Ankle Piercing

Body piercing has evolved over the centuries. From ear piercing which had its own religious beliefs to the most piercings in other parts of the body to make a bold statement. With a lot of style quotient added to it, foot and ankle piercing is becoming a first choice for the young. So what is ankle piercing? It is a variation of piercing on the ankles either below the joint region or above it. It is advised to get the ankle pierced by a professional since there are a lot of risks involved. Also, it is one of the popular piercings for guys.

Ankle Piercing Pictures
Ankle Piercing Pictures

Healing Time

Healing time for ankle piercing is usually between 6 to 8 weeks.

Infection and Complication

Lots of precaution and care are needed since it is in the lower region of the body. It is prone to dust, dirt, and germs which could lead to possible infection. The use of socks can be painful too as it takes time for the pierced skin to get used to the stress and change it undergoes. One cannot limit the movement hence raising the chances of complications.


To avoid any kind of infection, try to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible. Wash your hands nicely before coming in contact with the concerned area. Wash the ankle with salt water solution twice a day, and avoid going in the pool also.


There is a wide range of options when it comes to jewelry for the ankle. It includes horseshoe barbells, surface bars, a different range of studs, etc. So choose the one that suits you and your personality.

Ankle Dermal Piercing


Usually it will cost you between $40 to $50, if done by a professionally skilled piercer.

Achilles Piercing
Achilles Piercing

Types of Ankle Piercing

Besides the normal version discussed above, several people often prefer ankle dermal piercing too. Done by the use of dermal or micro dermal anchors clubbed with creatively designed jewelry tops. Another popular variation is the Achilles tendon done in between the ankle.

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