James Allen Insurance Update (2024)

James Allen doesn’t offer diamond ring insurance in-store. But it partnered with a third-party insurance company called the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to give you a wide range of jewelry insurance options.

Currently, it’s the only company in the United States and Canada that exclusively specializes in jewelry insurance, no matter what type of jewelry you purchase. You can protect your James Allen purchase when you get insurance with the Jewelers Mutual Group that will give you coverage in cases when you lost or damage your ring. 

Getting James Allen insurance through Jewelers Mutual is quick and easy. Plus, it will leave you feeling financially and emotionally secure. After all, diamonds rings are a significant investment, and they are worth protecting. Whether you misplaced your James Allen ring, or it gets stolen, you’ll have the most comfort that you have financial protection.

Check out more about James Allen insurance for your precious diamond jewelry, its coverage, and policies.

What Does James Allen Insurance Covers?

James Allen insurance provided by Jewelers Mutual provides several advantages, like coverage against theft and mysterious disappearance. 

If you get your James Allen ring insured through Jewelers Mutual, you have protection if your precious jewelry gets stolen, whether you are in the United States or while traveling abroad. It’s always dreadful if the engagement ring you cherish gets stolen while you’re on vacation. But with James Allen insurance, you can rest assured that it will cover your stolen piece. 

The James Allen insurance also covers accidental theft as well as the mysterious disappearance of your jewelry. For instance, if you accidentally left your diamond ring in a public bathroom or at the beach and you can’t find it, the insurance will cover it. 

Typical insurance policies don’t always cover damages on your diamond rings. But James Allen’s insurance provided by Jewelers Mutual covers any damages done to your jewelry. Often, getting your damaged wedding ring repaired can be particularly expensive. But there shouldn’t be any extra cost to get your ring to its original beautiful look with Jewelers Mutual insurance. They will repair your ring and restore it, so it looks as good as when you bought your James Allen ring. 

Accidents happen, so if you hit your diamond ring somewhere hard and sharp and it cracks, the insurance will cover it. Preventative repairs are also included, such as prong re-tipping and repairing worn, broken, or bent prongs and stone tightening. 

James Allen insurance through Jewelers Mutual also includes replacement coverage for your precious jewelry. Perhaps you lost your wedding ring. The insurance will replace it with the same ring type from Hames Allen. They work with the diamond retailer to give you a new ring similar to the ring you lost. 

But there are cases that James Allen won’t cover the loss or disappearance of your diamond ring. Here is the list of exclusions in the insurance policy.

  • Confiscated jewelry during a search done by law enforcement.
  • Manufacturer’s defect.
  • Purposely losing or damaging your jewelry.
  • Pest infestations that damaged your jewelry.
  • Nuclear hazards that damaged your piece.
  • Typical wear and tear.
  • War or any warlike action. 

Maintenance and typical ring services like cleanings, resizing, appraisal, and inspections are not included in the James Allen insurance policy. However, most of these services are complimentary. 

How Much Does James Allen Insurance Cost?

James Allen insurance provided by Jewelers Mutual costs anywhere between 1% to 2% of the value of your diamond ring or any jewelry at the time you applied for the insurance. 

For instance, if you want to get your $10,000 James Allen engagement ring insured, you’d have to pay between $100 to $200 every year for the insurance. However, the exact cost of your James Allen insurance will depend on a couple of factors, like which state you live in or if you opt for a deductible with your insurance.

A deductible is how much you’d have to pay before Jewelers Mutual repairs or replace your item. For instance, insuring a $10,000 in Las Vegas will cost you $150 per year with a $0 deductible or $140 per year with a $100 deductible. Meanwhile, if you insured the same ring in Seattle, it would cost you only $105 per year with a $0 deductible or $98 with a $100 deductible. 

Your deductible options can either be 0$, 100$, $250, or $500. The higher the deductible in your insurance policy, the premium you’d have to pay each year decreases.

If you want a detailed copy of how much the James Allen insurance will cost, you can easily and quickly get a quote for your diamond jewelry items. You can check it out through the Jewelry Insurance page on the James Allen website. All you need to enter is your postal or zip code, what kind of jewelry you want to get insured, and how much it costs.

Does James Allen Insurance Have a Limit?

James Allen insurance has a customized limit based on the jewelry value you provided when you applied to insure your items.

Unlike other insurance policies that will only pay up or cover jewelry claims up to a particular amount, for instance, $1,000, Jewelers Mutual will base the coverage limit on your value documentation. Its insurance policy will cover both repairs and replacement of your insured items up to the same cost you provided during insuring. 

For instance, if you are making a jewelry claim for a $10,000 diamond ring and requesting a replacement, you can get a new ring worth the same. Meanwhile, if you want to get something more expensive, the insurance will cover the $10,000, and you can pay the difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to get your James Allen ring insured?

It’s your preference, but getting your James Allen ring insured does have lots of benefits. It protects you financially if anything serious happens to your ring, like if it got stolen or you misplaced it during a vacation. Jewelry insurance also gives you peace of mind, thinking that your financial investment is protected.

Is an appraisal necessary to get your ring insured?

Getting your jewelry appraised gives you a current valuation of your entire jewelry piece, both considering the stones and the setting of your ring. If you know the current retail placement of your jewelry, you can appropriately set the coverage limit of your insurance policy. 

For instance, it prevents your jewelry from getting underinsured, which may incur extra costs if you repair or replace it once it gets lost or damaged. On the reverse, appraisals also help avoid spending more to insure your item because of over-inflated values. 

Can you get James Allen insurance for jewelry other than rings?

James Allen insurance provided by Jewelers Mutual is available for all types of jewelry you want to get insured. That includes engagement rings, diamond rings, bracelets, chains, or any other James Allen jewelry. 

Is James Allen insurance worth it?

It depends on whether you want extra protection for your precious diamond ring or any jewelry if something bad happens. In most cases, your diamond piece can be incredibly expensive and having insurance for it gives you financial security in case of theft, loss, or damages in your ring. 

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