How to Remove a Diamond from a Ring (2024 Guide)

Nowadays, people find ways to DIY everything, including removing diamonds from metal bands. Thankfully, this is possible and safe. In removing diamonds from rings, you can either use a mechanical method or a chemical method. If it is a DIY, you can only use the mechanical process, as the chemical requires the skills of a professional. In this article, I’ll share with you steps and tips in removing diamonds from metal rings.

How to Remove a Diamond from a Ring 

For a Simple Diamond Ring That Has Four to Six Prongs

Step 1: Evaluate the Metal Used

Silver ring
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First, you need determine what kind of metal was used in your ring. This is to see whether the prongs are soft enough to bend. In removing the diamond from the ring, you want to avoid using heat as it may combust on the diamond’s surface as doing so will make it look white and cloudy.

Step 2: Bend the Prongs Outward

Bending ring prongs
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After determining that the metal band is made of either a 92.5 silver, 14 karat gold, or any other malleable material, you will need to bend the prongs outwards. Then you will use jewelry pliers in bending the prongs. Since it is a soft metal, special machines are not required.

Step 3: Remove the Diamond from The Band

Diamond ring
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After bending the prongs outward, you can remove the diamond. Depending on what you like, you can either do nothing with the band or decide to use it in the future. You can also request that the prongs be bent inward. If you have an extra budget, you can ask that another gemstone be replaced on the band.

For Diamond Ring With a Bezel

Step 1: Cutting the Bezel 

Silver ring with gemstones
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Since a bezel is the metal encasing the diamond, you will be cutting that section of the ring off. However, since the gemstone is a diamond, only a portion of the bezel is cut back.

Cutting the bezel back is generally avoided by jewelers as it can scratch the gemstone during the process. However, as mentioned, this process is used in a diamond ring because it can withstand the cutting process.

Step 2: Hammer the Diamond Out 

Jeweler hammering silver ring
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After cutting a portion of the metal bezel, you will need to peel it back. Using a mallet hammer, you will then tap the diamond out. It may take multiple strong pounds of force before the diamond will pop out of the bezel. 

Step 3: Removing the Diamond 

Silver ring and colored diamonds
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The tendency is that the diamond will pop out after you hammer it. It is not easy to just pick the diamond out of the bezel. So, you will need to continue to exert pressure until it is removed. 

For the Ring’s Side Stone Diamonds

Silver ring with diamond side stones
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The steps provided above will also apply to side stones. They either bend the prongs or cut the bezel to remove the diamonds. However, since side stones tend to be smaller, they require more time and effort.

Author’s Note: Cutting the bezel is a more costly procedure than bending prongs. It is more laborious and requires a qualified professional to do it. The only gemstone that can withstand potential damage from cutting the bezel is diamond. 

Are There Any Settings Where I Cannot Remove the Diamond from the Ring? 

No, there are no instances where you cannot remove the diamond from your ring. The reason behind it is simple! Diamonds are encased either by a metal bezel or prongs. Jewelers can easily cut or bend them. Assuming that there is an instance where a gemstone cannot be removed, then it is because the cutting procedure could damage it. The exception to this instance is when the gemstone is a diamond. Diamonds are the hardest known natural mineral and basically scratch-resistant.

Author’s Note: Diamond rings have been staples for every engagement and wedding celebration in the United States. In fact, US consumers are the biggest purchasers of diamond rings in the world, spending millions of dollars every year. 

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Diamond from a Ring? 

The cost to remove a diamond ring will be at least $80. Usually, if you visit your jeweler to have the diamond removed from the band, chances are you’re also planning to reset or replace the gemstones. Some jewelry stores actually offer free removal of the diamond from the band encased by prongs. So, I suggest that you start inquiring and visiting nearby jewelry stores or jewelers near you before engaging in someone’s service. Who knows, you may find some shops that can remove the diamond for you for free. 

After having your diamond removed, make sure to ask for the metal band. You may find another perfect gemstone for it. If you have nothing to do with it, ask your jeweler if they want to purchase it from you for a reasonable price.  

Author’s Note: In a study conducted by, most men are actually willing to spend more money on a diamond engagement ring, an amount usually higher than what their partners expect. Interestingly, in connection to this, a study from Western Oregon University shows that women expect a larger diamond and more costly ring when being paired to a less attractive man. What a twist!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Diamond ring

a. Can I use a DIY method to remove the diamond from my ring?

Definitely! You can remove the diamond from your ring. Before proceeding with this DIY project, make sure that your ring band is made of either 92.5 silver, 14 karat gold, or other soft metal material. If it is made of stainless steel, then you better hand your ring to a jeweler. Stainless steel is made of steel alloy, which requires the skills of a professional and the assistance of a machine. 

Assuming that your ring band is made of the following metals, check whether your diamond is encased by prongs. Here, you can use pliers to bend the prongs outwards. You can still DIY the removal of a diamond encased on a bezel, provided you have the time and the materials to do it. Just be careful not to injure yourself in the process.

b. Besides cutting the bezel and bending the prongs, are there other ways to remove the diamond from the ring band?

Yes, you can use a chemical method to separate the gemstone from the ring. Due to the toxic chemicals involved, only professionals are allowed to perform it in a controlled environment. In this method, the jewelers will soak the ring on aqua regia, a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. The only downside of this method is it will dissolve the metal band. But in return, the diamond will be returned to you in pristine condition. So, I suggest leaning on this method when you don’t need the metal band anymore. 

c. Are there any “side effects” to the diamond when I decide to have it removed from my ring?

Generally, there are no side effects when you decide to have your diamond removed. However, the procedure can wear out your metal band easily. That’s why I advise you to have your diamond removed only when you are certain of your decision. 

There are instances when people want to remove the diamond. Then eventually have it set on the same ring band again. Remember that the cutting of the bezel and bending of prongs can only be done a few times.

If you have a colored diamond, do no worry! The cutting process will not affect the diamond’s surface as no heat torch will be used.

d. Does the shape of the diamond affect the removal process?

No, regardless of the shape of the diamond, it will not affect the removal process. As long as your diamond is enclosed by a bezel or prongs, your jeweler can remove it anytime. However, there will be only an issue when the metal used is not one of the following we already mentioned.

e. Where can I have my diamond removed?

You can visit your local jewelry shop or professional jewelers. I suggest that you visit the store where you purchase the ring. They are more familiar with their creations and aware of how to conveniently remove the diamond. If the jewelry shop is out of your town, you can visit your local professional jeweler. You can ask some friends and families for recommendations. Put more weight on the opinion of people who had their diamond or gemstone removed. 

As this is a precious gemstone we are talking about, be careful of leaving your diamond ring behind with a jeweler. The removal process will not take more than an hour to be finished. If they ask you to return the next day, take extra precautions, or have your ring checked by another jeweler.

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