Are James Allen Diamonds Conflict Free? (2024 Guide)

If you have been wondering: are James Allen diamonds conflict free? You are at the right place. Although it can be challenging to track the individual sources of diamonds from the store, James Allen diamonds come with a good reputation for being ethically sourced. James Allen explicitly noted that they follow the Kimberley Process and don’t work with any government that trades diamonds to fund conflicts. 

Check out more on James Allen’s track record in sourcing conflict-free diamonds and how to check ethically sourced jewelry before buying. 

What Is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

A conflict-free diamonds are diamonds sourced without any connection to terror groups or rebels. They are mostly ethically sourced and follow procedures like the Kimberley Process to guarantee that all diamonds were mined and shipped based on the highest ethical standards possible.

Conflict-free or cruelty-free diamonds got safely mined. It means that they follow a sourcing process that avoids any environmental and societal harm. When you purchase a conflict-free diamond, you are supporting ethical diamond mining processes. Procedures like the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme are in place to guarantee conflict-free mining and shipment of diamonds. It includes regulations and requirements to verify that each diamond is conflict-free from mining to the final purchase. 

Diamonds that don’t follow these practices and procedures are called conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. They come from war-torn areas, mined then illegally traded by rebel groups. 

But not all conflict-free diamonds meet the highest ethical standards. In many small-scale mines, especially around Africa, miners utilize simple and poor equipment. Their working environment can be unsafe and may cause significant environmental damages. In other cases, child labor can also be part of the mining process. 

Does James Allen Source Conflict-Free Diamonds?

James Allen only works with conflict-free diamonds, sourced in conflict-free areas and follows the Kimberley Process. 

James Allen diamonds are conflict-free and meet all US and international regulations regarding the ethical sourcing of diamonds. All the diamonds you can find at the store are certified and compliant with the Kimberley Process and America’s Patriot Act. The United Nations passed through the KPCS in 2003 to prevent diamonds linked to any conflict from entering the diamond market. 

Any retailer that sells diamonds in the United States is subject to the Kimberley Process and all regulations it has. Meaning, if they source their diamonds from conflict zones, that will involve heavy legal action and fines. 

James Allen does abide by the conflict-free sourcing of their diamonds. While there is always a risk that they are not honest about their sources, there is no record about James Allen has paid fines or has any legal action against them for selling illegal diamonds.

James Allen diamonds have a great reputation from both its customers and in the diamond industry. 

Where Does James Allen Source Their Diamonds?

James Allen sources their diamonds from multiple countries, so it’s a bit hard to pinpoint where each diamond came from. However, James Allen is an exclusive retailer of diamonds sourced from world-class Canadian mines.

When you buy James Allen diamonds, they don’t typically specify the origin or the country where the diamond is from. However, James Allen has binding contracts with their diamond supplies to guarantee that all diamonds they sell online comply with the requirements and procedures. The store only buys polished diamonds from professional diamond trade members to ensure that all James Allen diamonds are conflict-free. 

Moreover, James Allen is an exclusive retailer of diamonds sourced by Canadian mines renowned for their ethical diamond sourcing. Canada has strong and strict guidelines when it comes to diamond trading. Canada Mark certified diamonds don’t only have a positive environmental and social impact, but they are also 100% organic and free of any treatments used to improve a diamond’s appearance artificially. They also have a unique ID number that allows you to trace a diamond from mine to the vendor. 

James Allen’s diamond specialists and expert handpick their diamonds from conflict-free sources so that you can have the best stone without the expense of the environment and indigenous communities. 

If you’re worried about buying a possibly conflict diamond, James Allen also has a range of lab-created diamonds at their store. It’s another option to buy the sparkly engagement ring that will give you peace of mind. James Allen’s lab-created diamonds are also more affordable and 100% environmentally friendly. 

How to Check if James Allen Jewelry is Conflict Free

All James Allen diamonds claim to be certified conflict-free, but if you want to know more about where our diamonds came from, you can contact James Allen for more details. 

Checking where James Allen sourced their diamonds takes a little digging. But there are steps to help you learn more about James Allen diamonds before buying them.

Chat with the customer service.

You can call James Allen’s customer service agent and ask them more about the diamond you want to purchase. Ask them which countries they sourced their diamonds. Countries with an excellent reputation for conflict-free diamond sourcing include Canada, Botswana, and Namibia. 

While there are other conflict-free zones around Africa, many diamond retailers and jewelers refuse to source diamonds from Liberia, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Congo. 

But this method might not be as fruitful as you’d want as, in some cases, the customer service agent will only read you James Allen’s conflict-free diamond policy. It’s not new information from what you can read on their website.

Check out various conflict-free diamond organizations.

If you want to double-check if James Allen diamonds are truly conflict-free, you can also read more details on a couple of conflict-free diamond organizations. There are no notable complaints and issues against James Allen, which is a great sign that they are a real conflict-free diamond retailer. 

Having no legal track record from major US agencies that regulate the diamond market is not a guarantee but still a good sign that James Allen diamonds are conflict-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are James Allen lab-created diamonds good?

If you are searching for an alternative diamond, you can check out James Allen’s collection of lab-created diamonds. They are optically and chemically similar to mined diamonds, and they will keep you from wondering if your jewelry is conflict-free or not. Lab-created diamonds from James Allen are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. They don’t have any of the environmental and human consequences related to mining. They are also cheaper, although the resale value is much lesser than mined diamonds. 


James Allen’s conflict-free diamonds and gems follow internal and governmental requirements. They are not related to any violence, environmental degradation, human rights abuses, and child labor. When you purchase from James Allen, it includes their guarantee that their diamonds are certified conflict-free. 


James Allen does have a good reputation for selling conflict-free and earth-friendly diamonds. If you are ring shopping online, the store is worth checking out as they have a wide range of beautiful and certified ethically sourced diamond rings to offer. They are also the exclusive vendor of CanadaMark diamonds, which are 100% earth-friendly diamonds. 

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