How to clean malachite?

Malachite is a lovely gemstone that forms above copper deposits within the earth. It is well-known for its bright green color. To maintain it’s shinny beauty, you need to clean it regular basis. If you have malachite in your home, you might be thinking of how to clean malachite?

You can clean a malachite stone by submerging it in warm, soapy water. Then remove the stone from the water and brush gently with a dry brush to see what comes off the stone.

You should not keep the malachite stone in water for too long. This is because of the chemical properties of copper contained in the stone. Copper is a soft mineral, and if left in water for too long, it can be toxic to humans. 

Keep reading to learn more about cleaning a malachite stone.

Why you need to clean malachite?

Most people who wear malachite stones keep them clean because they believe in their mystical capabilities. 

Healers believe the malachite stone to have natural healing powers. They also believe it absorbs negative energy from within and cleanses their environment.

Miners also wear the malachite stone as a protection stone. They believe that since it comes from the ground, it should be able to protect them while working.

People clean it because of its perceived power over the heart. They believe cleaning makes them ready for love and romance.

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How to clean malachite?

Malachite is very famous due to its metaphysical powers. Metaphysical healers believe it has the power to relieve arthritis. They also believe it can absorb negative energy. 

Malachite stones are beautiful but can be poisonous to humans if not taken care of it. They have chemical compounds which, if mixed with water, cause harmful fumes.

It must be cleansed often to remove the negative energy that the malachite gemstone has absorbed. 

Following the steps below will help you clean your malachite stone better. There are four methods of cleaning a malachite stone, and they are:

1. Using Sea Salt

You will need materials for using sea salt to clean malachite salt: non-iodized salt, a ceramic dish, and a shovel. 

  • The first step is to pour a layer of sea salt into the ceramic bowl. You can then lay the stone on top of it and place it in the moonlight overnight. It is optional to place the stone under the moonlight. But moonlight is a natural element that will aid in the cleansing process.
  • The next day, remove the salt from the dish and place the stone back in it. Add a few dried herbs and leave it overnight in the moonlight again.
  • After this, dig up a hole in your garden and place the malachite stone. The ground’s minerals and nutrients will help cleanse the malachite stone. You can leave it in the ground for several days.
  • After this, place the malachite on quartz. Quartz is a neutral stone that helps to absorb natural energy from the other stones. Leave it there overnight.

After following all these steps, your malachite stone is clean and ready for use.

2. Using Sage

You can use sage to clean malachite stones. 

Sage is often used to cleanse energies in the house. It has been associated with positive energies, wisdom, healing, and protection. 

The steps to follow if you want to use sage to clean malachite stone are as follows.

  • Light a white candle and hold your malachite stone over it to absorb the candle’s energy.
  • Put the white candle and the malachite stone in a bowl filled with sea salt. 
  • Ensure you do not touch the malachite stone until the salt has absorbed all the negative energy.
  • When all the negative energy has been absorbed, you can add fresh water to the bowl to wash them together. 
  • Rinse the malachite stone under running tap water. Make sure you dry it completely afterward. 

3. Using water

Using water is another effective way of cleansing your malachite stone. The steps to take if you want to use water to clean your malachite stone are

  • Get a bowl of spring or distilled water. They are the cleanest water you can use to clean your malachite stone.
  • Submerge the stone in the water overnight.
  • Rinse the residue off the stone in the morning.
  • Make sure you dry it with a clean cloth.

4. Using Sun

Malachite does not fade or lose color when exposed to sunlight. It is its constant exposure to sunlight that makes it fade. If you have to cleanse a malachite stone with sunlight, then you should remove it from direct sunlight after a few hours. 

If your malachite stone has some traces of losing its color, then you should not use the Sun as a cleansing method. Instead, you can use other subtle cleansing methods to avoid damaging the stone. 

If you are cleaning your malachite stone using water, you should make sure you wear gloves. The gloves protect your fingers from damage by the chemical compound in the gemstone.

You should also wear masks to protect your face if your cleansing method involves dust. 

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Can malachite be rinsed with water?

The malachite stone can be rinsed with water. However, it should not be in the water for long. This is because the copper compound in the stone causes toxic fumes when malachite stone stays too long in the water.

You should also remove the malachite stone when you want to take a shower. The stone mixed with water and shower gels will cause harmful fumes, which can damage the body.

What is the value of malachite stone?

The price of a natural malachite slice in auctions can be up to $1000. But the price of common malachite minerals is around $50.

The value of malachite stone depends on what the stone is used for. For example, some malachite stones are used to make cravings. The values of these cravings are based on the size and artistry of the work.

The malachite stone is also used to make jewelry ornaments. The prices depend on the quantity and design of the jewelry. Make sure to review the top tips how to identify fake malachite.

frequently asked questions


If the malachite stone’s shine becomes dull, you can use a soft polishing cloth to gently buff the stone back to its shiny self. If the stone does not regain its shine, you can take it to a jeweler to have it re-polished.


The malachite stone can be cleansed in the sun. However, it is advised to shield it from the sun to prevent it from fading. If your malachite is already faded, do not use sunlight as a cleansing method. Instead, you can use a gentler cleaning technique.


Polished malachite is the refined form of malachite. So, it can be washed. It does not need to be immersed in water for a long time. Instead, it can be washed and dusted with a light brush to remove the dirt. The raw malachite is polished so that it can be worn as a bracelet, earring, or necklace. 


Now we’ve got you covered how to clean malachite. Malachite stones are beautiful gemstones, and they are found on copper deep within the earth. They are made into pieces of jewelry and cravings. They can also be used for metaphysical healing. 

The malachite stone should be cleaned regularly. This will help you cleanse your house of negative energies. You can clean malachite jewelry using cotton wool dipped in seawater salt. 

Drying your malachite stone well after washing is very important to prevent mold. Molds damage the malachite stones. 

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