Bottom Lip Piercing

What is Bottom Lip Piercing?

Bottom lip piercings refer to perforation or a set of perforations made on the lower lip. It includes a variety of piercings based on the location of the piercing, namely:

Face Piercing Chart

  • Inside bottom lip piercing
  • Middle bottom lip piercing
  • Center bottom lip piercing
  • Snakebite piercing
  • Shark bite piercing
  • Dolphin bites piercing
  • Lower side lip piercing
  • Spider bites piercing
  • Horizontal lip piercing
  • Canine Bites lip piercing


  • Select a certified or a reputed piercing salon headed by an experienced professional piercing artist. This reduces the chances of infection as they use hygienic techniques.
  • Carefully select the jewelry. Most jewelry has specific sides demarcated for the exterior and the interior of the mouth. It should be selected by keeping in mind the adverse effects it can have on the person’s oral health.


  • Infection due to unhygienic conditions or use of non-sterilized equipment during the piercing procedure.
  • Gum erosion due to constant contact between the metal jewelry and the gum
  • Gums recede due to the constant touching of the metal jewelry
  • Nerves present in the gums get extreme exposure due to the recession of the gums, causing weakening of gums & teeth
  • Change in shape or loss of teeth.
  • The risk of contracting diseases like herpes, aids & hepatitis B and C in case a non-sterilized needle is used


  1. Rinse the mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash
  2. Markings are made with a surgical pen to determine the exact location
  3. After this, the artist uses a sterilized hollow needle to make the perforation
  4. Jewelry is also inserted immediately at the time of the piercing


Pain incurred at the time of piercing differs from one person to another. Different people can bear different levels of pain. Also, the technique and equipment used to perform the piercing affect the pain levels too.

Healing time

It is generally 6 to 8 weeks before the piercing heals completely. But there are a lot of variations that come under the broad category of bottom lip piercing like the Medusa piercing which may take a longer time to heal. Also, the aftercare and the ability of the person’s body to repair its wounds affect the healing time.

Aftercare – How to avoid infections? 


  • Keep your mouth clean, especially after meals
  • Clean the piercing regularly with saline solution
  • Eat mild food to fasten the healing process


  • Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands
  • Do not go swimming till the wound has healed
  • Avoid the intake of spicy food, recreational drugs and alcohol.


A variety of options are available in case of a bottom lip piercing. Hoops, circular barbells, labret studs, and captive bead rings are advised to be used. Once the wound has healed, the person may experiment with the kind of jewelry they wish to wear.

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The cost is dependent on the type of jewelry one chooses. Usually, the cost of a piercing alone ranges between $20 to 60.

Frequently asked questions

can i pierce my bottom lip?

Yes, you can. There are various options available. The vertical labret involves piercing through the bottom lip.

how bad does a bottom lip piercing hurt?

It depends on your pain tolerance level. Most people reported they experienced a pain level 4 on a scale of 10. The sensitive tissue and nerve endings around the mouth area may lead to a higher level of pain.

why do people pierce their bottom lip?

Usually, it is the way people would like to express themselves or for aesthetic reasons. Today, lip piercings including a bottom lip piercing popular among all genders.

final remarks

Thank you for reading till the end. Hopefully, this article helped you with your decision rather or not to go ahead with a bottom lip piercing. Good luck!

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