How to Resize a Ring Smaller (2022 Guide)

Research conducted by Protect Your Bubble, a jewelry insurer, shows that almost 11% of clumsy couples lost their engagement or wedding ring within five years. And that men (14%) are more likely to lose their ring than women (8%). 

Common sense will tell you that you need to resize a loose ring. However, some prefer not to because of the fear of having the ring damaged for good. It is definitely understandable, especially if the ring has some sentimental value in it. If you decide to have your ring resized smaller, I’ll help you understand the method better by answering some commonly asked questions.

How to Resize a Ring Smaller

Step 1: Your Ring Size

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You will need to measure your ring finger to find the perfect ring size for you. However, do not worry when they go up a little bit of your ring size. You want to make sure that your ring is comfortable to wear and a tad bit difficult to remove. The additional space will allow your skin to breathe once your finger gets swollen. 

Step 2: Cutting the Ring

cutting the ring

First, you need to cut the ring along the solder joint. After identifying and cutting the section to be cut, you will remove it.

Step 3: Soldering the Ring

How to Resize a Ring Smaller

You will then  connect the edges to form it back to a perfect circle. Then, proceed to solder it back together. Usually, a solder wire or pieces are melted along the solder joint to create a seamless look. At the same time, this is to hide any solder marks.

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Step 4: Finishing Touches


After soldering the ring, you will need to scrap and polish it to remove any excess metal sticking out. Then, you will dip the ring in an ultrasonic machine that has hot soapy fluid. The soundwave produced by the machine will remove any dirt still attached to the ring after the polishing process. It will be pat dry and prepared for delivery.

Author’s Note: After resizing your ring smaller, ask for the leftover metal cut (also known as “cutout”) from the ring. You can use it in case you want to have your ring resized in the future.

How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring Smaller? 

A simple ring will cost you at least $20 to get resized smaller. However, the cost of resizing your ring can reach up to a few hundred dollars. The jeweler will consider the design and metal used. And, if you’re going to visit a well-known jeweler, then expect a higher rate than others.

What Types of Rings Cannot be Resized? 

Generally, the rings that cannot be resized are those made of quartz, wood, and other non-metal materials. Unlike metal rings, these materials are not malleable to be molded and rebuilt. So, be careful when giving your ring size to your jeweler or craftsman. If you want a non-metal ring gift for a special someone, do not make it a surprise. Instead, I suggest that you invite them to the jeweler to have their appropriate ring size be taken.

Although generally metal rings can be resized, there are some exceptions. Rose gold cannot be resized because it is too fragile and can crack easily. Titanium and stainless steel rings are also avoided as they are difficult to resize.


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How Should a Ring Fit? 

As a rule, the ring is considered fit when you can slide it on your finger with little friction and a tad difficult to remove. The ring should fit snugly on your finger but not tight. You should exert little force when taking off the ring. Another thing to watch for is that when wearing your ring, there shouldn’t be bulging. 

If you ever feel that your ring tightens or loosens, that is normal due to your body’s reaction. Our fingers shrink and expand because of temperature change. That is why after a jog, you feel like your ring gets tighter. 

Author’s Note: If your ring won’t turn either clockwise or counterclockwise, start icing your finger for ten minutes. When it fails to turn, then it means your ring is tight.

Frequently Asked Questions


a. Are there any alternatives in resizing my ring besides having it cut?

Yes, there are available alternatives for resizing your ring. You can avail sizing beads or sizing lining. For sizing beads, the jeweler will solder small metal beads on the inner shank of your ring, while for sizing lining, the jeweler will solder a strip of metal. However, in terms of comfort, sizing lining is a better choice. Though, it is a bit more costly than sizing beads. 

b. How long will it take for my ring to get resized?

A jeweler will take at least a day or two to have a ring resized. There are exceptional cases where it can take even a week to have a ring resized. It usually depends on the material and design of the ring. Another factor to consider is the schedule of the jeweler. 

c. Can I have my ring resize two sizes smaller?

Yes, you can have your ring resized until two sizes smaller. It is recommended to have your ring resize smaller when it is loose for you. However, jewelers only allow resizing up to one to two sizes smaller. Higher than that can potentially destroy the ring for good.

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d. How many times can I have my ring resized smaller?

You can only have your ring resized smaller twice. Every time you expose it to heat, it makes the ring’s metal softer. Although malleable, constant exposure is not good for the material. Some jewelers even recommend having your ring resize once. There is a high risk that after the first heat exposure, the second exposure will affect the perfect circle shape of the ring.

e. Can I use a DIY method to resize my ring smaller?

Yes, you can, but it does not mean it is safe or good for your ring. I’ve seen a lot of DIY hacks circulating online on how you can resize your ring smaller. Some of these tricks include using a glue gun to act as a sizing bead or lining and wrapping floss around one side of the ring. The following tricks are pretty harmless but inconvenient. Using glue and floss can affect the overall look of the ring. No one wants a ring that has glue on it. 

Some people want to try these methods because they claim that their weight keeps fluctuating. In this case, I recommend that you have your ring resized small for good.


Before having your ring resize smaller, make sure this is your final decision. Do not subject your ring to unwarranted cutting and heat exposure. However, if it is too loose, it is time to have your ring resize smaller. If not, then you should be open with the idea of passing the ring to someone who fits it better or have the ring hidden in a jewelry box.

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