. Always make sure the diamond earrings are undamaged. 

How can you Keep the Sparkling Look of the Diamond Earrings?

The user doesn’t use diamond jewelry for one time. However, since it is a precious ornament material, everyone wants to wear it for years without being unclean or uncolored. Usually, diamond earrings don’t get discolored, but when there are other materials mixed to make earrings besides diamond, you might be aware of the cleaning procedure of your jewelry.

It would help if you cleaned your diamond earrings once a month and once a year by a professional to keep the sparkling look of your diamond. However, it would help if you used a proprietary jewelry cleaner or a quality washing liquid soap mixed with water to clean the earrings when they have a mixture of different gems or stones.

It is recommended to avoid wearing diamond jewelry in a place that is filthy and dusty area as it causes the discoloration of your jewelry. So, remove your earrings while going gardening, sporting, or decorating. Instead, please keep them in a new jewelry box, case, or pouch.

Things You Should Remember 

1. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

You are absolutely wrong if you think a harsh chemical is good enough to remove the dirt from the diamond earrings fast! We firmly recommend not using harsh or strong chemicals to clean your jewelry. Otherwise, your jewelry will become pale, damaged, and discolored. Besides, be careful about using physical exfoliants that can very quickly damage gems and stones of the jewelry.

Always select some usual household products as cleaning tools. Glass cleaners are an excellent option to clean diamond earrings. Any washer that is free of abrasive materials is safe to use.

2. Take off the Diamond Earrings Often to Save them from Getting Discolored

You already know diamond earrings shouldn’t come in contact with too much dust and dirt. It would help if you took them off before going anywhere, for which your earrings will get damaged from dust or dirt. Remember, only dirt and dust are not responsible for making the earrings grimy. Our skin’s natural oil is also responsible for the discoloration of diamond earrings.

If your skin is exceptionally oily, clean them more frequently. Besides, could you not use them all the time? Furthermore, beauty or skincare products like moisturizers, perfumes, sunscreen, lotion, face cream, face masks, hair spray, etc., can affect the coloration of your earrings. Therefore, you must take them off before applying your beauty or skin care products.

3. Never Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are used to clean jewelry by creating vibration. These machines can deeply clean any jewelry, but since these machines are such heavy-duty tools, there is a high risk of getting the jewelry damaged due to using them. In addition, the vibration it creates loosens the jewelry prongs, which ultimately causes the loss of stones or gems in the jewelry.

Moreover, should you ever need to use a risky machine to clean your jewelry when many simple household methods are more effective? As diamond earrings are costly and precious, you must carefully clean them.

4. Store the Earrings in a Safe Place

The earrings can get lost easily, especially the smaller ones. So, use a jewelry box where you can safely store your diamond earrings. Using a box also protects the earrings from getting damaged due to dirt. Alternatively, you can use a separate compartment in your dressing table, almirah, or shelf to store your diamond earrings.

5. Take off the Diamond Earrings before Going to Bed

Practice taking off the earrings before going to sleep to keep them from getting damaged or lost. They can get damaged sometimes if you wear them while going to sleep. Furthermore, you might not sleep comfortably wearing earrings or studs in bed. Finally, be careful about putting pressure on precious metals like diamonds.


Do I need to get my diamond earrings cleaned by a professional?

Diamond earrings are precious ornaments for every woman who wants to preserve their elegance. However, when the earrings are designed delicately, you must consider getting them cleaned professionally at least once a year. Professional cleaning is the best bet to maintain the beauty of your diamond earrings.

How often should a diamond pair of earrings be cleaned?

You must maintain and clean your diamond jewelry’s beauty and shiny effect to present your glam look at an event. A diamond pair of earrings is always an excellent option for special occasions for which cleaning them once a month is required to retain their elegance.
Regular monthly cleaning helps the diamond stones and settings to sparkle always. Additionally, consider cleaning the diamond earrings professionally once a year to maintain your earrings’ excellent and delicate design. 

What should I do when my earrings have other materials with diamonds?

Your earrings need extra care when there are other materials besides diamonds. These earrings should be cleaned differently from those only made of diamond. The solutions you apply to clean the earring must work with all the gems, stones, and diamonds your earring is made of.
Remember, the surface of pearls can’t tolerate exposure to high temperatures. So, ensure that the cleaning solution is both hot and cold.

Why should you avoid cleaning diamond studs in the sink or bathtub?

It would help if you removed your diamond studs before working on a sink. If the studs drop on the sink mistakenly, they will be lost. Also, avoid cleaning them in a bathtub or a sink to prevent the risk of falling them that will go into a drain. Instead, clean them on a flat surface that supports easy cleaning.


Concluding Thoughts

Diamond earrings get dull when used frequently and ultimately lose their glaze and luster. So, clean your diamond earrings from time to time to keep their dazzling look as much as possible by following the steps in this guide on how to clean diamond earrings. You can clean them with your regular kitchen stuff. Knowing to clean with the above process can save you money and provide the best result you can expect. So, always prioritize at-home cleaning procedures to help your diamond earrings to get their life back. And finally, consider cleaning with a professional hand to remove the excessive grime built on your diamond earrings.

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