Gold Pendant On Silver Chain: 4 Easy to follow Tips

Before the 21st century, it was not common for ordinary people to wear mixed metal jewelry. Moreover, people would consider it a total fashion blunder. But time has changed, and people are more fascinated with wearing un-matching mixed jewelry. For instance, a gold pendant on silver chain is now on the top chart of the fashion industry. 

Gold provides a versatile look and is well-fitted for all types of occasions. On the other, silver is something that carries a minimal look. The combination of these two in jewelry brings a unique look.
Hold onto this article if you want to know how to carry a stylish look by wearing a gold pendant with a silver chain. You will learn the proper fashion sense regarding how to put on gold and silver jewelry confidently. 

Does Gold Pendant Go Well With Silver Chain 

Are you afraid to wear mixed metal jewelry because it might look unpleasant? Well, let me assure you that you can never go wrong with the mixture of gold and silver. The mixture of these two metals will amplify your look by spicing it up. 

If you are a newcomer to the mixed metal fashion industry, start your journey with a gold pendant on a silver chain. Gold pendant jewelry on a silver chain is something that will enhance your beauty. 

On top of everything, mixing gold and silver in jewelry is a unisex fashion. Both men and women can style in a gold pendant on silver chain. So, this stylish and modern jewelry is not limited to one kind of sex only. 

No matter what kind of look you want, either a bold or a minimal one, a gold pendant and a silver chain can carry any look you want. Though there are different types of rules on fashion, the gold and silver metal mix jewelry will with every rule and etiquette. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be bold and explore your fashion experience by adding a gold pendant silver chain necklace to your style. 

Things To Consider Or Observe Before Putting Gold Pendant On Silver Chain 

A gold pendant with a silver chain necklace will absolutely make you look stunning. But there are some things that you must be careful about before wearing a gold pendant on a silver chain. 

Do you know what these things are that you must take into consideration? If not, do not worry!  A brief discussion is given below-  


As a jewelry lover, you must know not all colors of jewelry will suit your skin tone. It is important to wear jewelry that will enhance your overall look by complementing your skin tone. So, when you are mixing metal jewelry, like wearing a gold pendant on a silver chain, you need to consider the tone. 

For example, if you have cooler undertones, you must go with a mixture of white gold and silver. Again, a pure gold pendant on a silver chain will greatly complement all types of skin tones.


Before choosing to wear gold and silver jewelry, you must set your clothes first. You must be thinking, what do clothes have to do with wearing jewelry? Well, my friend, clothes do play an important role in how your jewelry will look on you. 

The clothes you wear will help you to choose the type of gold pendant and silver chain suitable for you. For example, if you wear casual clothing, light and minimal jewelry suits you best. But if you are wearing something elegant, then gorgeous jewelry is the best option to go for. 

Moreover, the size of the jewelry also depends on your clothing style. For instance, a long silver chain with a gold pendant will match a high neckline top. Also, if you plan on wearing a neck-revealing dress, nothing will complement it like a long silver chain gold pendant. 


Jewelry is all about quality. You can’t ignore the quality of the jewelry before buying them. On top of that, the quality of the gold and silver jewelry is something you should never mess up with. Because the cheap and poor quality gold and silver will do nothing but ruin your look.

Moreover, the quality might not seem like a big deal initially as everything looks pretty at first glance. But soon, rust will form on the jewelry made with fake gold and low-quality silver. So, checking the quality of the gold pendant and silver chain is a must. 

Color Combination 

You can’t expect to look good just by wearing random-colored jewelry. Remember, you have to be careful about the color combination before wearing a gold pendant with silver chains. Never mix more than two colors in a necklace. 

That means when you plan to wear gold and silver jewelry together, just stick to one shade of gold and silver. For example, a yellow gold pendant and silver chain or a rose gold pendant on a silver chain is a great combination. But it will be too overwhelming if you try to wear yellow and rose gold pendants together with a silver chain. 

However, you can choose to mix more than two colors in a single piece of jewelry. Like, instead of wearing different colors of gold pendants on one silver chain, you can mix different metal colors in a single pendant. It will not make you look extra or tacky. Instead, you will seem more organized and fun. 

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Does gold react with silver? 

When two metal are combined together, they are likely to react with each other, which cause tarnishing and scratching on one another. However, in the case of gold and silver, the situation is a bit different. The combination of these two will not cause scratching or tarnishing, but there might be a transfer of color.

Can you put a pendant on a chain? 

Yes, you can put a pendant on a chain, and the process is really simple. Firstly, hold the pendant’s bail and make the chain run through the bail. Then, with the help of the jump ring, attach the pendant to the chain. 

Is it healthier to wear gold or silver? 

Pure gold helps to heal wounds by letting the tissue of our body grow quickly.
On the other hand, silver has the power to boost the immunity of your body. It is believed that silver has antimicrobial properties that help to prevent flu and other infectious diseases. 

Final Words 

Well, that’s all about the tips on wearing a gold pendant on silver chain by maintaining elegance. Now that you know the basic rules and etiquette of mixed metal fashion of gold and silver, you can carry a bold look yourself. 

Remember, mixing gold and silver jewelry does not mean you will just randomly choose metal shades and mix them. If you do so, you will not receive the best outcome. You must consider the tone, clothing style, and metal quality before mixing gold and silver. Also, color combination is a significant factor that must be considered. 

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