Best Cut For Moissanite – 10 Stunning moissanite Shapes

When choosing a moissanite ring for yourself, you would want it to meet your requirements perfectly. However, every cut has uniqueness, and everyone’s preferences differ. So how do you find the perfect amount of moissanite that suits your personality best? 

The best cut for moissanite mainly depends on the facets and ratios of each stone, not the stone size itself, because a different number of factors determines the dispersion and reflection of light that causes the gem to give that shiny sparkle. 

So here we are going to talk about some of the most popular cuts of moissanite, and you can decide what’s your perfect cut among them. 

Different Cuts of Moissanite 

Moissanite is an incredibly versatile stone as it is mainly made in a lab, and it doesn’t have any facet or cleavage, so it is highly customizable and can be cut into any shape or size. 

There are two main cuts for moissanite: 

  • The crushed ice moissanite cut
  • The brilliant-cut moissanite 
a side by side comparison
A side by side comparison

The crushed ice moissanite cut

In crushed ice moissanite cut, the stone is cut irregularly with multiple facets causing it to reflect lights in many different directions. Due to this irregular sparkling pattern, it gives the appearance of crushed ice hence the name. 

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The brilliant cut moissanite – best cut for Moissanite

This is considered one of the best cuts for moissanite as its well-defined uniform facets on the pavilion (the bottom angle of the stone) brings out the most sparkle and highest reflection of light from the center of the gemstone. 

Here are some of the most popular cuts of Moissanite from which you can choose one that is made for you. Which best cut for moissanite is for you?

#1 Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite 

One of the most favorite and sought-after cuts is the brilliant round cut of Moissanite. It is classic, ageless, and has the most facets to create the maximum light reflection and give that amazing diamond-like sparkle. 

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#2 Square Cut Moissanite 

If round-cut moissanite is not for you and you are looking for a more angular stone, then square cut is the best cut for moissanite for you. It has a clean, durable appearance that looks very similar to a diamond. However, a square cut will not have as much sparkle as a brilliant round cut. 

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#3 Oval Cut Moissanite 

Oval cut moissanite is a great choice if you are going for a larger, more flashy-looking gemstone. It has 70 facets which give it a dazzling sparkly look. However, its elongated shape makes it look bigger than it is, and it also gives your finger a more slender appearance. 

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#4 Cushion Cut Moissanite 

Also commonly known as the pillow cut, cushion cut moissanite is a perfect combination of round and square cuts with truncated edges. Its enlarged facets give it a distinguished sparkly appearance. This cut fits perfectly if you want a more vintage look. 

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#5 Emerald Cut Moissanite 

One of the more vintage and classic cuts with its angular shape, step-cut edges and lesser-than-usual facets, the emerald cut stands out as in its non-traditional design. Although it will have less sparkle than the round cut or the oval cut due to less facets, the step cuts will give it an elegant, refreshing look that will look brilliant, especially under natural light. 

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#6 Pear Cut Moissanite 

The pear cut is one of the oldest designs that gained recent popularity. It has a pointed surface and a semicircular surface that makes it look like a water droplet. That is why it is also called a drop shape. Due to its sophisticated and vintage look, it has become highly appealing as a ring choice. 

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#7 Radiant Cut Moissanite 

Compared to other cuts, radiant cuts are a relatively new invention. It is a combination of a brilliant round cut and an emerald cut. They are rectangular in shape, but like emeralds, they have truncated edges that make them look elongated and appear larger than the brilliant round cut. So if you are looking for a ring that is not round but has a lot of sparkles, a radiant cut will be the best cut for moissanite for you. 

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#8 Marquise Cut Moissanite 

The marquise cut moissanite got its name from the Marquise de Pompadour, for whom the moissanite cut was first shaped. It is similar to a pear cut, except both ends are pointed in this one. It’s also known as navette or boar cut. It is a beautiful and radiant cut that also makes your finger look more slender and elongated. 

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#9 Princess Cut Moissanite 

One of the most underrated and unique moissanite cuts is the princess cut. This is one of the first cuts that combined round cut with step cut and gave a brilliantly shaped gemstone with multiple facets providing a shimmering appearance that is a perfect fit for a princess. 

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#10 Heart Cut Moissanite 

The heart cut moissanite is known as one of the most romantic cuts of all. Being a literal symbol of a heart, this is the ultimate choice as an engagement ring or a promise ring. It is one of the most complicated cuts so far. If you are a romantic person and want to express a big gesture, then this ring is made just for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cut of moissanite is the best?

It entirely depends on your personal choice. Every cut and shape has their unique quality, and you can choose which one is best for you.

Which cut makes moissanite look bigger?

Any round cut or round-edged cut like oval or emerald gives the illusion that the stone is larger than it actually is. 

What cut of moissanite looks the most like a diamond?

Round-cut moissanite resembles diamond the most. Its specific amount of facets and shape causes light to reflect exactly as it does for a diamond. Which moissanite cut has the most sparkle? 

When you are looking for a moissanite ring that sparkles the most?

The brilliant round cut is your go-to place. Its perfectly placed 58 facets disperse the maximum amount of light and create fire and brilliance unlike any other cuts of moissanite.

Final Words

In conclusion, every cut of moissanite has its significance. Some are preferred for their sparkly appearance, and some for their elegant presence. It’s up to the wearer which cut is specifically suitable for them. You should always make sure to clean your moissanite timely to keep it’s shiny appearance. Hopefully, now you are closer to the choice which best cut for moissanite is for you! Good luck.

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