How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Sterling Silver Ring? (2024)

Unfortunately, there is no exact price list for resizing a sterling silver ring. There are a lot of factors a jeweler must take into consideration when determining the resizing cost. It includes materials and time used by the jeweler during the resizing procedure. So, what are other things you should know before having your sterling ring resize?

What Is The Price Of Resizing A Sterling Silver Ring?

The procedure may cost you from $20 up to a few hundred dollars. To determine the exact amount, the jeweler will consider the following factors:

  1. Will the ring be enlarged or reduced? If the ring will be enlarged, it means that new metal will be added to the ring. Enlarging the ring is more expensive than reducing the size.
  2. How thick is the ring? So, if your sterling silver ring is thicker, it means it will be more costly to resize.
  3. What are the metals in the ring? A Sterling Silver Ring is 92.7% silver, which means it is made with soft metal. The jeweler will find it easier to manipulate.
  4. Are there any stones on the ring? If yes, then how many stones? And what kinds of stones are there? The presence of stones on the ring will add value to the resizing cost.
  5. Will the resizing affect the overall structure and design of the ring? This is considered as it will affect the jeweler’s time and technique in making the resizing process. The jeweler may be slower in resizing the sterling ring when it has too many gemstones on it. The chances of scratching or damaging the stones must be minimized.
resizing ring timeline

Generally, it takes one to two days for a sterling silver ring to be resized. Though, this is still variable as the resizing time depends on the business and its jeweler. Besides what was already mentioned, there are also other factors considered that affect the time spent in resizing a sterling silver ring.

When you visit your local jeweler, there may be other people already booked with the jeweler. This adds “waiting time” before your ring is resized. If you are in a hurry and planning to send the ring to a non-local jeweler, then another time is spent on the shipping. As you can see, the time spent is not only on the resizing procedure but also on other external factors outside the jeweler’s control. So, choose wisely and find a shop that will work for you.

Can I Get Any Sterling Silver Ring Resized?

Yes, any sterling silver ring can be resized. Actually, any ring of any metal can be resized, provided it is not a plated ring. Plated rings cannot be resized as the resizing process will destroy the plating. Worse, it can ruin the actual ring.

How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Sterling Silver Ring?

Will My Ring Get Damaged if I Resize it?

Generally no, your ring will not get damaged if you have it resized. However as mentioned, if your sterling silver ring is plated, then you cannot have it resized or it will be destroyed. Also, rings with stones on them are more susceptible to potential damage. This usually happens when the jeweler has insufficient experience or is negligent with the procedure.

Although sterling silver rings with stones can be resized, they require a ton of time and technique. However, you must be aware of the potential risk of damage. In resizing a sterling silver ring, the jeweler may stretch the metal. This is not a problem for rings without any stones. But for rings that have gemstones like diamond, it can be easily damaged. Thankfully, there are other available methods of resizing a ring.

There is also a slight chance that your ring may be damaged if it was resized too far from the ring size. So, make sure to check on the jeweler you are working on before proceeding.

Does Zales resize sterling silver rings?

Yes, Zales does resize their sterling silver rings. Years ago, they did not offer this kind of service. It appeared that the rings were difficult to resize because of their designs.

Lately, their outlet offers a resizing procedure for their sterling silver rings. The resizing of the ring is up to two sizes – enlarge or reduce. Their resizing service has an average price of $50 to $86. Remember that this is limited only to the resizing procedure. If you want additional procedures done to the ring, such as Stone Tightening, then prepare to cash out another few tens of dollars.

How Can You Measure Your Ring Size At Home?

You can measure it by using a string, paper, and a ruler. Some people thought they cannot measure their ring size at home. However, it is actually easy! Here is a simple way to do it:

  1. First, prepare a non-stretchy string, paper, and a ruler.
  2. After, wrap the string around the finger you plan to wear your ring.
  3. Make sure that the string is wrapped around your ring snuggly, but not too tight. You mark the spot on the string where it overlaps.
  4. Untie the string from your finger and lay it on the table. Measure the string in millimeters (MM).
  5. There are a lot of printable forms of ring measure-conversion charts. You can print one and compare it to the measurement. For example, a 19.4 MM is a ring size 9.5.

Where to Find a Great Jeweler to Resize Your Ring?

One of the best ways to find a great jeweler is by visiting the very jewelry shop where you bought your ring. However, this may not always be the truth. There are a lot of us who purchase their rings second-hand. While others purchase it outside the locality. While the remaining people inherited their rings from their family or loved ones.

To help you find a great jeweler, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Family – They may know someone in the family who is a great jeweler. However, make sure to ask the family members who already had their ring resized by the same person being suggested.
  2. Friends – Reach out to your friends who had experience resizing their jewelry. They may know a friend of a friend who might help you. They may also know someone in the community who owns a local jewelry shop.
  3. Visit a local jewelry shop – Before handing them your precious ring, better get to know them first. Ask about potentially resizing your sterling silver ring. If they are professional, they will give you an honest answer and assure you about the procedure.
  4. And, a cheap price may be a red flag – In everything we do, we try to get the best out of it. However, if someone is offering their services for a cheap price, lower than the average price for resizing, better run away from them as fast as you can.

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