Bottom Belly Button Piercing

What is Bottom Belly Button Piercing?

Bottom Belly or Bottom Belly Button piercing is a type of navel piercing where a perforation is made on the lower part of the belly button. Having well-defined belly anatomy, this is a cool way to display gorgeous jewelry on a flat tummy.  It is very much in fashion these days as the fabulous look is popular among youngsters. It was 1st popularized by Alicia Silverstone in her song ‘Cyrin’ when she got her navel piercing by Paul King.

Belly Button Piercing on Bottom
Belly Button Piercing on Bottom


Before visiting a parlor make sure it’s authentic and takes good care of cleanliness.

  1. The piercer will wear sterilized gloves before piercing.
  2. Cleans the area with some anti-bacterial liquid and marks the spot carefully to make future perforations.
  3. Uses a clean hollow needle to puncture a hole at the place and then inserts the jewelry inside it.
Belly Button Rings for Bottom Piercing
Belly Button Rings for Bottom Piercing


Do belly button piercings hurt? If yes, then to what extent? While getting this piercing, the pain will be equal to a pinch which goes down gradually. However, the intensity majorly depends on the individual’s threshold to bear the pain and that may differ from person to person.

Healing Time

The piercing might take from 9 to 12 months for complete healing. Belly button piercing bleeding is common in the initial stages. The condition provided that the piercing does not get hit by an infection as it can prolong the recovery period.

Bottom Navel Piercing Image
Bottom Navel Piercing

Aftercare: Bottom Belly piercing


  • Wash hands before touching the piercing with an antibacterial soap.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes on and around the piercing.
  • Rinse the region with a warm saline solution twice or thrice a day.
  • Use clean towels to wipe the area.
  • Eat nutritious food rich in Vitamin B & C


  • Subject the piercing to any strain or stress until it repairs completely.
  • Drink alcohol or smoke as this slows down healing.
  • Go swimming in public pools or taking a bath in bathtubs.
  • Remove or play with the jewelry.
  • Sleep on the side of the belly.
  • Use cosmetics in the area.

Can you get the piercings while pregnant?

A word of caution for pregnant women. Piercing your belly button during pregnancy is a complete NO. During this period the body undergoes some changes due to which the healing is not proper and therefore there is always a risk of infection and other complications.

Infection & Complications

If there is severe swelling, redness, pain, or discharge of yellow color fluid from the perforation then this can be an indication of Contagion. Experiencing constant itching, irritation, and discomfort in the area can be an indication of migration which can cause rejection later.

Inverse Navel Piercing
Inverse Navel Piercing

Bottom Belly Piercing Jewelry

Rings enclosing balls or beads in them and circular barbells are ideal jewelry to wear during the recovery phase. Later they can be replaced by studs, dangles, Bottom belly rings and belly bars. The type of clothing best suited with it is cute crop tops which may help to flaunt the navel piercing.

Size of Gauge

The thickness of jewelry used after piercing is just 12 gauges. Some piercers also suggest 14 gauge jewelry for the healing period. The width of the jewelry matters as thin jewelry carries the risk of injuries, getting caught, pulled, migrating and thus causing a scar.

Material of Ornament

Ideal material for Bottom belly button piercings is Gold, titanium, surgical steel, niobium, sterling silver, etc. They are hypoallergic and thus do not cause any irritation or itching. A thing to keep in mind is that the gold used for jewelry should be a 24-carat pure piece as the gold plated jewelry can lead to infections.

Bottom Belly Button Piercing Cost

The cost falls between $30 and $60. In any elite salon, the fee will fall in the given range, but it may vary with the choice of jewelry and its material. Do remember not to compromise with the quality to cut the cost. Some parlors may not charge hefty, but an improper method or unclean ambiance might result in several complications later on.

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