11 best Types of Hoop Earring Closures

There are different hoop earring closures you can pick from, and all of them work nicely for hoop earrings. A hoop closure is an essential part of earrings that holds the total weight and secures them quickly. This content will discuss the most common types of hoop earring closures and also let you know how they would work great. 

11 Types of Hoop Earring Closures 

Latch Back

Latch Back Earring

Latch Back closures can be loop-shaped or U-shaped. This common closure for hoop earrings works nicely to hold heavy and dangling earrings. The earrings with this closure feature a hinged post for attaching the metal catch. The catch’s shape of these closures can vary depending on the earrings’ style. 

Lever Back

Lever Back Earring

Lever back closure has a hook to go into the earlobe, and it can be closed with an ear clip that works to protect the earring from falling off to the ground. This common closure system is called ‘ladies patent’ and is used primarily with the hoop earrings like the latch backs. You can find this in different types and shapes, mainly in loop or U-shaped catches. 

Butterfly Back or Push Back

Butterfly Back Earring closure

The most used closure for the security and comfort it provides. It is so easy to put on and doesn’t usually fall off. 

Spring Closure

Classic Spring Closure closure

Another common closure is the wire inserted in the opposite tube of the earrings. We also know it as classic hoops. 

The French Lock

This cloture features an ear wire snap that the user can insert into the opposite bit of the ear. 


One of the most commonly used closures for hoop earrings has similar features like latch backs and lever backs. This closure is also available in different types, but commonly in U-shaped or loop-shaped. This hoop closure is designed so that the top part of it is adjusted to the earring to fit into the hole and keep the placement of the earrings correctly. 


Mostly, fashionable earrings have this hoop closure that supports the earrings’ weight very securely. This closure is thicker than other piercings but has a thin wire to pass through the ear. 

Snap Post

The straight or curved post can go to the earrings’ back and help the back snap into a V-shaped latch. This closure secures the earrings into the earlobe.

Omega Back

A hinged or O-shaped closure that fits the earrings’ back. The back bit of the earrings with this closure close over the post securely holds it in place. 

Continuous Hoop

Another common closure for the hoop earrings is with a post to slide into the loop’s end. This closure gives the earrings a seamless look. 

Fish Hooks

Very comfortable to wear, but there is a risk of getting the closure caught on hair or scarf or slipping off. Girls like earrings with fish hooks for their casual outfits. 

How to Choose the Earring Closures Correctly? 

It is so essential to choose the correct earring closures as follows:


Whatever we wear, we always want to use comfortably wearable jewelry pieces. If the earring feels too tight on the ears and makes an uncomfortable situation when you are outside, it loses its worth. Therefore, the earrings we put on must be secured perfectly without squeezing our earlobes.   

Weight and Design 

Sometimes we prefer to wear heavy jewelry for some special occasion or function. The heavy pieces of jewelry need to be secured well, which can be possible with the closure of the earrings. The closure can hold large and heavy earrings and make us feel comfortable. 

Hold the Earring Easily 

The closure of the earrings makes it easy for us to hold their earrings. When we are in a hurry to go outside, we don’t have much time to wear things in an organized way. The closure of the earrings helps us to avoid any hassle of holding the earrings and fasten our getup timing more. 

Secure for the Earring 

Earrings can be cheap but precious to collect and use several times. So we should always safely wear this lovely jewelry. The closure is a specific item that holds the earring securely holding it. 

Handy to Carry 

The earrings can be too light or heavy to wear, so we could have needed heavy closure to carry the heavy earrings. But no, the closures are also super simple and light-weighted yet capable of holding heavy earrings. This is a great advantage of choosing a good closure. 

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Different Closure Can Secure Differently

We can find several types of closures for earrings, all of which have several usages. Therefore, you can easily choose the perfect-fit closure for your earring or the earrings with the best-working closure. Collecting earrings with different closures is a good idea so you can enjoy diverse tastes in wearing this jewelry. 


What are Huggies?

Huggies are a kind of small hoop earrings that hold the ear lobe by hugging. They fit very closely to the earlobe and are thicker than the hoops. The Huggies go perfectly with casual outfits, whether golden, rose gold, or silver colored. 

How to remove seamless hoop earrings?

Firstly, you should locate the openings of the ring where two ends are joined. Then, hold each side of the ends with different hands. Then, move one end towards the body and the other in the opposite direction, away from the body.

What outfit goes best with big hoop earrings? 

The big or oversized hoop earrings suit simple and casual outfits flawlessly. Choose a pair of big hoop earrings to look beautiful when you wear an outfit like a turtleneck sweater with your hair down. 

Bottom Line

As a jewelry lover, you must choose the perfect closures for any occasion to enjoy different experiences of wearing earrings. The earrings might have accurate closures adjusted to them, but you must check each time before you use whether you can use the earring like before or not. The more you use earrings, the more it has chances to get misadjusted. 

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