Why is Cartier so Expensive? Ultimate Guide

Those interested in jewelry must have heard about the brand “Cartier.” Cartier is a global luxury goods business that sells luxury and designer jewelry and watches worldwide. This brand has been in the jewelry business since 1847 with the motto “Never intimate, always innovate.” But buying Cartier jewelry or a watch is not everyone’s tea. Some may dream all their life of buying this brand’s expensive jewelry. Even the jewelry and watches of this brand are even popular among celebrities. But why is Cartier so expensive?

 In short, the brand value and uniqueness are the main reasons for their high price. As you already know, Cartier products have a high price tag. Still, people think this high price is worth it because of the excellent quality and innovative design they provide. People don’t hesitate to buy jewelry from this brand if they have money.

 The precise craftsmanship, excellent selection of diamonds, and innovative and unique designs made the Cartier brand so special and high in price.

Significant History of the Brand “ Cartier”

Cartier Brand has been reigning in the industry of expensive items like jewelry, watches, and leather products for almost 200 years. A common curiosity may arise about how this brand has made it so far. This brand has an interesting background history that has inspired many people in this business.

There are two stories about the starting of Cartier, but there is no proof that makes one of them wrong. The first is that a Parisian man named Louis Francois Cartier bought the jewelry shop from its previous owner, where he used to work. The second story states that Louis Francois Cartier inherited that shop from his late father. 

Louis Francois Cartier

However, when Louis started running the business in 1847, the France revolution was going on against the upper class. So, selling expensive items like jewelry was challenging as it was the opposite of the revolution. 

But Louis overcame this situation with his excellent craftsmanship and innovative ideas for boutique and jewelry. After the change of power in France in 1959, this store became more popular.

After the death of Louis, his son Alfred took over the business and expanded it not only over France but also in New York and London. Alfred played a massive role in making Cartier popular overseas. 

Why is Cartier so Expensive?

Getting a Cartier bracelet or ring is like a dream for many of us. The elegance and innovative designs make Cartier extraordinary, and this brand’s choice of materials and stones helped them to outstand other fashion and jewelry brands.

Excellent choice of expensive metals

From the beginning of Cartier, they always choose expensive materials like gold or diamond in the jewelry. They choose costly metals, and the choice in selecting these stones is praiseworthy. This skill is the main thing that made Cartier famous from the time when Louis Cartier was the owner.

Cartier uses 18k gold in every piece of their jewelry, along with real diamonds. They even use 18k gold in their watches, so their price is always high.

Besides having gold, all Cartier watches have a gemstone on the winder called cabochon stone. They also use expensive stones like rock crystal, sapphires, blue stone, etc., on their jewelry.

Historical Significance: A history with Royal Family

This French brand, established by a Parisian, has a long-time relationship with the royal family of England. This relationship started when England’s king Edward VII discovered the magnificence of this brand’s jewelry. 

After learning about this significant brand, Edward VII made Cartier the official jewel maker of the royal family’s crowns. This long-term relationship with the royal family helped Cartier to outstand other brands in terms of luxury and made it expensive in value.

Prominent Craftmanship on every Cartier Piece

The solid and definitive design of stones, gold, and diamonds on every piece of Cartier are beyond words, making these pieces more valuable. Even in the pieces of platinum, you will find traditional craftworks, and every detail of this craft is impressive. 

This precise work of craft made Cartier more famous and prestigious throughout the whole world. This excellent work of design and craftsmanship makes the high price worth it.

Innovative Ideas: Never intimate, always innovate

Cartier is famous for the new designs they bring to the market annually. Their ideas for jewelry and watches are pretty innovative, and they never try to intimate the designs of other famous brands. 

There is a famous story that tells about the uniqueness of Cartier. It is the back story of the Cartier Crash watch.  

One day a man walked into the brand’s store and told Jean Jacques Cartier that his watch had broken due to an accident. That man told him to repair the watch, but surprisingly this watch gave inspiration to Jean for making a watch that looked crashed.

Many celebrities are seen wearing Cartier bracelets or watches and showing them off as they walk down the street or red carpet. It makes the brand value of Cartier reach higher day by day. Celebrities wearing expensive Cartier jewelry works as an advertisement for Cartier, and stars are obsessed with this brand.

What’s so Special about Cartier

One may ask why there is so much fuss about Cartier even though it’s too much expensive. Indeed, you won’t find any Cartier jewelry that is below Five thousand dollars. Still, people with enough money and costly choice always choose to have Cartier jewelry, especially bracelets and watches, just by seeing the brand name. 

Cartier earned their brand value through their excellent craftsmanship and precise eyes in selecting stones and diamonds.

If you follow celebrity tabloids, you may often see celebrities wearing Cartier bracelets or watches and showing them off as they walk down the street or red carpet. Celebrities wearing them is one of the many reasons why Cartier is famous among ordinary people. 

You may also hear about the  Cartier love bracelet as the most popular item of Cartier. This bracelet symbolizes free-spirited love, and that’s why it’s popular among youths for decades. This bracelet works as a piece of pre-engagement jewelry that makes a relationship stronger and the Cartier brand more popular.

Some Cartier accessories that are famous worldwide-

  • Amulette de Cartier
  • Cartier Love Barcelet
  • Juste Un Clou
  • Cartier Tank
  • Santos De Cartier
  • Drive De Cartier

Cartier Love bracelets have been in the market since 1969, and after 50 years, it is still popular among couples. The unique style of writing hidden profound messages in these bracelets makes them more popular. Also, this bracelet is easy to wear and simple in style, making it popular among the young.

Is Cartier Real Gold?

From the beginning of Cartier, this brand has used excellent metals like gold, diamonds, and expensive stones in their jewelry pieces. They use 18k gold in almost all of their watches and cabochon gemstones. They always use authentic and pure gold in their bracelet and necklaces. 

Is Cartier Cheaper in Italy?

You will find Cartier pieces much cheaper in Europe than in other parts. And the price difference is too huge to ignore; you will find a Cartier love Bracelet in Europian Countries at $962 cheaper than in the USA. That means you have to pay an extra $962 when buying a love bracelet in the USA or other countries except for European ones. 

What is the Cheapest Cartier Love Bracelet?

Cartier has 40 versions of love bracelet, which comes in seven sizes. These versions start with the price of $4050 and end at $56,000. But you can buy a second-hand or pre-owned love bracelet for $3000-$3100. So, you can own a Cartier love bracelet at a comparatively lower price if you buy a preowned one. 

Is Cartier resale value?

Cartier has the highest resale value among all the high-end jewelry brands, and National Jeweler Magazine confirms this information. There is not much difference between the new and pre-owned jewelry of Cartier. Cartier’s pre-owned jewelry has a 74% resale value of the original price. 


I hope you now have a clear concept of why Cartier is expensive. They earned this high price through their uniqueness in every piece of jewelry and watch. Also, the popularity of Cartier among celebrities plays a considerable role in the high price of this brand.

The French brand earned value through its excellent craftsmanship and precise eyes in selecting stones and diamonds.

So, buying Cartier jewelry is worth it despite its high price because of the authenticity they provide. People don’t hesitate to buy from this brand even with their long-saved money. 

Thus, if you have money, don’t wait; just buy an excellent piece of jewelry from Cartier!

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