Why Promise Rings are Bad? Ultimate Guide

When a person loves another person, it is natural that they will make many promises like staying with each other till death, etc. Sometimes, to make their promise more appealing, they have a couple’s promise ring as a token of these promises and affection. But some people think that having paired promise ring is a bad idea. Now a question arises “Why promise rings are bad” You will get all the possible answers in this article.

There can be more than one reason why having promise rings are a bad idea. Firstly, from a social perspective, many people think promises are broken, so getting a ring for making these promises is not worthy it. Secondly, some people believe that promise rings bring bad luck to couples.

But a third party believes it is just an innocent way to show and remind the commitment, affection, and love between two people.

Why Promise Rings are Bad

Some people may say that they don’t believe having promise rings are not bad; it’s just a reminder for couples of their promises. But people with the mindset of the negative side give solid reasons why a promise ring is a negative thing for a person or a couple. Now let’s head into the detailed explanations of this negative thought-

Promise Rings: A bad luck?

Many people firmly believe that promise rings bring bad luck to the couple, whether superstition or fact. Their relationship and bonding may harm over these mere rings. There is no concrete proof that the promise ring works as a curse. Having this ring can be a bad or good idea, but it surely doesn’t bring bad luck.

Promise Ring: An overweight

Another party firmly believes that getting promise rings as a symbol of commitment and affection is a horrible idea. They think it becomes a burden for the ring bearers as this ring constantly reminds them of the responsibility.’

As promises are frequently broken in recent days, the idea of getting this ring may seem to some people. They think that people change over time, and their choices and preferences also change, so getting this ring is a funny idea, as these promises won’t last long.

It can burden the bearer by reminding them of their responsibility without a marriage contract. So some people may freak out at the reminders of this unannounced responsibility.

As a result, they may do something stupid to hurt their significant ones, even though they were meant for each other. That’s why many people avoid getting this ring.

Why do people think that a promise ring is a bad idea?

There are some specific reasons why people dislike this ring-

  • Sometimes one may think that this ring is a burden for them and freak out at this
  • Some people believe that a promise ring is an idiotic idea
  • It is not a pre-engagement ring, so one might misunderstand its meaning and get hurt
  • Sometimes a partner may raise their hopes high after getting this ring, where there is no future.

Vice Versa: Promise Rings are not a Bad Idea

From another perspective, getting promise rings is a completely harmless and innocent decision of two people in love. A couple may simply just want to show the world their commitment and affection or just want to remind themselves of the promises they have made.

People can give this ring to their significant others for different reasons. So, to avoid future misunderstandings, clear your intention first, then give this ring to your loved one.

Interestingly, in some cases, your partner may give you this ring after being pressured by their family. Their family may want them to commit an engagement by using this ring. Look at its good side; this ring will remind your partner that things are a bit weary now, but it will be all okay after some time.

Some people use this promise ring as a milestone in their relationship. They may get this ring after completing one, two, or five years of a relationship. They may give this ring while still in the process of understanding each other as a token of their effort.

Some people give this ring to their loved ones as a commitment to their relationship. They want to remind their loved ones that even if this is not an engagement ring, wait for me until I give you one. If you want to learn more about the differences between engagement ring vs promise ring, please check this article.

Are promise rings a good idea?

Many people struggle to express their feelings and thoughts towards their partner. Promise rings can be a good idea for them to express their feelings according to their specific context. Some people also give this ring to a friend as a token of gratitude and affection.

Do guys like getting promise rings?

Many people have a backdated thought that promise rings are only meant for women as they need constant surety from their partners. But in modern days, promise rings are meant for both men and women who want a reminder of commitment and endearment.

Is a promise ring a big deal?

If you give someone a promise ring, you should never forget it is a big deal. If you promise something to your partner, you must not take it lightly. Even if this ring is not a commitment of marriage, still it’s a heartfelt and profound symbol of loyalty.

Why should my boyfriend get me a promise ring?

A promise ring signifies love, affection, and commitment between two people. It’s a reminder for couples of their responsibility in this relationship. So if your boyfriend loves you truly and wants to show it, he should give you a promise ring.

Final Words

I hope that now you are clear about “Why promise rings are bad.” As mentioned above, it varies from the perspectives of different people. Some may think it is a bad idea as it burdens and exaggerates the relationship between two people. 

But it can be a good idea to show love and affection to your loved ones. It reminds couples that even if things are not smooth between them right now, it will be okay as long as they are with each other. So, it’s in your hand; which side you will take on this topic.

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