Chinese Bracelet Beads Meaning And Its Origin

Love, luck, and health are three elements of life that give up hope to live. Who doesn’t like to get showered in love and live a healthy life with good luck? No one, right? That is what the Chinese bracelet beads bring to your life. 

Are you still in confusion? If so, then do not worry at all. Instead, keep your eye on this article and learn about the Chinese bracelet beads meaning. 

Simply answered, the Chinese bracelet beads meaning is nothing but symbolize love, luck, and health. This bracelet is well-known among people who believe in spirituality. From attracting a soul mate to bringing wealth, the Chinese bracelet beads are believed to serve these purposes. 

The Chinese Bracelet Beads Meaning And Its Origin

Another name for Chinese bracelet beads is the good luck bracelet. It is widely believed among the Chinese and Buddhist communities that this bracelet will attract good luck. This bracelet is only meant to bring positive vibes to your life. 

Now, from where did all these beliefs start? Well, the origin of the Chinese bracelet beads is mainly from ancient Chinese philosophy known as “Feng Shui.” This philosophy is about balancing the five basic elements- earth, water, fire, metal, and wood to bring peace and balance to life. 

Moreover, the Chinese bracelet beads also have their origin in ancient Egypt. Many believe ancient Egyptians used these bracelets to protect themselves from evil spirits. 

Besides getting protection from the curse of evil spirits, people also used them to protect and improve their love, wealth, and health. 

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How Do Chinese Bracelet Beads Attract Good Luck?

You already know that the Chinese bracelet beads lead us to the way to good luck, health and wealth. But how do they bring luck? They attract good luck by bringing harmony to your life. 

It is a Chinese belief that the proper alignment of the earth’s energy brings harmony to people’s life. So, these bracelets are made sensibly to catch good fortune by aligning the world’s power or energy. 

Moreover, the Chinese beads mainly work well when you wear the bracelet regularly because it will let the beads cleanse your negative aura by linking to your body’s magnetic field.

The Name Of Some Chinese Beads Bracelet And Their Meaning

Are you thinking of buying a Chinese beads bracelet but are confused about which one to buy? Well, this part of the article will surely help you choose a bracelet per your need. 

There are different kinds of Chinese beads bracelets, each with a different meaning. So, before you buy a Chinese bracelet, you must know which type of bracelet symbolizes what features. 

Here is a list of the name of some Chinese bracelet beads meaning –

1. Bracelets For Love 

The name of the beads that symbolize love and friendship is given below-

  • Pink Quartz: If you are looking for a Chinese bracelet to balance your love life, then Pink Quartz is the one for you. This beaded bracelet works on your emotion and helps to attract your soul mate. It is also believed that this bead can revive your lost love. 

    Moreover, the color of this bracelet is specifically chosen by astrologers to symbolize love. The beads of this Pink Quartz bracelet also drive away regrets, stress, anxiety, jealousy, fury, and guilt from your life. 
    In addition to that, it has the ability to calm your emotional feelings and encourage you to become open-minded. 
  • Metal Ox Beads: This Chinese bead bracelet symbolizes love and brings money, protection, and health. It gives ultimate protection from evil spirits and builds love. 

2. Bracelets For Health 

The below list of bracelets symbolizes health and brings energy to improve your health. 

  • Crystal Quartz: The crystal bead bracelets have the healing power that improves the immune system of your body. It is believed that this bracelet deals with the electromagnetic frequencies of your body to balance the immune system. 
  • Lapis Bracelet: This bracelet is made of lapis beads that drive away the evil spirit of illness. People believe lapis beads attract Medicine Buddha’s energy to help uplift the immune system. 
  • Karmalogy Bracelet: This beaded bracelet has immense power to bring positivity to your health. It brings energy and helps you become more lively and active. 

3. Bracelets For Wealth 

This list of bracelets is well-known for attracting wealth to one’s life. 

  • Mala Beads Bracelets: The Feng Shui bracelets made from mala beads represent the positive fortune of wealth. Moreover, the mala bead with a spherical shape on top of it is well known for improving health and wealth. 
    These mala beads are made from metal; as per Feng Shui philosophy, metal signifies wealth.  
  • Jade Beads Bracelets: This Chinese beads bracelet ensures abundant wealth and prosperity in life. It is believed that the jade beads bring wealth to the wearer by enhancing power from the jade mystic knot of infinity. 

How To Wear Chinese Beads Bracelet 

It is not enough to only know the meaning of Chinese beads bracelet. You must know the proper method to wear them because the Chinese beads bracelets will not be able to attract your desire unless you wear them correctly. 

Follow the below steps to make your Chinese beads bracelet work-

  1. Choose the proper bracelet: You must choose the bracelet that portrays your motive or intention. For example, choose a bracelet that symbolizes wealth if you intend to get wealth. 
  2. Regular cleansing: Chinese beads bracelets absorb negative energy from their wearers. So, you must clean the bracelet regularly to wash away all the negative energy. 
  3. Use your left wrist: The left wrist is the receiver of the energy you want. So, always wear the bracelet on the wrist of your left hand. 
  4. Have faith: Having a positive mindset about your belief is essential. You must wear them by believing that you deserve the best. 


What color beads are for protection?

For protection and strength, black gemstones are the perfect beads. The black gemstones provide strength to its wearer and protect them from the curses of evil spirits. 

Who should not wear feng shui bracelets? 

The experts recommend avoiding these bracelets who are under 16 or above 70 years of age. Besides them, pregnant women are also suggested not to wear these bracelets as their energy can be too strong to handle for them. 

Can you wear a Chinese beads bracelet during meditation?

Many people prefer to wear Chinese beads bracelets during meditation. It is believed that wearing these bracelets during meditation helps to create a connection between the spiritual world and the five basic elements. 

How do you wear a Chinese charm bracelet? 

As per the theory of Chinese local people, one should wear a Chinese beads bracelet on the left wrist. The logic behind this theory is that the energy will enter your body through the left hand, and the right hand is for the exit of energy.  

Final Words

Well, that is all about the Chinese bracelet beads meaning. Now that you have learned the meaning behind the beads of the Chinese bracelets, you can choose a suitable bracelet. 

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is love, wealth, or health, these bracelets will help you to achieve your desire. Have faith and wear your bracelet regularly to bring positivity to your life. 

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