Citrine Vs Topaz: Which One is better?

Most people need clarification when it comes to differentiating between Citrine and yellow Topaz. Especially with yellow topaz, people often confuse it with citrine because they both have similar hues of yellow and orange.

However, apart from their colors, there is no similarity between these two yellow gems. Now comes a question, citrine vs topaz: which one is better? In this article, I will help you decide on that matter.

These November birthstones have significant values and are beneficial to people who are born in November. If we look at the mineral substances, we won’t find any similarities between yellow topaz and citrine.

Natural Citrine is a member of the quartz family, whereas topaz belongs to the silicate mineral family. But if we look at their color, we can hardly differentiate them. Both are yellow gems, november birthstones.

Citrine Vs Topaz

Hardness7 according to Mohs scale8 according to Mohs scale
Price$4 to $6 per caret$6 to $10 per caret
AvailabilityLess available compared to TopazMore available compared to Citrine
Mineralsquartz mineral of silicon dioxideSilicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine
ColorPlae yellow and brownish orangePlae, yellow, brown, blue and grey
SymbolizeProsperity, joy, and energyWealth, health, love, and astrology
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Citrine has a rate of 7 according to the Mohs hardness scale. Because of its toughness and durability, it fits into almost all types of jewelry. And if you properly take care of your citrin by cleaning and maintaining it, it will go a lifetime as it cannot be easily broken. Because of a hardness rating of 7, it is also not easily scratchable.

Yellow Topaz has a rate of 8 according to the Mohs hardness scale, where the diamond hold rate is 10. So, it is not as durable as a diamond but more durable than citrine. The density of this gemstone varies in the range of 3.4 to 3.6 g cm-3.


According to the price per carat weight, you can buy citrine between $4 to $6. Indian rupees vary from Rs. 125 per carat weight to Rs. 400 per carat weight. Judging by this price, citrine is affordable to general people too.

You have to spend $5.7 to $10 for one caret topaz. High-quality yellow topaz is always more pricey than citrine.  Indian rupees vary from Rs. 350 per carat weight to Rs. 450 per carat weight. The most expensive topaz is the “Imperial topaz.” “Imperial topaz” has golden orange-yellow colors.


Citrine quartz is found in the mines of Brazil and Uruguay, which are scarce in the world; that’s why they are pretty pricey. Sometimes, citrine mines are also found in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The availability of topaz is higher than citrine as it comes in a massive variety of colors. Blue topaz, pale yellow and colorless topaz is widely found in nature. But, red, pink and orange topaz is slightly rare in nature. The rarest precious topaz is imperial topaz; thus, it is more valuable than other topaz gemstones.

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Citrine’s central mineralogy consists of the quartz and silica minerals and heat-treating purple Amethyst. The chemical formula of citrine is SiO2, and its density must be 2.60 to 2.70. Also, the crystal structure of citrine is a Hexagonal crystal system.

Yellow Topaz’s central mineralogy consists of silicate minerals instead of quartz. The chemical formula of topaz holds aluminum and fluorine. The crystal structure of topaz is a dipyramidal crystal system.


Citrine has a minimal range of colors. This range varies from yellow top orange-yellow, brownish orange to yellowish orange. Any transparent quartz, yellow quartz, smoky quartz is considered Citrine. The color of a natural citrine is transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange and reddish orange.

In the case of topaz, there is a huge variety of colors, and you can easily find them in nature. The pale yellow, brown, grey and blue topaz are primarily found in nature.  But, red, pink, reddish orange and orange topaz is sightly rare in nature.


Citrine crystal symbolizes joy, prosperity and energy of life. Citrine is a valuable crystal from both spiritual and worldly points of view, as it helps to achieve success and prosperity of both soul and world life. This stone is known for attracting wealth, hope, success and abundance.

Topaz symbolizes Wealth, health, love, and astrology. Yellow Topaz is beneficial because it helps to direct energy to the body by soothing and healing it. It is also a symbol of affection and intelligence. If someone gives you a blue topaz, it means they show love and affection towards you.

