When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing? (2024 Guide)

Wondering: when can I change my cartilage piercing? 

You’re in the right place! In this Jewelry Marquis guide, I’ll answer common questions like:

  1. What are cartilage piercings?
  2. When can you change cartilage piercings?
  3. What happens if I change my cartilage piercings too early? 
  4. And much more!

What Are Cartilage Piercings?

Cartilage piercings are present on the upper side of the ear. And at times it can be a bit more dangerous than other ear piercings that you might have got.

It also hurts a bit more when compared with other piercings, and as the period is short and the recovery time is soon, it’s recommended that you wait for about three months before you think of changing your cartilage piercings.

This area of the skin is pretty delicate and you shouldn’t be touching it for a few days after getting it done. However, you may touch it when cleaning it. 

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When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing?

You shouldn’t change your cartilage piercing for about 3 to 5 months if you want your ear to heal properly and without any infections.

Most cartilage piercings heal from the outer ear first. So make sure that you aren’t getting fooled by the thought that the inside of the skin must be healed as well.

The inner skin can take a much longer time. Therefore don’t change the cartilage piercing until it is completely healed. 

Cartilage Piercing1

After waiting, it’s best not to change the jewelry constantly for about a year at least. This is because when you are frequently changing jewelry, the cartilage can get prone to allergies and infections. 

What Happens If I Change My Cartilage Piercing Too Early?

There is a high probability that you will instantly regret this decision. There is absolutely no reason for changing the piercing until the time it’s completely healed.

When you try to change it too early, you will be more prone to allergy and internal infections. This can lead to swelling, irritation, and bumps on the skin. 

There is also a probability that the skin can close as soon as you are removing the first piece of jewelry and this won’t give you ample time to put another piece of jewelry.

In case you have a real reason for changing the cartilage piercing so quickly, you should be visiting the professionals and they will do the work for you in a safer manner. 

Should I Twist My Cartilage Piercing?

No, you shouldn’t be twisting the cartilage piercing. Just let it be the way it is for a few months. When you are poking the jewelry or the area unnecessarily, the healing certainly gets delayed.

Also, twisting can cause swelling and irritation on the skin. And this is the last thing that one needs. So it’s best not to do so. 

Why Do Cartilage Piercing Take More Time To Heal?

Cartilage skin is made from connective tissue. And unfortunately, the blood supply in the area is pretty limited. Our blood has a vital role in the healing process.

Therefore the low blood flow in the cartilage area makes healing a much longer time. Therefore, in total cartilage can take about 6 months to completely heal. 

How to Know If Your Cartilage Piercing Has Healed?

It is crucial that your cartilage piercing is given ample time to heal. But how can one know if it completely healed?

As we have said earlier, this healing time can vary from 3 months to 6 months. But you can also take some clues from below and understand how well this healing is taking place:

  1. The piercing doesn’t hurt when you touch it.
  2. There is no redness or swelling in the area,
  3. No pus or fluid is seen excreting from the site of the piercing.
  4. There is no crust formation every day.
  5. One can move the piercing without any kind of discomfort felt.

Now please keep in mind that these are just some of the clues that indicate that the cartilage piercing is healing well.

But the one doesn’t need to try to change it before 3 months.

It’s best to be on the safer side of thins and this needs complete healing time without any kind of disturbances to that area of skin. 

How Can You Make Your Piercing Heal Faster?

The very first step for making sure that the healing process is easier is making a wiser selection of the jewelry piece.

Usually, you can consult the professional as they will have the right idea of what a fresh piercing piece should be like.

If you are going to buy one on your own, go for hypoallergenic jewelry that’s free from any toxic metal alloys. 

When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing

Then, after you have got the piercing done, keep the area as clean as you can. You need to be very careful when you have got a cartilage piercing done.

Clean it well with quality saline solution or you can also use specific cleaning products that are available in stores. 

Finally, make sure that you aren’t giving any trauma to the body. This means that it’s best to get just one cartilage piercing at a time.

Once that heals, you can get the other one done. It will also give you a better idea of if you have any kind of allergy to cartilage piercings. 

Also when you do this, sleeping on one side is an option open for you. When you get multiple cartilage piercings done at a time, the risk of infection also increases. 

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