What Month is Citrine Birthstone? Ultimate Guide

When we discuss citrine, a common question arises, “What month is Citrine birthstone?” Citrine is a birthstone for people born in November and works as their booster for both their spiritual and materialistic worlds.
The usage of this November birthstone has been going on since ancient Greece. This yellow or brownish-orange stone made from quartz has been famous since then, and many people still wear it as they believe it is their success stone.

The people from ancient Greece used Citrine as an accessory to decorate their homes but since Roman times, people have used it as a successful stone.
This stone is now called “The Merchant’s Stone” or “ The Success Stone”. It works best on people born in November because their chakras are in the best line when they use this gemstone.

What Month is Citrine BirthStone?

Citrine is a gemstone for people born in November; it works as their lucky charm.

If you were born in November and suffer from struggles, you should try using this stone.

This gemstone is commonly known as healing quartz because of its healing ability. It heals wounded souls and helps reach the goal of one’s life.

Citrine crystal brings light to one’s dark life, which means if your life is undergoing a bad phase, it will remove the negativity and take you on the right path.

It works as a healer of wounded souls and promotes optimism by absorbing all pessimistic energy from the environment. It soothes the mind from chaos.

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Where is Citrine Found?

Citrine is a yellow or brownish-orange gemstone found in the abundant mineral of the earth. It is mainly a member of the quartz family. Citrine’s central mineralogy consists of the silica mineral and quartz. The chemical formula of citrine is SiO2, and its density must be 2.60 to 2.70. Also, the crystal structure of citrine is a Hexagonal crystal system.

But nowadays, most citrines are heat-treated amethyst instead of natural quartz-made citrines. According to the Mohs scale, Citrine scored 7, which means it has a satisfactory toughness.

 Mineralogy of Citrine

Crystal System: Hexatrigonal

Formula: SiO2

Color: Yellow-orange

Lustre: Vitreous

Hardness: 7

Zodiac Signs Suitable for Citrine

Leo, Aries and Cancer fetch most of the benefits from Citrine gemstones because they are dire signs and the chakras of fire signs are on their best outline when the people of these signs have citrine gemstones.

Other zodiac signs like Tauras, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will not get the best benefits from this gemstone. Still, they can wear it as it is harmless for them.

History of Citrine

Citrine has a long ancient story and has been used by humans for thousands of years. In the year between 300 B.C to 150 B.C, the people of ancient Greece used this stone as an element of decorating.

This crystal stone was also used to make swords in the 16th to 17th centuries. And in the 19th century, it turned into fashion when movie stars started wearing it as defined jewellery. It was especially popular amongst movie stars in the time period between World War I and II.

Ways to Charge Your Citrine

You can recharge your citrine stone by following any of the five ways-

  • Charge it by placing it on a selenite charging plate
  • Charge it by leaving it in the moonlight for several hours
  • Charge it by burying it under soil for 24 hours
  • Charge it by resting it on a Himalayan stone for 24 hours
  • Charge it by nestling the stone under snow for 24 hours

Ways to Maintain and Clean your Citrine

Let the water flow over it for 2 minutes.

You can wash it with tape water, but it’s best to clean it with river or creek water. After washing the stone, dry it under the stone.

Use Soap and Water

Use a soft brush to put water and mild soap on the stone’s surface. After putting on the soap, clean it with water to clean the stone physically.

Use Sage Smoke

Light the sage stick in a heat-resistant bowl and clean the stone with the smoke above the bowl.

Put it Under the Moonlight

Moonlight is a pure cleanser of mother nature herself. To clean the stone with moonlight, keep it under the moonlight for several hours.

Clean it with Brown rice

Bury the crystal stone in brown rice for 24 hours because brown rice can absorb all the negative energies easily.

Soak the Stone with Moonlight Water

Take a bowl of water and put it under the moonlight. Then, clean the gemstone with a dry cloth and soak it in the water overnight.


What does a citrine birthstone symbolize?

Citrine crystal symbolizes joy, prosperity and energy of life. Citrine is a valuable crystal from both spiritual and worldly points of view, as it helps to achieve success and prosperity of both soul and world life. It helps in boosting confidence and in attracting wealth and success.

What happens when you wear citrine?

Citrine is a good option for healing depression, anxiety and negativity. It clears the dark soul of a human and purifies it with happiness, success and prosperity. It calms the soul by enhancing psychic growth. It charges the body, helps it to work with double energy, and degrades your body’s diseases. 

Who should wear Citrine gemstone?

Citrine crystal is a very handy gemstone to overcome phobias and depression; this stone overcomes these negative things by bringing positive things like self-confidence, abundance etc.
Those suffering from low self-esteem or going through a low period of life because of past traumas should try this gemstone and see its result.

Why did November’s birthstone change from topaz to citrine?

From ancient times, November-born people have been using Topaz as their birthstone, but the yellow topaz has become extremely rare after a few decades. That’s why people use Citrine as their birthstone instead of yellow topaz because they both give positive energy and work as a great way to attract success.

What zodiac can wear citrine?

The best beneficiary zodiac sign of the citrine stone is Leo, it affects this zodiac sign as a magical stone. Since Leo is a fire sign, this stone helps to radiate the warmness and positive energy from the sun to this zodiac sign. It makes the fire zodiac act vulnerable when expressing their emotion.

What energy does citrine give?

Citrine is pleasant because it helps to direct energy to the body by soothing and healing it. It also helps to boost self-confidence and brings positive energy to every aspect of life. It symbolizes joy, prosperity and energy of life, and it helps to achieve success and prosperity of both soul and world life by bringing positive energy.

Final Words

I hope that now you have a clear understanding of what month is citrine birthstone.     Citrine helps those with Jupiter in a promising position in their horoscope. So, people born in November benefit most from this gemstone. But, people with other birth months can also wear it but they won’t get the highest benefits from it.

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