How to Resize a Stainless Steel Ring? (2024 Guide)

Stainless steel rings are way sturdier than other rings. On the downside, this means they are more difficult to resize. As a result, we definitely recommend using the expertise of an experienced jeweler. So, as soon as your ring does not fit, consult your jeweler.

In this Jewelry Marquis guide, we’ll go over:

  • How to Resize a Stainless Steel Ring?
  • Why Are Stainless Sterling Rings Hard to Resize?
  • How Much Time Would It Take To Resize My Stainless Steel Ring?

How to Resize a Stainless Steel Ring?

how to resize a Stainless Steel Ring?

Are you wondering how a stainless steel ring gets resized? Here’s a step-by-step process:

Step 1: Finding your Ring Size

ring size vector

You will first need to check your ring size. But first, you need to evaluate whether your ring can be resized or not. Some stainless steel rings cannot be resized, so we recommend alternatives.

Step 2: Size it Up or Down, then Cut

Cutting the ring

After determining your ring size, you  will proceed to cut the ring. Usually, you will cut along the solder joint to create a seamless finish at the end of the process. Some jewelers and manufacturers use top-heavy machines to cut the ring as it may be too difficult to cut through. 

If the ring is to be sized down:

  1. You will cut a specific section of the ring. The section will be then removed.
  2. You will proceed to connect the edges to make a joint. 

If the ring is to be sized up:

  1. You will cut the ring along the solder joint.
  2. You will proceed to open it up. To make it easier to stretch, you can lightly torch the ring.

Step 3: Soldering the Ring

Soldering a Stainless Steel Ring

In soldering the ring, the jeweler will do the following:

For sizing down:

  1. After making a joint, you will connect the joint. 
  2. You will then add a solder wire between the joints. Once melted, the solder wire will be incorporated into the ring.

For sizing up:

  1. Between the gap, you will insert a sizing stack between the gaps.
  2. To close the gap, you may use pliers or a machine (if it is too hard). This will hold the sizing stack between the gaps.
  3. You will coat the stack and joint with flux. After which, he will add solder pieces around the stack.
  4. You will heat the whole ring for everything to incorporate.

Step 4: Finishing touches

Polishing a Stainless Steel Ring

After soldering the ring, you will apply the finishing touches. You need to scrap and polish the ring to remove any excess material. Then, the ring will be placed on an ultrasonic machine with a hot soapy fluid. The sound wave produced by the machine will thoroughly remove all the dirt and grease found on the ring. 

Author’s Note: Stainless steel jewelry is a great choice for people with metal allergies. Unlike gold and silver, stainless steel does not carry impurity that causes an allergic reaction. 

Why Are Stainless Sterling Rings Hard to Resize?

A stainless sterling ring is difficult to resize because it is made of a steel alloy. A steel alloy is a mixture that contains iron, chromium, steel, and molybdenum. This mixture ensures that the ring will become durable and corrosion-resistant. If you are someone who sweats a lot or always on the water, then this is the jewelry just for you. There is also little potential of discoloration, so you don’t need to worry about getting these types of rings wet. 

What are the Stainless Steel Ring Resizing Alternatives?

In case your ring cannot be sized down, you have the option to use sizing balls and sizing lining. These alternatives are available because some it is not possible to resize some stainless steel rings. In the steps above detailing how to resize a stainless steel ring, we end up risking the ring’s design due to potential cutting errors.

Sizing Balls/Sizing BeadsSizing Bead on Stainless Steel Ring

One of your choices is by using sizing balls or beads. The sizing balls are soldered in the interior of the ring to fill the gap between the finger and the ring. I recommend this to people who are on a budget and do not want to resize. The catch? It can be uncomfortable because of the steel sizing balls pressing on your finger. You may find yourself removing your ring after a few hours of wearing it.

Sizing Lining

Sizing lining on stainless steel ring

The other alternative you can choose is sizing lining. In this method, instead of steel balls, a strip of silver steel is soldered inside the ring to fill the gap between the ring and finger. The only problem is that the soldering marks are visible. Most do not mind the mark as it is not evident when the ring is worn.

If you are willing to spend extra dollars, I recommend that you choose sizing lining as an alternative. It is more comfortable than sizing beads. 

Author’s Note: Besides being rust-free and low-maintenance, the stainless steel ring’s luster lasts longer than other rings. It is easy to clean as you only need warm soapy water and microfiber cloth!

How Long Will it Take to Get my Stainless Steel Ring Resized?

Two Silver Stainless Steel Bands

Generally, stainless steel rings will take at least a week to get resized. As mentioned, this ring is made out of steel alloy, which makes it difficult to cut, bend and mold. Some small-scale jewelers do not accept stainless sterling rings because they are either unequipped to handle such a task or they are expensive to do.

Stainless sterling ring manufacturers and professional jewelers use special machines to cut and change the size of the ring. That’s why some jewelers will choose to avoid selling this type of ring altogether. When a customer asks for a certain size, they cannot just have the stainless steel ring resized then and there. Chances are, jewelers will be needing to employ a professional or send the ring back to the manufacturer.

Where Can I Get My Stainless Steel Ring Resized? 

You can have your stainless steel ring resized by the ring manufacturer or some professional jewelers. Unfortunately, as I explained, not all jewelers can resize stainless sterling rings. With its strong build, not all jewelers are well-equipped to resize it upon customer’s requests. Unlike gold and silver, stainless steel is not a soft metal.

The only choice left to the customer is to have their ring resized by the manufacturer, find a professional jeweler, or opt for one of the alternatives. Personally, I recommend choosing sizing lining, especially if you are on a budget as resizing a stainless steel ring can be costly.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are there stainless steel rings that cannot be resized?

Yes, there are stainless steel rings that cannot be resized! As mentioned, there are alternatives available in cases where a ring cannot be resized. Here are the designs that can NEVER be resized:
– Inlay
– Eternity Band
– Patterns

How Expensive is it to Resize a Stainless Sterling Ring?

The cost to resize such a ring starts at around $50. Why? Well, it requires more effort and time from the jeweler to resize the ring. However, the price can skyrocket up to a few hundred depending on the design and gemstones attached. Some jewelers may even advise you not to resize the ring as it may cost more than buying a new one. Understandably, people will opt to resize than buy as they are keeping the ring for sentimental purposes.

Will there be discoloration during the resizing process?

No, there will be discoloration during the resizing process unless your jeweler is negligent. Although stainless steel rings are not susceptible to corrosion or rusting, it may be discolored. For instance, your ring has gold plating. It is recommended to not have it resized. However, if your jeweler proceeds, then discoloration may happen. Fortunately, you can have the gold plating reapplied. Just expect to pay extra dollars for the finishing. 

What makes Stainless Sterling Rings attractive to purchasers?

Stainless sterling rings have a very modern sleek design and reliable build, which a lot of us will love. For this reason, I also highly recommend it. Unfortunately, this very reason becomes the factor why some jewelers stay away from stainless steel jewelry. They are difficult to resize, which results in the belief that they cannot be resized.

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