Does James Allen Have Good Customer Service? (2024 Guide)

If you’re planning to buy a beautiful engagement ring online, James Allen is among the top diamond retailers right now. If you also want to know how James Allen’s customer service is before buying your ring, you’re in the right place. In short, the store does have a very high customer satisfaction rating. 

James Allen has made engagement ring shopping online a breeze. But besides the quality and guaranteed conflict-free diamond rings that you can find in the store, many people buy at James Allen because of its great customer service and offers. They have over 200,000 certified conflict-free diamonds with helpful diamond experts to guide you through your purchase.

James Allen’s customer service also includes providing a lifetime warranty for its diamond items. Plus, they have free shipping worldwide and hassle-free returns if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase. 

Read on for a closer look at James Allen’s customer service to know if buying your engagement ring from the store is worth your while. 

Does James Allen Provide Advice?

James allen advice

One of James Allen’s customer service features is an interactive service with their diamond experts. You can ask for help from their gemologists if you have questions. 

James Allen’s customer service team includes GIA Graduate Gemologists. You can speak to them any time if you have further questions about the diamond retailer’s products and services. They are available to help with your concerns 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

James Allen already has a cool 360-degree HD diamond display, so you can have a much closer and clearer look at the diamonds you want to purchase. But that isn’t the game-changer in James Allen’s customer service. What makes the store one of a kind in providing the best service for its customers is its real-time diamond inspection with a bona fide diamond expert in its staff.

James Allen’s real-time diamond inspection is available on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST. If a loose diamond caught your eye, you could click on the ‘Diamond Inspection’ button next to the item to start the real-time inspection. You’ll instantly get connected to one of James Allen’s certified gemologists. 

Your consultant will share their screen with you, and you can discuss everything you want to know about the diamond. James Allen only has non-commissioned experts on their service team, so you can guarantee that you’ll only be getting fair and impartial advice from them.

Getting diamond advice from a certified expert at James Allen is convenient and simple. No additional software or scheduling necessary. It’s an interactive process that allows you to highlight which parts of the inspection you want the diamond expert to focus on. You’ll also see the diamond specs and get a grading report during the consultation. 

Author’s Note: What’s even better is you can get your personalized virtual consultation with an expert, whether you are using a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Through its real-time consultation, James Allen’s customer service is a fantastic way to help you find the best diamond for your style. 

Does James Allen Offer Warranties?

James Allen has a Lifetime Warranty for all its diamond items to ensure that they are 100% free of any manufacturing damages at the time of their delivery.

As part of James Allen’s customer service, they will repair and maintain your precious diamond ring and other jewelry for a lifetime. Included services in the warranty are:

  • Cleaning services
  • Rhodium plating
  • Re-polishing
  • Prong tightening

You can take advantage of James Allen’s warranty services by sending your ring back to their officers for repair or maintenance. The other option is to have their services through a qualifying Jared service center. 

Author’s Note: Services under the warranty program are free, but sending your ring back to James Allen will cost at least 30 dollars for an insured shipping label if you are from the US. International shipping charges will vary depending on your order. However, James Allen will send your ring back to your address free of charge. 

How to Contact James Allen Customer Service

You can reach out to James Allen’s customer service team through a phone call, email, or via live chat whenever you have questions. 

James Allen already has a comprehensive FAQs section to help you have a convenient diamond shopping experience. But if you need one-on-one guidance for buying your ring and availing of their diamond services, you can contact their staff through the numbers listed on their Contact Us page. 

James Allen’s customer service team and jewelry experts are available 24/7, although response time may vary depending on what method you used to reach out to them. 

How to Contact James Allen by Phone

James Allen’s customer service representative will be available to answer your phone call 24/7. You can contact a diamond expert by phone in two ways, with different numbers depending on where you are calling from.

  • Call James Allen’s customer service team through 877 826 9866 if you are calling from the US.
  • If you are calling from countries outside of the US, you can reach them by calling +1-412-314-9060

James Allen’s phone team can help you navigate through the website and help you through order processing. They can also answer specific queries about the store’s policies regarding returns, financing, and warranty. 

If you want to know about discounts and other future sales, the store’s phone team can also help you with that. 

How to Contact James Allen by Email

You can reach out to James Allen’s customer service team via email through the ‘Email Us’ button on their ‘Contact Us page. You can also send your concern and queries directly to the store’s email address:

While a certified expert and helpful team will address the concerns you sent through email, you might not get the speediest replies. James Allen’s service explicitly wrote on their website that all questions sent via email would get answered within two business days. 

Emails are great if it’s your preferred mode of communication and you don’t have time-sensitive concerns. But if you’ve sent your email to James Allen’s customer service team on a Monday, you won’t get a reply at least until Wednesday. 

Still, there are some cases where email is often the better option. For instance, if you have inquiries about your shipment status, the service representative will most likely handle that via email. They can also give you more in-depth answers to your queries via email compared to a phone call. 

How to Contact James Allen by Chat

If you have concerns that require immediate replies, you can also contact James Allen’s customer service via live chat. It’s available through the ‘Chat Now’ feature on their ‘Contact Us page. 

You can also find a chat logo at the bottom of every page on the website, and you can open that and start a conversation with James Allen’s expert team. The live chat feature is a fantastic way to get an instant response to your questions. But chatting with the service team this way is only ideal for quick and simple questions. 

James Allen’s chat feature is especially useful if you have a hard time navigating the website and find particular catalogs of products that you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does James Allen have free ring sizing?

Yes. James Allen will send you a free ring sizer to your address if you request it. But it’s only available for customers in the US. 

Does James Allen offer financing options?

James Allen has a buy now, pay later financing option with zero down payment. There are two financing offers available depending on your purchase price. You can contact James Allen’s customer service team about your financing options. 

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