How to Tell the Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

I remember looking at my cousin’s engagement ring in awe. I said to myself how lucky she was to have a diamond ring. So, I walked up to her soon-to-be husband and joked about the diamond ring. He quietly laughed and corrected me. Little did I know that it was a Swarovski crystal and not a diamond.

To help you not to commit the same mistake I made, here is an easy way to tell whether one is a crystal or a diamond.

How to Tell the Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

Factor 1: Check Out the Color

To an untrained eye, the color between a Swarovski crystal and a diamond is almost identical. However, their colors are less likely to be the same. Swarovski crystals have chemical coatings that determine their color. All in all, there are 85 colors for you to choose from. 

While for diamonds, they tend to be colorless and transparent. That’s why colored diamonds tend to be more expensive. Unlike Swarovski crystals, colored diamonds are not chemically enhanced. They have the tint ever since mined. Colored diamonds are the results of chemical impurities and structural defects. For example, a diamond is yellow as nitrogen is integrated into its carbon crystal structure. 

Factor 2: Observe The Sparkle

Diamond ring

If you think the gemstone is too sparkly, it might be a Swarovski crystal. When invented, Daniel Swarovski incorporated lead into the crystal. He also prepared a machine to precisely cut the crystal. The extra element and method made the crystal more sparkly than any other gemstone. 

People also love diamonds for their sparkles. However, not all diamonds are the same. Diamonds have different levels of clarity that affect their shine. A cloudy diamond does not shine as much as a regular one. Because of this, Swarovski crystal edges over diamonds as they have uniform clarity. All the crystals are sparkling clear, making them desirable. 

Factor 3: How About the Hardness

diamond ring

Diamonds are no question the hardest of the two. In Mohs Scale of Hardness, diamonds are a 10, and Swarovski crystals are 6-7. The ratings were based on how scratch-resistant the gemstones are. 

I suggest that you go for a diamond when you are looking for a quality investment. Swarovski crystals can withstand glass and metals. However, over time, the scratches on the crystal will accumulate. These scratches will then result in the cloudiness of the gemstone. Diamonds, on the other hand, will remain clear even with many scratches.

Is Diamond More Expensive Than Crystals?

Yes, diamonds are way more expensive than Swarovski crystals. On average, diamonds are ten times the worth of crystals. Swarovski crystal costs around $125, while diamonds are in the thousands. However, some Swarovski crystal rings can cost you $49! So, if you are looking for a good alternative for a diamond ring, then this is for you. 

But, as we mentioned, Swarovski crystal can deteriorate over time. So, when purchasing, make sure to be aware of the pros and cons of the gemstone. It is also the reason why some designers prefer using Swarovski crystals on clothes than on jewelry.

Author’s Note: Daniel Swarovski invented the crystals with the vision of making a “diamond for everyone.” He patented the process and proceeded to establish his crystal-cutting factory in Austria. 

Where to Buy Quality Diamonds And Crystals Near Me?

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You can buy diamonds and crystals in your local jewelry shop, consignment, or online. Recently, more and more jewelry shops have entered the online market. It makes a lot of our transactions easier without stepping outside our homes. But, be cautious when purchasing gemstones online. I recommend doing thorough research about the shop before purchasing. If the shop looks ‘too new,’ better skip it.

However, if you are like me and want to examine the stone personally, then ask around. You can search online for jewelry shops and consignments near you. Also, make sure to check out customer reviews. Try reaching out to friends and family for any recommendations they may have. Who knows, they may recommend someone who sells the gemstone of your dreams!

Author’s Note: As to the most expensive diamond sold, there is no precise answer out there. However, as to the rarest and most valued diamond color, it will be the red diamond. Interestingly enough, gemologists are yet to find out what causes the red color.

Similarities of Diamonds and Crystals

The most evident similarity between diamonds and crystals is their sparkle. Even though there are stark differences between the two, most people overlook them. Sometimes, people will only see the differences when they closely inspect the gemstones.

Another similarity is that diamonds and crystals are highly sought in the fashion industry. Diamonds adorn pieces of jewelry, while avant-garde designs use Swarovski crystals. Both provide the same effect of sparkle and brilliance people look for. 

Overall, Swarovski crystals are a great dupe for diamonds. I recommend these for people who are on a budget but still want the “diamond effect.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell the Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

Is there a difference if I use a Swarovski crystal instead of a diamond?

If you are referring to appearance, then the answer is no. As mentioned, Swarovski crystals are as sparkling and bright as diamonds. You can also choose different colored crystals. 
About the price, Swarovski crystals are within the budget range of most people. You can have all the benefits of a rare diamond within budget. You do not spend thousands to have a glamorous-looking engagement ring.
The only downside with Swarovski crystal is that you need to be careful with it. Although generally, it can withstand scratches, the build-up will destroy the clarity. But, if you can’t expect yourself to be careful, then you may want to consider saving up for a diamond.

Which Lasts Better – Diamond or Crystal?

Diamond definitely lasts better. Diamonds are scratch-resistant and barely deteriorate. On the flip side, Swarovski crystals may need special care from you. You cannot just be careless when wearing it. 
You can wear your diamond ring every day if you want to. You do not need to fear the possibility of it getting scratched. Actually, it is the diamond that can scratch and tear things. So when removed from the ring band, be careful holding it. Some diamonds have sharp edges.
The only thing that the diamond needs is cleaning. It also goes with the crystals. Make sure to remove the dirt and grease. If necessary, inquire with a professional jeweler. You may also learn one or two tips to better take care of it.

Is It Worth It to Invest in Diamonds and Crystals?

Yes! Regardless of whether it is diamonds or crystals, it is worth it to invest in your gemstones. When we say invest, it is about splurging money on something that will last you a long time. Just imagine, you bought a diamond wedding ring for your significant other. The diamond can last for decades or centuries. It can be passed from one family member to another. 
However, if you think of the investment as a money-making endeavor, then that is another discussion. Investing in diamonds and crystals is as risky as other investments. It is a niche that requires attention and understanding. Will I recommend this? Of course not, especially if you are not committed to it. It will also require you to cash out some money and time. Will you be able to afford that? The answer is on you. I suggest learning more about the gemstone trade before doing anything with it.

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