Diamond cuts enhance the look of jewelry. Everyone wants that their jewelry shines forever. Expensive jewelry items commonly have diamond cuts. You can find them in pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. Choosing the correct weave is important when you want to wear a gold chain. 

Wearing a single chain or layering up many of them does not look good if the chain weave is not attractive. In addition to weaving, cutting is also important to make the jewelry attractive, and the diamond cut finish can better do this. So, you will ask what is diamond cut gold? Any chain can be formed into a diamond-cut chain because it is a type of finish that is added by cutting grooves into the links of the chain. 

What is Diamond Cut gold?

Diamond cut gold has nothing to do with diamonds! Confused? Well, a diamond cut is a type of finish made by a chisel that makes the jewelry look impressive, more appealing, and costly. Diamond cuts are small notches or grooves made into metal links. These cuts are then polished to make them sparkling. The reflection of light from the grooves makes the jewelry appealing. 

What is the drawback of a diamond cut finish?

Diamond cuts have small notches on the chain links that weaken each link making it more fragile and delicate. Thus, plain-cut chains are stronger than diamond-cut chains. 

How to Choose the Gold Chain?

Gold chain is the most common piece of jewelry people love to wear. However, it does not mean limited choices regarding a gold chain are available. Gold chains are available in various lengths and styles, making it difficult to choose one. You must consider many factors while selecting the perfect gold chain, such as the type of gold, karat, link types, etc. In addition, there are many other things to consider, such as:


The most common gold chains available are Ball or bead chains, box chains, cable chains, anchor chains, rope chains, wheat chains, snake chains, and Singapore chains. You can choose any of the types depending on your liking. 


You can choose between solid or hollow chains. Solid gold does not mean that the chain has 100% pure gold i.e. 24karats. Solid gold chains can be 10K, 14K, 18K, or 22K. A lower karat means not the best gold color but the best combo of strength and looks. 

High karat leads to a weaker chain. Gold-filled or rolled gold is less valuable, while gold-plated is the inferior type of gold chain. Gold-plated chains are less costly but need greater care for long life. 

Hollow gold chains are like a tube. This minimizes the gold quantity in the chain and is less expensive. A hollow chain can easily break. 


As we have discussed, there are different types of chains, but the links play an important role in determining the strength of a chain. Links such as Figaro, cable, and anchor are the strongest. This is because these links are separately soldered. 

These links can be made more durable by increasing the thickness. Thus chains will not break and withstand any breakage due to folding or twisting. Even if the link breaks, a repair can be done by link replacement or re-attaching the remaining links. 

Gold Quality

Beware of fake because gold is a precious metal and people may give you substandard material. So keep yourself informed and do not fall for the traps. But, if you want to buy fake gold chain that looks real, then you will find plenty of options.


The thickness of the chain adds to its beauty and increases its strength. Thick chains can hold pendants of any size. 


Make sure to get the chain in the correct size. Short length may choke, and long chain tangles. For regular wear, 14”-22” chains are common. Always buy a gold chain that has some room for movement. 

We’ve put together the selection of top 5 real gold diamond cut chains.

How do diamond cut and regular cut chains differ?

A regular chain or normal chain is no such thing. However, a curb chain is the most common chain with flat interconnecting links. At the same time, the diamond cut chain is not a design but a finish that is given by a chisel. Any chain can be a diamond-cut chain because a jeweler can add this finish by making tiny notches or grooves into the links. 

Which type of chain looks amazing with a Diamond cut finish?

Chains are popular all across the globe, and thus jewelers are showcasing their creativity to offer more choices to the customers. As a result, varieties of chains are available in the market with varied sizes and lengths. 

Rope chains are the most common type of chain that looks amazing with a diamond-cut finish. For diamond-cut rope chains, silver and gold are the best. Yellow, white, rose gold, and variations of silver are gaining popularity. However, when you select a particular color of jewelry, it is necessary to find out which color suits you the best. When jewelry color matches the skin tone it enhances your look. Diamond-cut rope chains are perfect to go with formal and fancy attire.

Frequently asked questions


Gold chains are popular among youngsters and adults alike. Diamond cut in any chain brings out the extra shine, shimmer, and dazzle. The finish catches and reflects more light which makes a chain more appealing and grabs attention, especially in natural light.

Diamond cut chains sparkle the most. These chains are highly reflective as compared to any other chain. Thick woven chains with diamond cuts are highly popular as they look attractive.

why call it diamond cut if there is no diamonds?

The cuts in these types of chains make the finish ‘sparkle like diamonds’.

Concluding Remarks

Diamond cut chains have minute notches on the links. These smaller cuts are well polished to enhance the reflections. As a result, they have a dazzling and brighter appearance as compared to plain chains. 

But diamond-cut chains have small cuts on the links, which makes them a little weaker. Other than this, diamond-cut chains are the best to enhance your looks. 

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