Can sterling silver be resized? Ultimate Guide 

If you have a sterling and it’s not the right fit for you, you might think of, Can sterling silver be resized? Yes, sterling silver can be resized. But they can only be resized once. Also, because sterling silver is a soft metal, resizing it might be a bit problematic.

If you want to resize your sterling ring, you should make sure you give it to an experienced jeweler. This way, the gemstones and other jewels on the ring will be safe. 

If you inherited an antique sterling silver ring that has previously been resized, it is unlikely that another jeweler will resize it. This is to preserve the structural integrity of the ring.

Can sterling silver be resized? 

Sterling silver can be resized, but it is not very easy. First, you need to get a jeweler that is good at their job. Sterling silver is delicate and can be spoiled if it is not properly handled. 

Sterling silver is a soft metal that can lose its shape and strength if a qualified jeweler does not handle it. It is best to resize by a size or two to maintain its structure and quality.

The arrangement of gemstones on the sterling silver will also determine if it can be resized. If the gemstones are well-arranged, the jeweler must remove them before resizing the ring.

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Who needs to resize a sterling silver? 

Several people need to resize a sterling silver ring. First in this category is a bride. A bride might need to resize her sterling silver engagement ring if it is too loose or tight.

A person who inherits a sterling silver ring might need to resize it if it’s too small or too big. The ring is useless if it is always at the bottom of a jewelry box. 

A person with love for jewelry might also need to resize a sterling silver. If they find a piece they like, they can resize it if it’s too big or small for them.

How to resize a sterling silver?

Sterling silver rings have been resized over time. This is because many people need resizing for one reason or the other. 

Sterling silver resizing should be done by an experienced jeweler. However, if you feel you can do it yourself, here are a few steps to follow.

1. Determine your ring size

ring size chart
Ring Size Conversions Table

Before resizing a sterling silver ring, measure the size of your ring finger or any other finger you intend to wear the ring on. 

After that, you should also measure the ring size so you can determine how many sizes you want to cut down or add to it. 

2. Remove the gemstones

The gemstones on the sterling silver rings need to be removed before they are resized. If it is a single stone at the center of the ring, it poses no problem as the ring will be opened on the other side to be resized.

If the ring is full of small gemstones, it may be difficult to resize, raising the cost. 

Before the ring can be resized, the jeweler must carefully remove the small stones. Once the ring has been resized, the jeweler will undergo another laborious process to remount the gemstones. 

3. Immerse in water

If your ring only has one gemstone and a thin band, you can submerge it in water. Water is an excellent heat sink because it can absorb heat before it gets to the gemstone, thereby shielding it.

This is only possible with sterling silver rings with thin bands. It will not work with rings with thick bands.

4. Using a laser machine

A laser machine is a more effective tool for resizing sterling silver rings. However, the machine is not common among jewelers as it is expensive.

Jewelers who do have it charge a bit more than the normal price for resizing. If you want your sterling silver ring resized properly, look for jewelers with a laser machine.

5. Adding the same metal

It is recommended to use the same metal to add a few inches to a sterling silver ring if it is to be increased in size by one or two inches.

This ensures that the sterling silver ring has the same type of material. Once this gets done, your ring is ready. 

5 Things to consider before resizing a sterling silver

There are a lot of things to consider before resizing a sterling silver ring, and they are:

1. Getting a qualified and experienced jeweler. It is always best to use the jeweler in the jewelry shop that purchased sterling silver. This will reduce your stress of looking for a qualified jeweler. 

2. The cost of resizing. Resizing price varies on how experienced the jeweler is and the equipment used. If you are willing to pay more, you can employ a jeweler with a laser machine to resize your sterling silver.

3. The size of your finger. Your finger size can shrink or swell based on different biological factors. These biological factors include weight gain or weight loss. If this happens, you will need to resize your sterling silver.

4. Consider how you want the gemstone to be arranged on the sterling silver before resizing it. Some gemstones cannot be removed, and resizing will be made complex.

5. Longevity of the sterling silver. If you have worn the sterling silver for a while, you can decide to resize it if your finger shrinks or gets bigger. 

Pros and Cons of resizing a sterling silver 

The advantages and disadvantages of resizing a sterling silver ring are as follows: 

  • Resizing a sterling silver ring is good because of the comfort a well-fitted ring provides. You will not need to keep fiddling with the ring so it will not fall off.
  • The cost of resizing sterling silver is cheaper compared to the cost of replacing it if lost.
  • Sterling silver can get stretched into a bigger size if needed. 
  • On the recommendation of the jewelry store where you purchased it, you can have a qualified jeweler resize your sterling silver.

The cons of resizing sterling silver are

  • Resizing can make sterling silver lose its shape and strength. 
  • It can also change the pattern and form in which the gemstones on the sterling silver are arranged. 
  • Sterling silver can only get resized once. Resizing it more than one time will damage it.
  • Resizing a sterling silver ring can be difficult if you do not give it to an experienced jeweler.
  • Because jewelry resizing tools are expensive, finding a jeweler with the tools to resize sterling silver may take some time.


Can sterling silver be stretched?

Sterling silver rings can get stretched. Stretching means making the sterling silver rings thinner so they can better fit you. Make sure you do not overstretch, so it doesn’t get too weak, then break.
What to consider when you want to stretch a ring are the gemstone and patterns on the ring.

How much does it cost to resize sterling silver?

Resizing sterling silver can cost about $20 to $100, depending on the type of metal and the thickness of the ring. The ring thickness is also a factor that determines resizing cost.
It can take two hours or more to resize jewelry with less pattern and gemstones. But, if the sterling silver has an intricate gemstone setting and design, it may take up to a month to resize it. You should also note that resizing the sterling silver to be higher costs more.

Is sterling silver cheaper than silver?

Sterling silver is less expensive compared to ordinary silver. However, sterling silver looks as good as fine silver, and you can buy it at a much lesser price. 

How long does sterling silver last?

Sterling silver rings can last a lifetime if worn occasionally and stored correctly. They can be passed down to your kids and grandkids. 
They can last up to 20 to 30 years if worn daily.

Can I shower with sterling silver?

You can shower with sterling silver as water will not tarnish the metal. However, taking frequent showers with sterling silver will cause the metal to tarnish. Some water may contain chlorine, salt, and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals may damage the sterling silver if you shower with it. In addition, bathing soaps and shower gels may contain chemicals that are too harsh for your sterling silver.
The risk of the jewelry falling into the shower is also why most people don’t shower with the jewelry. It is tiny and may wash down the drain.


A Sterling silver ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that many women wear. Unfortunately, the sizes of women’s fingers differ, which is why most of these rings need resizing.

Most sterling silver rings come in a custom size of 7 for women and 10 for men. It is therefore advised to buy sterling silver rings in big sizes to reduce the cost of resizing.

You must properly take care of sterling silver to enjoy your money’s worth. 

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