How Much is Obsidian Worth?

In the ancient world, obsidian was used to make some of the most beautiful and durable tools and weapons ever created. Today, obsidian is still used in various ways, from making jewelry to creating cutting tools. While its value isn’t relatively as high as it once was, obsidian is still a highly sought-after material. So, how much is obsidian worth? Prices for obsidian can vary depending on the quality of the stone and the size of the piece. Rough, unworked obsidian typically sells for $1.5 -$2 per piece.

This guide will talk more about what obsidian is and how much it is worth. If you’re ready, let’s find out more.

How Much is Obsidian Worth?

Because of obsidian’s plentiful nature, this rock isn’t that expensive. There are some exceptions to that because this gemstone is rarer than others. The following provides pricing information on the different types of obsidian:

  • Gold sheen obsidian sells for $10 to $20
  • Black obsidian sells for $25 to $30 for pure black stone
  • Mahogany obsidian sells for $3 to $9
  • Snowflake obsidian sells for $8 to $25
  • Rainbow obsidian sells for $20 to $50, depending on the coloration and size

What is obsidian used for?

Obsidian has been widely used throughout history in different ways. That igneous rock is rich in silica, at least 65% to 80%. The chemical composition is the same as Rhyolite.

Rhyolite has 10% water by weight, but obsidian only has 1% water.

Ancient Greek, Aztecs, and Native American civilizations utilized obsidian for ornaments, tools, and weapons. Some of the sharpest artifacts seen from the past have been created out of the gemstone.

Thanks to its hardness, this rock keeps its sharp edge.

Also, the earliest obsidian artifacts were found in the Paleolithic site in Melka Kunture in Ethiopia. Furthermore, the Balchik Volcano has located only seven kilometers away from that area.

What is the most expensive and rarest type of obsidian?

You will find different types of obsidian in the market today. However, some are more valuables than others are. For example, one is in a league of its own in both expense and in appearance.

The most valuable and rarest obsidian type is referred to as fire obsidian. That rare form of gemstone shows rainbow colors when it is displayed at the right angle. Such colors are often intense and bold, but the obsidian keeps a black appearance from many angles.

Recently, superior quality rainbow sheen obsidian was the most expensive of the varieties available. However, even the best did not demand near the price of fire obsidian. That optical phenomenon is comparable to labradorite but with many intense colors in most cases.

In the base of cases, they could compete with high-end stones and precious opal.

That material is extremely rare, coming mainly from one place in Oregon, and is hard to cut. Indeed, the roughness of this beautiful obsidian is sometimes impossible to find at any price.

Finished stones could be discovered, and cabochons and occasional specimens with a polished face to show the optimal phenomenon.

What are the different types of obsidian? 

The value for different obsidian is more likely to have massive price differences. These types are available in the market, but the cut’s quality and polishing process can cause the value to increase substantially.

Snowflake obsidian 

This type of obsidian gets its name from the white substances that are suspended within the obsidian crystals. Those are made of white mineral cristobalite, embedded in the obsidian throughout its formation.

Snowflake obsidian 
Raw Snowflake Obsidian 

Snowflake obsidian can be seen in deposits around Italy, Scotland, and United States. However, it’s more likely to have unique metaphysical properties, which makes it highly popular.

Many practitioners think it helps them find their nature’s dark and uncomfortable side. It helps them realize what to work on so they can accomplish wholeness.

The patterns seen on the rock are also considered to help people identify patterns in their thoughts and behaviors.

This type of obsidian ranges from $8 to $25 when already polished and cut.

Rainbow obsidian 

Rainbow obsidian  Image

This type of obsidian is a deep black or brown obsidian that shows iridescent bands of red, gold, violet, green, or blue when polished and exposed to light.

Such colors are created by the minuscule bubbles of magnetite floating in the obsidian. The rainbow obsidian is also worn as a piece of jewelry as it’s considered to help align and cleanse all chakras.

This gemstone is also used as a meditation tool as it helps align memories and focus. It is also considered to bring energy, hope, and illumination to unblock the stagnant aspects of the emotional body.

The price for this obsidian ranges from $20 to $50 for a cut and polished stone. The stone is also somewhat expensive, as its colors enable it to be shaped into various ornaments.

Fire obsidian 

The fire obsidian gets its name from the thin layers of micro-crystals of magnetite that happen within the rock. The rock is often cut and polished into unique shapes, and utilized as decorations or jewelry in the house.

A beautiful pieces of fire obsidian 

The rock in the US is mainly obtained from Oregon, where it is abundant in some areas. However, the stone is also utilized by many crystal practitioners for an array of uses.

The stone is considered to provide strength to uncover untapped capabilities. It is also believed to bring light, love, and joy.

The price for a polished and shaped ready-to-wear fire obsidian is between $30 to $70, depending on the work and size done on the stone.

Golden sheen obsidian 

Golden sheen is created when the air bubbles are aligned with the layers made by flowing lava before it hardens. It can be sourced from areas with the most volcanic activities like Mexico, Japan, and the United States.

Golden sheen obsidian 

This stone is simple to keep, as it only needs warm soapy water to clean. Ensure you prevent cleaning it with any steam cleaners or wiping them on hard material, as it can be easily scratched.

Crystal practitioners think that the golden sheen obsidian is ideal for scrying. In addition, the reflective nature of this obsidian has been used in thoughtful meditation.

The price for a golden sheen obsidian ranges from $10 to $20 for a shaped and polished stone.

Mahogany obsidian 

This type of obsidian has rich amounts of hematite and magnetite that offer it its brownish, red color. It is often found in the United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Japan, where volcanic activity occurs.

Mahogany obsidian necklace

Remember that this gemstone is used in metaphysics for its activation of the chakras (lower three). It’s also thought to stimulate growth, creativity, passion, sexuality, and strength.

Mahogany obsidian is also considered to work to release a person from their inner limitations, which are limiting their development in life. So all those qualities make it a great meditation stone.

The impurities giving this stone color make it one of the cheapest obsidian stones available. Their price ranges from $3 to $9.

Apache tears obsidian

This is a black obsidian type. It gets its name from the legend of the Apache tribe and its form that looks like a tear.

The Apache tear is often found in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. It’s also considered a gentler type of pure black obsidian.

Apache tears obsidian

For that reason, it’s known to help safeguard kids from negative energy. It’s also used to connect with root chakras and offer stable grounding and energy.

The legend of the Apache tears has led it to be utilized to support bravery and taking a warrior’s stance in challenging scenarios.

This obsidian stone is valued at between $20 and $35 for pure stone.


As you can see, numerous synthetic and imitation types of obsidian stone resemble the obsidian types mentioned above. Therefore, you must do your research and find a real one.

We hope you find this guide on how much obsidian is worth informative and helpful at the same time. Have you bought obsidian before? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.

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