How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring at Walmart?

If you want a delightful yet pocket-friendly engagement or wedding ring, visiting Walmart’s jewelry section is a great option.

The store has a pretty extensive choice of rings in various styles and price ranges. But will you find one that fits?

Besides the aesthetic value of a ring, the size and fit are as important. However, Walmart doesn’t do any ring sizing in-store, but you can get the service from their jeweler partners.

The price depends on the type of ring you want to resize. Whether you want to downsize or upsize your ring and how much will also affect the resizing cost.

Typically, if you want to resize a ring at Walmart, it will cost $20 or more, depending on the complexity of the work needed. 

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Check out more about ring sizing at Walmart. In addition, this guide will help you answer questions, such as:

  • Does Walmart resize all rings?
  • How long does the ring sizing in Walmart take?
  • Does Walmart offer free ring sizing?

Can You Get Your Ring Resized at Walmart?

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Walmart offers sizing tools to help you pick your ideal ring size. The jewelry section has a ring sizing tool, and you only need to go to the counter to get your ring size.

If, in any case, your finger size changes, Walmart does offer a ring resizing service through a third-party jeweler.

All resizing requests don’t happen in-store. When you ask Walmart to resize your ring, they will send it to their partner professional jeweler with whom they have a contract.

It’s also worth noting that as of 2021, Walmart still offers ring resizing, but only for rings you purchased at Walmart.

It doesn’t accept resizing jobs for rings you purchased from third-party stores and jewelers.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Ring Resized Through Walmart?

Since Walmart doesn’t offer in-store ring sizing services, you can’t simply have your ring resized and wait it out.

Instead, they will send it to a professional jeweler with whom they partner to resize their Walmart rings. It means that the resizing job will entirely depend on Walmart’s partner jeweler.

Some factors that could affect the length of time it takes to resize your ring include:

  • The schedule of the jeweler to accomplish the job.
  • The type of ring you sent for resizing.
  • The amount of work or extra materials needed to resize your ring.
  • The delivery time for the third-party service to send your ring back.

That said, if you resize a ring at Walmart through their jeweler partners, it can take as little as a week or two to get your ring back.

Mostly, the jeweler will send your ring back to Walmart about seven to ten days after receiving it.

In other cases, if you ask to resize your ring at Walmart during the peak season, like June to August, it can extend the process.

For example, some customers claim that resizing can take around six to eight weeks, during and soon after the wedding season.

Does Walmart Resize All Their Rings?

Besides not resizing rings you have purchased elsewhere, there are other restrictions you have to be aware of if you want to resize a ring at Walmart.

Although resizing is available for most ring types, there are other styles that Walmart’s partner jeweler might refuse.

For example, resizing is only available for Walmart rings that are made of metal, such as gold, silver, or platinum.

If your ring is made of other materials like ceramic, wood, or silicone, the jeweler will refuse to resize them.

Also, most jewelers will refuse to resize some ring settings. For instance, if you have a ring with cubic zirconia or gemstones around the band, it can be a tricky thing to resize.

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Does Walmart Do Free Ring Sizing?

If you need to resize your ring at Walmart, consider yourself lucky as they offer it for free, but with a catch.

The free ring resizing at Walmart is only applicable for rings you bought at the store and only for the first time you request to get them resized.

After some time and you found your ring doesn’t fit anymore and you asked to resize your ring at Walmart for the second time, it would cost you around $20 or more.

The cost to resize your ring at Walmart will depend on the amount of work needed to get your requested ring size.

Typically, if you need to upsize or downsize the ring to half a band size, it will cost you between $20 to $60. Upsizing your ring will usually cost more than downsizing it.

Increasing the ring size usually involves cutting open the band and adding a small portion of the same metal material. Extra material used to resize your ring adds to the total cost.

Meanwhile, if you request to resize a ring at Walmart that has a pretty intricate design, it can cost you around $50 to over $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of rings are available at Walmart?

Walmart has a pretty range of rings in stock. They have quality diamond rings, engagement rings, rings for men, and wedding bands.

Walmart also has a range of rings from high-end brands like Thomas Sabo and Calvin Klein.

Will Walmart resize a ring you bought from another store?

No. You could not request to resize a ring at Walmart if you bought it from a different store or jeweler.

It is because Walmart doesn’t do the resizing service in-store. Instead, they have to send your ring to a partner jeweler to get it resized.

Will it damage your ring if you resize a ring at Walmart?

If you request to resize a ring at Walmart, you can expect a quality job. They partner with professional jewelers to get the job done.

However, it’s important to know that resizing applies to select rings.

If you want to resize a ring at Walmart that has tons of gemstones or diamonds, it can easily get damaged as not all stones are ideal for sizing.

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