How to clean hematite the right way?

Like most people, you probably do not know much about hematite other than it being a pretty rock used to make jewelry. One of the minerals that is most prevalent on the surface of the earth is hematite. It is primary iron ore, and you can use it to make jewelry. 

It would be best if you cleaned hematite for it to appear as attractive as it is when you use it to make jewelry. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about “How to clean Hematite” so you can have your very own piece of sparkling bling.

Why you need to clean hematite?

Some people collect small bits of hematite from different parts of the world. They store them for years without realizing the need to have them cleaned and treated before they can be stored or used.

You will know that hematite, a mineral containing small amounts of iron from the earth, can be a very dusty and dirty mineral. Because hematite contains iron, it has similar properties to iron. It possesses the ability to rust when exposed to moist environments.

The surface of hematite found under the earth can develop a stain that looks like rust. You clean hematite to prevent this stain or scratch from appearing on its surface. It is also a relatively soft mineral whose surface is easy to scratch.

How to clean hematite?

how to clean hematite jewelry

When starting to look into how to clean hematite, it is essential to remember that it is a soft mineral whose surface can easily show rust stains or be scratched. Cleansing it is not as difficult as one might think, but some basic steps are necessary to handle it with care and get the best result possible. All crystals shall be looked after with care, including malachite.

You can clean hematite either physically or spiritually. We have provided a detailed guide on cleaning hematite for storage or use, depending on which method you want to use.

Physical cleansing

How to clean hematite physically is easy with basic supplies and a little know-how. Like other gemstones, you must be very careful when cleaning hematite. To physically cleanse hematite, you must follow the guidelines below;

  • First, you will need to gather the supplies needed to clean the hematite. It includes; warm water, a mild soap, a soft cloth, and an old toothbrush. Ensure not to use harsh chemicals in cleaning, especially acid and bleach. Once you have the supplies you need, you can begin the process.
  • Proceed to mix a teaspoon of dish soap with warm water in a bowl and wet a clean cloth in the soap solution you mixed.
  • Squeeze the excess water out of the cloth. Wipe the hematite gently using the damp cloth, which was wet in the soap solution.
  • Put another soft cloth in plain water and proceed to wash the soap off the jewelry piece.
  • You can then dry the hematite jewelry with a soft cloth and wait for the gemstone to air dry.

When you are required to scrub or wipe the surface of the hematite, you can decide to use an old toothbrush in place of a wet, damp cloth. Using the toothbrush might damage the smooth surface of your piece, which will show up very clearly. It is, however, best to advise you to stick to the soft cloth or even a jeweler polishing cloth.

Spiritual cleansing

We’ve been also asked many times how to clean hematite spiritually. If you want to cleanse your aura and spiritual energy field of harmful energies, then hematite is a perfect gemstone. Hematite is said to help clear away negative energy and promote spiritual growth. Below are some tips on how you can cleanse hematite and protect your spiritual energy field;

  • You can spiritually cleanse your hematite by laying it on a spot where it can receive a lot of moonlight and absorb the rays at night. Moonlight is said to possess pure energy, which cleanses and charges crystals. By morning, the hematite is refreshed and energized. The hematite is said to remain clean for a very long time.
  • Hematite is an opaque substance and is less sensitive to direct sunlight. Like moonlight, light from the sun is also a powerful way to cleanse gems. Do this by laying your crystal on a windowsill while the sun is out, and your hematite will be clean after thirty minutes.
  • You can also clean hematite with your breath. It is a personal way to carry all the bad energy absorbed by the stone away into the air. Holding the hematite in your hand, take a deep breath and exhale on the stone. As you breathe on the stone, visualize the impurities drifting away as you ask the Universe to get rid of the bad energy. Do this until you feel the hematite is fresh again.

You can also cleanse your hematite using incense smoke to reduce negative energy. You can also bury it in the earth, put it in sea salt, and use uncooked brown rice to cover it.

Cleaning routine

You can cleanse your hematite however you like. Generally, you can do it once a month. However, cleansing your hematite should be normal if you feel it absorbs more negative energy than it can contain. You should cleanse it before and after each healing session if you use it for healing.

steps to follow to preserve your hematite ring

  • Wash the ring with mild soap to prolong the stone’s life.
  • Avoid extended contact with water, which can cause discoloration when it interacts with your stone’s iron. Water should be warm.
  • Be sure to dry your ring after water exposure. Only use soft cloths. Abrasive brushes will scratch the ring.
  • Because of hematite’s sensitivity to open air, you’ll want to store it in a sealed box or pouch when it’s not worn.
  • Remove the ring when cooking, cleaning, exercising, or during any other activity where heat and moisture are brought to bear.

Frequently asked questions


Yes, it would help if you cleansed hematite for it to retain its smooth and beautiful surface. It is especially important in making jewelry. From the spiritual point of view, it is important to cleanse the hematite often to prevent it from stopping its work for you. It is because it is believed to fill up with negative energy and will get to a point where it can no longer absorb any more negative energy.


It is not advisable to wear hematite in the shower. The hematite should be removed and kept aside before you shower. It would help if you kept the hematite aside because the water you use to shower may contain chlorine or salt water, damaging the hematite.

does real hematite break easily?

Hematite can crack and shatter if dropped, and can scratch somewhat readily.


Now we’ve got you covered how to clean hematite. You most likely possess hematite to help absorb the negative energy from your life. It is important to have extensive knowledge of your hematite, its various features, and ways to cleanse it. 

Cleansing the hematite yourself is a simple task and helps save money in the long run. You must pay for the cleansing process when you carry your gemstone to a gem store. 

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