Estimate Ring Size by Height and Weight: Choose the Perfect Sized Ring for Your Loved One

Are you preparing to propose to your crush or loved one? If yes, then you must be needed for a beautiful ring. But you don’t know the accurate ring size of your crush. Now, what would you do? I am pretty sure you are looking for ways to measure her perfect ring size.

In such a scenario, the best way is to estimate ring size by height and weight. However, a couple of estimation charts are available regarding ring sizes based on a person’s height and weight. As these estimations are made keeping in mind a person’s average height and weight, anyone can make a close inference of ring size.

Okay, now breathe a sigh of relief. You have landed in the right place. Hey, don’t forget, you have a beautiful ring to buy. So, without further delay, let’s jump directly into the main content.

Determining the Accurate Ring Size

When it comes to picking out the perfect ring, size definitely matters. But how do you determine your loved one’s ring size if you’re unsure? On top of that, estimating the right ring size becomes more significant when you try to choose the perfect-sized ring without letting her know.  

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Average Ring Size of a Man and a Women

If you are completely unfamiliar with the ring size for your loved one, the safest choice will be to consider the average ring size. Okay, let’s get to know about the average ring size for a man and a woman.

For Woman

Women’s average ring size typically ranges from a size 4 to a size 9. But size six is considered an average ring size for a woman. This ring size is based on the USA standard ring size.

In the UK, this size is “L,” and in Europe, the equivalent ring size is “54”. The diameter of the size 6 ring is 16.31 millimeters.  

For Man

On the other hand, men’s rings tend to be larger than women’s. Furthermore, the bands on their items tend to be wider, so buying a size up will usually result in a more comfortable fit.

Depending on the design, men’s rings can be found in sizes 7 – 15 in the USA standard ring size. But, men’s ring sizes typically range from 6 to 12 in the USA standard, where size 10 is considered an average ring size for a man.

In the UK, this size is “T,” and in Europe, the equivalent ring size is “61”. The diameter of the size 10 ring is 19.56 millimeters. 

Ring Size Based on a Person’s External Body Structure and Height

Now, let’s come to know about the ring size when you are unaware of his/her height and weight. But you only see him/her person, and you have an idea about his/her body structure.

For Men body structure

Body StructureHeightRing Size (USA)Ring Size (UK)Ring Size (EUROPE)Diameter (mm)
Small Body FrameBelow Average7 – 10N to T54 – 6117.12 – 19.56
Slim BuildAverage Height10 – 11T to V61 – 6419.56 – 20.37
TallHeavy Build11 – 13V to Z64 – 6920.37 – 21.79

For Women body structure

Body StructureHeightRing Size (USA)Ring Size (UK)Ring Size (EUROPE)Diameter (mm)
Small Body FrameBelow Average4 – 6H to L47 – 5114.88 – 16.31
Slim BuildAverage Height6 – 7L to N51 – 5416.31 – 17.12
TallHeavy Build7 – 9N to R54 – 5917.12 – 18.75

Ring Size Based on a Person’s Weight

Well, somehow, you managed to know about your partner’s weight. Now, you have come nearer to determining the accuracy of the ring size. So, have a look at the chart.


For Men

Weight (Pound)Ring Size (USA)Ring Size (UK)Ring Size (EUROPE)Diameter (mm)
199 or Less7 – 10N to T54 – 6117.12 – 19.56
200 – 23510 – 11T to V61 – 6419.56 – 20.37
235 or Above11 – 13V to Z64 – 6920.37 – 21.79

According to the average estimation, men who are in the first criteria of weight which is 199 pounds or less are considered to have smaller bodies with slim hands.

Moreover, men of 200 to 235 pounds generally have medium-built bodies with average-medium-sized hands.

Furthermore, men whose weight is 235 pounds or above are considered to have a heavily built body with a bigger hand.

For Women

Weight (Pound)Ring Size (USA)Ring Size (UK)Ring Size (EUROPE)Diameter (mm)
140 or Less4 – 6H to L47 – 5114.88 – 16.31
140 – 1706 – 7L to N51 – 5416.31 – 17.12
170 or Above7 – 9N to R54 – 5917.12 – 18.75

Women with weight criteria of 140 pounds are considered to have smaller body structures. These women commonly have slender fingers.

However, women of 140 pounds to 170 pounds generally have an average slim build body with average-medium sized hands.

Furthermore, women with 170 pounds or above are considered to have heavily built framed bodies. Usually, they have thicker fingers.

Ring Size Based on a Person’s Height and Weight

In most cases, ring size doesn’t differ as much between men and women according to height. That is why this chart given below may apply to both males and females.

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A weight column is also added to the chart to make it precise and accurate. Here you go-

Height (ft-in)Weight (pounds)US Ring SizeUK Ring SizeEurope Ring SizeDiameter (mm)
5’3″ and belowAround 1305J4915.5
Below average4 – 4.5H to I47 – 481515
Above average5.5 – 6K to L50 – 511616
5’4″ to 5’6″Around 1406L5116
Below average4.5 – 5.5I to K48 – 5015 – 1615 – 16
Above average6.5 – 7.5M to O52 – 5516.5 – 17.516.5 – 17.5
5’7″ to 5’9″Around 1507N5417
Below average5.5 – 6.5K to M50 – 5216 – 16.516 – 16.5
Above average7.5 – 8O to P55 – 5617.5 – 1817.5 – 18
5’10” and aboveAround 1607 – 8N to P54 – 5617 – 18
Below average6 – 7L to N51 to 5416 – 1716 – 17
Above average8 – 9P to R56 – 5918 – 18.518 – 18.5

Remember, these charts are based on the average calculation of body height, weight, and body frame. You may rely on these charts to determine your partner’s perfect ring size. But these charts don’t comply 100% with reality.

These charts are for helping you to determine the correct ring size for anyone when you don’t have exact information on his/her ring size.

Ring Size Converter Table

For your convenience, a ring-size converter table is provided. I am quite sure that this table may come to your help in future.

Ring Size (USA)Ring Size (UK)Ring Size (Europe)Diameter (mm)Circumference (mm)


Does ring size change with weight?

Yes, ring size changes with increasing weight in most cases. Weight increase may change body shape, hand shape, and finger shape. It makes them thicker. So, one may require a larger-sized ring compared to the previous one.

Why do my rings sometimes not fit?

It’s natural for your rings’ sizes to fluctuate with the seasons. So, finger swelling in the summer is a common experience worldwide because of the increased water retention we experience in the warmer months. Even a slight swelling might significantly alter fitting of your rings.

Do same-aged men and women have the same ring size? 

A man has a larger body structure compared to a woman. Due to this, a significant difference in body frame between men and women is clearly noticeable. Different body frame shapes the fingers differently. That is why, though a man and woman are the same age, their ring size may not be the same.

Final Insight

That is all you needed to know about the right ring to propose to your crush or loved one. Although you don’t have proper information about your partner’s ring size, now you can estimate ring size by height and weight of your partner.

After going through the entire article, I hope you don’t have to face confusion in determining the accurate-sized rings. But if you already purchased a oversize ring you have always an option to resize your ring.

Well, I am reminding you again that you have a ring to buy to propose to your loved one. So, happy buying.  

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