How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring at Zales? (2024 Update)

If you bought an engagement ring from Zales, you’ll be glad to know that you can send your ring back to get it resized. You may be wondering: how much does it cost to resize a ring at Zales?

In addition, Zales offers in-store services to make sure your ring fits you.

At Zales, You can resize your ring at around $55. But the resizing costs depend on the work’s complexity and effort to complete the job. If the work is complex, It can cost you around $150 or more

However, regardless of the ring design, making your ring larger will always cost more than making it smaller.

It is because you’ll have to pay for the extra material the jeweler will add to extend the ring size. Meanwhile, when making a ring smaller, there’s no additional material needed to affect the overall price.

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Can You Resize a Ring at Zales?

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring at Zales?

No matter how sparkly and beautiful your ring is, it can easily get frustrating if it doesn’t fit your ring finger properly.

If it’s impossible to move or take off the ring from your finger, you need to upsize your ring. Meanwhile, if it keeps slipping off of your finger, you need to size the ring down before you accidentally lost it.

Whether you need to size a ring down or up, you can request the sizing at Zales. In addition, it offers various jewelry repairs and services in-store through its professional jewelry repair team.

Some of its services on offer include engraving, rhodium plating, prong re-tipping, and ring resizing.

However, not all rings can get rescaled at the store. You can only resize a ring at Zales if it’s made from metals like silver, gold, and platinum.

You can also resize these types smaller or larger by two sizes, so if you have a size-8 engagement ring, you can resize it to a size-6 or size-10.

However, alternative metals like stainless steel, tungsten, cobalt, and titanium rings are not fit for resizing services.

These metals are tough to resize and require special equipment to produce extremely high temperatures to alter them.

It’s why most jewelers will refuse to resize these kinds of rings. Rings with tension settings are also not applicable to get resized.

Resizing services at Zales will also depend on the style of the ring you have. For instance, if your engagement ring features full-band stones, patterns, and inlay, it is pretty challenging to resize it by normal means.

Any intricate feature interferes with the cutting needed to resize a ring at Zales, and the jeweler might not have enough ring surface to work with.

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How Long to Wait to Resize a Ring at Zales?

You can resize a ring through Zales and get it on the same day you bought it at the store. Sometimes, you can get your resized ring after a couple of minutes or a few hours, depending on the complexity of work needed. Other times, you might need to wait for a couple of weeks to get your engagement ring back.

The waiting time to get your newly sized ring will also depend on the workload of the jeweler. For instance, right after the wedding season, many customers might be sending their rings back to the store to get resized, extending the queue. Special ring size orders like a rare size-4.5 ring might also take some time. Upsizing your engagement ring might also include adding extra metal to your ring, and that requires ample time to finish.

However, if you need the ring in time for a special occasion, you can request an expedited resizing at an additional cost. Or if you need a splendid ring to wear in the meantime, check out this beautiful ring now.

Does Zales do Free Ring Sizing?

If you want to resize a ring at Zales, you’ll have to pay at least $54.99 for gold rings. You can resize most gold diamond rings down or up by two sizes for this price. However, resizing and other jewelry services are free if you purchase the Zales Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan. It’s a specialty plan from the store to provide savings on all repairs and services, and it covers your precious jewelry for life.

Services covered by the Zales LJPP include gold ring sizing, stone resetting, rhodium plating, prong/stone tightening, re-tip prongs, repair for damaged setting, and polish/refinish.

If you want to resize a ring at Zales for free, you’ll have to pay for the LJPP before or during your ring purchase. The plan pricing depends on the cost of your jewelry.

  • $34.99 for jewelry $149 and below
  • $69.99 for jewelry between $150 to $299.99

The LJPP price you have to pay only increases from there, depending on the purchase price of your jewelry.

Does Zales Trade-in Rings?

Most of the rings you bought from Zales include a lifetime guaranteed trade-in value. The store will gladly accept trade-ins for solitaire rings, bridal sets, and other diamond-encrusted jewelry. But there are several conditions for ring trade-ins at Zales.

  • Lad-created diamonds and colored gemstones are not valid for trade-ins.
  • You need to bring your valid Zales receipt.
  • The purchase price of your trade-in item should be at least twice the price of your original purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Zales resize rings purchased elsewhere?

Yes. You could resize a ring at Zales even if you purchased it elsewhere. The store even offers free cleaning services and inspection for all rings, whether you bought them from Zales or not.

Can I resize a ring at Zales multiple times?

Yes. There’s no limit to the number of times you want to resize a ring at Zales. However, before you request a resizing service, it’s smart to talk to the jeweler to find out if your ring is strong enough to withstand additional resizing or reshaping.

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