Blue Nile’s Return Policy and Warranty (2024 Update)

Returning your Blue Nile jewelry is free of charge for items covered by Blue Nile’s limited 30-day return policy. The store also guarantees the quality of its jewelry products so that you can enjoy its lifetime product warranty. That includes a selection of free services to keep your jewelry in top shape for life. 

If you want to get a detailed look at Blue Nile’s return policy and warranty, you’ve come to the right place. First, check out how the store’s item return qualifications, conditions, and exclusions and how its warranty works.

What Is Blue Nile’s Return Policy?

Blue Nile's Return Policy

If you’re wondering if Blue Nile’s return policy is any good, you’ll be lucky to know that you can return an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other Blue Nile jewelry 30 days after your purchase. The 30-day money-back guarantee is part of the store’s commitment to giving you the jewelry of your dreams. 

Blue Nile will accept jewelry returns within 30 days after the item’s shipment from their facility. But if you are from China, the 30-day policy starts from the date you received your order. Free returns for your Blue Nile jewelry include free shipping using the free shipping label sent by the store to your email. The free shipping label also covers insurance for your returned item to keep your jewelry secure at all times. 

But note that Blue Nile’s return policy is only applicable for two complimentary returns per year, per customer. You will also need to request a Return Merchandise Authorization from Blue Nile to initiate a return process. 

How Much Will It Cost to Return Items at Blue Nile?

Based on Blue Nile’s return policy, sending back your jewelry is free within the first 30 days of shipment from the store’s facility. 

But the free 30-day returns come with restrictions. For example, it doesn’t apply to the following Blue Nile jewelry:

  • Items returned beyond 30 days.
  • International returns
  • Items paid using non-USD currencies.
  • Individual jewelry purchases over $2,000.
  • Defective or damaged items after delivery.
  • Returned items for repairs, exchanges, or resizing. 

International orders returned to Blue Nile through alternate carriers are subject to extra shipping charges. Meanwhile, if you are returning single purchases worth over $2,000, you can get in contact with Blue Nile’s diamond and jewelry consultant to initiate the return process.

Can You Ask for a Refund for Returned Items?

Blue Nile’s return policy allows you to return most items for free within the first 30 days of shipment and get a refund for it. The amount will get credited back to the original payment you used to purchase once the return process goes through.

Meanwhile, if you are returning a gift from Blue Nile, you can still ask for a refund, but it will be through a gift certificate sent to your email address. But not all Blue Nile jewelry is eligible for a refund. Non-refundable items include:

  • Engraved jewelry items, rings excluded. Engraved engagement and wedding rings are eligible for a credit when returned, but engraving fees are non-refundable. 
  • Diamonds you bought through Blue Nile’s upgrade program. You can exchange these items within 30 days, but you can’t return them for credit.
  • Returns of items with missing paperwork or product and without Blue Nile’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
  • Special orders
  • Shipping fees

But note that if you return an item for a refund, Blue Nile’s return policy requires you to send back the diamond grading reports or appraisals along with your jewelry. In addition, blue Nile will charge you with extra $150 for the replacement cost in case of a lost diamond report. 

What Is Blue Nile’s Diamond Buyback Option

Blue Nile’s Diamond Buyback Option

Included in Blue Nile’s return policy is a generous diamond buyback program. You can sell a piece of diamond jewelry or a loose diamond purchased from Blue Nile for cash based on current market value. But your loose diamond or at least one diamond stone in your piece of jewelry should be at least 0.30 carat to be eligible for a buyback. However, the program doesn’t apply to simulants or lab-grown diamonds. 

Blue Nile works with CIRCA for the diamond buyback program, and CIRCA will give you a free insured shipping label to get your diamond piece to them. You can also schedule an in-person private consultation at any CIRCA location for a jewelry inspection and receive a written offer on the spot.

If you decide to accept the buyback offer, you can get an immediate cash payment based on market value. You can also opt for a Blue Nile gift card as payment for your jewelry and get 110% of the offer value. 

What Is Blue Nile’s Warranty?

Blue Nile’s Warranty

Blue Nile ensures the lifetime quality of its jewelry items through its manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers your jewelry purchases from the diamond retailer against manufacturing defects. 

Although the warranty extends throughout the life of your jewelry, it doesn’t cover the item’s normal wear and tears or any other damage due to trauma, theft, or loss. 

Does Blue Nile Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. Blue Nile’s Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty guarantees that your jewelry purchases from the store are free of any manufacturing defect. For instance, if you return your item for inspection and Blue Nile discovered damaged merchandise related to manufacturing, they will replace your jewelry. 

Suppose your purchased jewelry is no longer available from its collection. In that case, Blue Nile may allow a refund equal to the original purchase price or replace it with a similar-kind item if you agree. 

Meanwhile, if the damage to your jewelry is not a manufacturing defect, Blue Nile will contact you of possible repair services and their cost. Some instances where a warranty does not apply to your item include:

  • Discoloration because of chemical exposure from bathing, swimming pools, hot tub, or makeup.
  • Lost diamond or fallen stones due to breaking or chipping due to normal wear. 
  • Worn out, broken, or bent prongs allowing the diamond to fall off or get lost caused by normal wear.

Does the Warranty Cover Cleaning?

Diamond rings from Blue Nile come with complimentary cleaning and inspection services. It’s available for all their products and not necessarily part of the warranty. 

Even fine diamond rings are not impervious to damages and trauma due to normal wear. So, the store recommends sending your diamond ring back to them for inspection every six months to correct any potential trauma due to normal wear. Inspection and cleaning services are free and does a long way to prevent fallen out or lost diamonds. 

Taking advantage of this complimentary service is wise to extend the quality and life of your precious jewelry. The only expense you have is for shipping your jewelry to Blue Nile. The diamond retailer will shoulder the cost of return shipping your diamond ring. 

What Other Services Are Covered Under Warranty?

Blue Nile’s lifetime warranty covers repairs and replacing damaged items due to a manufacturing defect and nothing else.

The warranty doesn’t cover resizing or re-dipping of your Blue Nile diamond ring. But Blue Nile offers free ring sizing for eligible rings within the first year of your purchase. However, not all items are resizable. For example, rings with eternity bands, ornate bands, and milgrain bands or rings made of tungsten are not eligible for a resize. 

Moreover, if you had your jewelry repaired, resized, or maintained by other jewelers other than Blue Nile, you void your item’s manufacturer warranty. 

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