Back Dimple Piercing

What is Back Dimple Piercing or Back Piercing?

Dimples are a formation on the cheeks. Then you must be wondering what does back dimple mean?

Back dimple, also known as ‘Dimple of Venus’ is the depression on the back area near the waist and can commonly be called Back piercing. These Piercings look good with low waist jeans and crop tops where people can flaunt their backs with the gorgeous jewelry adorning that area. However, the piercing is in an area that is not easy to reach for cleaning and aftercare. It is a type of dermal piercing so Micro dermal is ordinary for them and due to this reason they are also famous as back dermal. The anchor is set inside the skin, and the jewel sits at the top.

Back Dimple Piercing Jewelry
Back Dimple Piercing Jewelry

The procedure of Back dimple piercing

These piercings must be carried out by an expert professional so ensure you visit a parlor that is authentic and certified. Wearing sterile gloves reduces the chances of contamination. The piercer cleans the area at the back with some antibacterial liquid and marks the area of the perforation carefully using a surgical pen. He later inserts a clean hollow needle and then slots in the jewelry.

Pain Experience

The pain of back piercing is not much and is within the threshold of tolerance. For some, it can be a bit intense if they have a low capacity for bearing pain. There can be some swelling and tenderness in the region. Pain can last for a few days or a week.

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Healing Time

Complete healing of back dimple piercing can take anywhere between one to three months. Repairing time can exceed for individuals who do not observe essential aftercare.

Lower back piercing

Aftercare for Back Piercing


  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that give proper ventilation.
  • Clean the area regularly with a warm saline solution.
  • Sleep on the belly side to avoid any injuries.
  • Wash hands before touching the pierced region.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet to speed up recovery.


  • Avoid playing and fiddling with jewelry. Do not try to remove it.
  • Apply cosmetics, creams, lotions, ointments, oils, and sprays in the pierced area.
  • Go swimming in public pools.
  • Involve in any sports or outdoor activity that risks injury.
  • Use dirty towels to wipe the region.
Back Dimple Piercing Images
Back Dimple Piercings

Infection & Other complications

The location of back dimple piercing is highly prone to infections as it is not easy to maintain. It is difficult to keep a check as the area is largely inaccessible. In case of rejection or migration, there is the possibility of scars. It is better to do the cleaning part more carefully or let someone else do that.


  • Itching, Irritation, and pain in the area.
  • Redness and swelling.
  • Pus discharge
  • Foul smell indicates contamination.
  • Fever (in some cases), the High temperature in and around the region.


  • Dab the region with a cotton swab soaked in the warm saline solution.
  • Clean the area regularly from pus or blood clots.
  • Do not remove the jewelry.
  • Pat the area dry after taking a shower.
  • See a doctor and follow his advice.
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Back Dimple Piercings Jewelry

The typical jewelry for back dimple piercing is a surface bar. It reduces the risk of rejection by securing the perforation. The back dimple piercing is a type of surface piercing, so the alternative jewelry is a dermal anchor. This jewelry sets on an anchor that rests inside the body, so it remains in place.

Different Back Dimple Piercings
Double Back Dimple Piercing | Microdermal Back Dimple Piercing

Material for jewelry should be skin-friendly and should not cause itching or irritation. It should be non-corrosive and hypoallergic. Titanium, surgical steel, rose gold, niobium gold, sterling silver etc. are all ideal choices. Bioplastic and acrylic add to the variety as they are available in various colors.

Back Piercing Cost

The cost of a back piercing ranges from $35 to $75.

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