Properties of Citrine and Topaz


Helps Boosting Confidence

This rare gemstone plays a significant role in boosting your self-confidence along with making you work with double energy.

Clean the Chakras

Citrine can energize every step of life by cleaning the chakras and unlocking intuitions.

Promotes Optimistic Energy and Mood

Citrine crystal is a healer of wounded souls and brings mental clarity to chaotic minds.

Protects you From Negative Energies

Negative energies won’t affect your peaceful life, and you will find prosperity in every step of your life.

Charges the body and Degenerates Diseases

Citrine crystal charges the body and helps it to work with double energy and also degrades the diseases of your body. 

Holds up the Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is an excellent source for powering this chakra, which helps boost your body’s energy.

Attracts Success

This stone has various names like “ The Merchant’s Stone” or “The Success Stone”. It attracts success by bringing self-confidence and self-consciousness.

If you wants to know more about citrine check out our article on citrine crystal meaning.


Raw topaz

Brings Immense success to Life

Yellow Topaz gemstone is beneficial for boosting your self-worth and is also a symbol of intelligence. Both self-esteem and intelligence make it easier for people who usually buy yellow gemstones to achieve success.

Attracts wealth

Yellow Topaz is hugely known for its ability to attract wealth. It is a lucky charm for people born in November, so if you wear yellow topaz jewelry, wealth will run after you.

Attracts love and happiness

Yellow Topaz symbolises love and happiness. If you wear this stone or sleep with it, joy and happiness will pave their way through your life.

Energizes the body

Yellow Topaz is beneficial because it helps to direct energy to the body by soothing and healing it. It also helps to boost up self confidences and brings spirit to work more.



No, according to the price per carat, you can buy citrine stones between $4 to $6, but you have to spend $5.7 to $10 for one caret yellow topaz. High-quality yellow topaz is always more pricey than citrine. But the low price of citrine doesn’t lower its value of citrine. Citrine stones is more valuable than topaz to the royal family members of different kingdoms, and even celebrities prefer Citrine vs Topaz.


Even though yellow Topaz stones are more expensive than citrine stones, it is cheaper than other costly gemstones like black opal, ruby, diamond, musgravite, etc. It is affordable for general people and is available in various colors. Anyone can choose any shade of yellow topaz that fits their taste in a fashion well. So, people buy it as a piece of jewelry even if it’s not their birthstone, and non-believers buy it for fashion.


Topaz gemstone benefits many people as it brings good luck to them. But it helps those with Jupiter in a promising position in their horoscope. So, people born in November benefit most from this gemstone. However, people with Libra and Aquarius zodiac signs should avoid wearing this stone because it may bring bad luck to them.


If we look at the mineral substances, we won’t find any similarities between. Citrine is a member of the quartz family, whereas yellow topaz belongs to the silicate mineral family. But the color of citrine and yellow topaz is almost similar; there is no way to differentiate between them by bear eyes. Even Spanish people used to call citrine gold topaz or Spanish topaz, which increased this confusion.


Pure Topaz is highly beneficial because it helps to direct energy to the body by soothing and healing it. It, like other November stones, stimulates and charges the body and brings the spirit to do good. November birthstone jewelry is a symbol of truth and forgiveness and makes life enjoyable.


People born in November have two birthstones that they can be benefited, they are citrine and yellow topaz. Citrine is available in only pale yellow and brown-orange colors, whereas yellow topaz has a rainbow of colors. Even though citrine has less variety of colors, it has similar effects on bringing prosperity to November-born people like yellow topaz. Yellow sapphire, orange topaz, smoky quartz, blue topaz and yellow topaz quartz stones, November birthstones.

Final Words

I hope you are now clear on the concept of Citrine Vs Topaz. Both these gemstones have significant values and are beneficial to people born in November. November gemstones topaz and citrine are frequently purchased yellow gemstones. Topaz jewelry, smoky quartz, colorless topaz are available and popular. So, if you are a November person, why not try both of them november birthstones? Both are affordable too so that money won’t be a problem.

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