How to Clean a Cloudy Diamond Ring (2024 Guide)

A lot of us love diamond rings for their brilliantly sparkling look. However, over time some of these diamond rings start to look dull and lifeless. Then, you start to wonder how such bright, shining gems turn into cloudy-looking stones. 

Well, it may be because you forgot to clean your diamond rings. Dirt and grease easily accumulate on a diamond. Another good reason is you may have bought cheap diamond rings, which means they have either clarity issues or cloud inclusions. Regardless of the reason, you need to clean your diamonds for that bright, shiny appearance. The steps to properly clean it? Keep on reading!

How to Clean a Cloudy Diamond Ring

Step 1: Start the Cleaning With Soap and Warm Water

To begin, mix some soap or detergent with some warm water. Typically, the combination is put in a tiny container. Check to make sure the soap has been properly dissolved in the water before soaking the diamond ring in the mixture. At least five minutes will pass once the ring is taken off. During the soaking process, grime and dirt start to soften. This will make it easier to scrub later on. 

Step 2: Proceed With Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner

You will remove the ring and place it in the following solution after soaking it for at least five minutes. In this solution, You will combine warm water and a glass cleaner with an ammonia base to create this mixture. Avoid using any cleaning products with chlorine or any other acids as they may corrode the metal components of the diamond ring.

After that, you should give the ring a few minutes to soak in the solution, making sure to cover all the areas the soap-water mixture failed to reach.

Step 3: Brush off the Dirt and Grimes

The ring will be removed from the solution. Then, you will brush the ring. Since there is no specific jewelry brush required, some jewelers have their own. Their brushes has the ability to reach different parts of a ring that an ordinary brush cannot reach, which will make sure that all the dirt built up are removed.  

Step 4: Soak It Again and Brush

However, to make sure that all the dirt are removed, the ring will be soaked again in the soap-water mixture. While soaked, it is necessary to keep brushing it. The mixture will wash off the dirt already brushed off.  

Step 5: Then Rinse It With Clean Water and Dry

You can get rid of it from the mixture after brushing. The ring must be thoroughly rinsed under running water before being dried with a fresh microfiber cloth. Additionally, you must make sure that no water will evaporate from the ring itself, as this could cause watermarks.

Author’s Note: Although the average price for a diamond engagement ring in 2020 cost around $3,756, this is actually a sudden drop from 2018’s average price of $7,829. It is quite understandable as there is a recent decrease in the number of couples getting married. Some are even finding great and cheaper alternatives to the diamond engagement ring.

What Does a Cloudy Diamond Ring Look Like? 

A hazy, whitish mist seems to be growing inside a cloudy diamond. The said cloudy look can appear as covering the whole diamond. It could also be seen as patches or clusters of tiny white mist. The reasons for the cloudiness of the diamond varies. So be sure to clean the diamond if the cloudiness is due to accumulated dirt. If you find it difficult to remove the cloudy look, then consult your jeweler ASAP.

What Causes the Cloudy Look in Diamond Ring?

The causes of the cloudy look in diamonds are cleanliness, clarity issues, and inclusions in clouds. We already explained that accumulated gunk might lead to cloudiness in terms of cleanliness. We constantly emphasizing how important it is to maintain your diamond clean for this reason.

Diamonds have different clarity grades, and S13 is lowest clarity grades you can have for your diamond. Since the clarity type is so cloudy, laboratories buy diamonds in the S13 grade.

Cloud inclusion is a term used to classify a cluster of crystals found very close together. Does this imply that the better the cluster, the closer it is? Well, the answer is “NO” because it still depends on the nature of the cloud inclusions. Even the highest clarity grade may have cloud inclusions. 

Author’s Note: Cloud inclusions are usually not a problem. However, once the cloud inclusions become excessive, it affects the brilliance of the ring. This, in turn, will affect the quality and price of the diamond ring.

What Is the Price of Cleaning a Cloudy Diamond Ring?

Professional cleaning costs around $25 to $50 a ring. The jeweler will use their own specialized items and mixtures in cleaning your diamond. If cleaning your diamond ring proves to be a challenging task, I advise visiting your jeweler. They may have better solutions for your problem rather than a DIY mixture you found online. However, since it is still costly to get it clean by a professional jeweler, I don’t advise you to frequently visit your jeweler. As long as you can manage cleaning the ring at your place, maintain that.

Author’s Note: A diamond naturally attracts our attention for its brilliant and shiny look. However, it appears it also attracts oil and grease. So, make sure to apply a degreaser to your diamond ring.

Additional Tips

  1. You can maintain the clarity of your ring for a long time by cleaning it. You are not required to clean it every day or every week. It always depends on how often you use the ring. If you use it every day, then make sure to check and clean your ring between a week or two. Daily used rings capture more dirt and grease than those occasionally used.
  2. However, it does not mean that the diamond ring kept in a box does not require cleaning. You need to check on it every once in a while as it may accumulate dust. 
  3. And routinely make your diamond rings shiny for that extra bling. As mentioned, you can check out ammonia-based glass cleaner for that extra cleaning power. You may ask me to recommend a polishing product. Well, I say that you do not need it. Some polishing products have chemical ingredients that can cause discoloration to the diamond. So, please do not use one. 
  4. When preparing the warm water, check that it is not too hot. The sudden change of temperature to the ring may weaken it. At the same time, be careful not to burn yourself.
  5. In cleaning your diamond ring, do not ever use bleach, vinegar, or witch hazel. These are acidic and can damage the metal band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the cloud inclusions from my diamond ring?

No, you cannot remove the cloud inclusions from your diamond ring. Cloud inclusions are part of the internal structure of the diamond. As long as it has a good clarity grade, you can maintain a bright and shiny diamond. 

If a cloudy diamond affects the brightness of the diamond, does it mean it is cheaper?

Yes! Generally, a cloudy diamond caused by cloud inclusions is cheaper than non-cloudy diamonds. Since they are less eye-catching, jewelers will price the diamonds at least 20% less than the original price. 
However, some jewelers sell great quality diamonds for cheap because of their cloudy appearance. When in reality, these diamond rings cost so much more when it is clean. If you ever visited secondhand stores or yard sales, there are instances when the owner sells their diamond rings (usually small karat diamonds) for almost 50% off the current value. But once you take home the ring, and start cleaning it, you may recover twice the amount you paid. So make sure to watch out for these hidden gems.

Can I return/refund my diamond ring?

Yes, provided it is within the warranty period, and no terms are violated. Some jewelers may take advantage of happy couples buying wedding or engagement rings. Since they are too excited, they may overlook the fact that the diamond is a little bit cloudy. Always check with your jewelers for any return/refund policy they may have. This is to avoid any possibility of regretting buying the most important reminder of your love for your significant partner. 
If you bought it from a secondhand store or another person, chances are there is no refund/exchange policy. 

What is the hardest diamond ring to clean?

The hardest diamond ring to clean is probably the one with prongs. The grimes, oil, and dirt may build up around the prongs, which can be difficult to remove. If you ever encounter cleaning this type of ring, I advise using a toothpick or anything thin to pick up the dirt. 

Does the cloudiness build over time?

No, usually the cloud look in a diamond ring is present from the beginning. This is different from that cloudiness that resulted from accumulated dirt. As mentioned, cloud inclusions are part of the internal structure of the diamond. It is already present from the time it was made. 

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