Cheek Piercing or Dimple Piercing (your ultimate guide)

What is Cheek Piercing?

Body art excites everyone as it looks cool and trendy and a little rebellious too. People have a pocket full of reasons for getting a piercing done and as a matter of fact, there are many choices in the kind of piercing as well. You can get it almost anywhere you want, even on your cheek. Spooky, right? Yet, cheek piercing or dimple Piercing is a type of facial piercing that is not uncommon as you might think. You will find a lot of people with their cheeks pierced and if you somehow get impressed by it, you should probably know some things that are not visible there on the cheek.

Getting a Cheek Piercing

You must be wondering how to pierce your cheeks? For this, you should visit a licensed piercing salon and meet the piercer beforehand to ascertain if it is hygienic and safe for you. Another small tip is to be on time, if you’re late, there will be chances that the professional will hush-hush your appointment for he might have another one lined up. Now, hurry never begets a perfect job and in the case of this piercing, that might be not to the best of your interests.

One-sided Cheek Dimple Piercing
Cheek Dimple Piercing

Paperwork is a part of the process, you will be definitely asked to sign a consent form and probably will be asked for a legit identity proof. After all these formalities are done, the professional will tell you about the procedure, how it will be carried out and how to look after it. But before it is actually done, you would be asked to choose jewelry for your piercing. It is usually pierced using a 14g or 16g sterilized needle which is followed by insertion of the preferred jewelry. Ask for piercing before and after pictures of previous customers to check how it actually appears.

Dermal Cheek Piercing Pain

How much does it pain? Yes, they do and they definitely hurt more than any other form of piercing. Therefore, let your piercer know about the allergies (if you have any), of any metal and he will suggest the best option for you. You need to tell him where you want the piercing on your cheek for he can sterilize the spots mark them with a needle. He will clamp the place which really hurts more than the actual piercing. Once that is over, he will clean the spot and insert the jewelry. The pain is not something you can measure. It differs from people to people but you should expect a pinch nonetheless.

cheek piercing studs
Cheek Dimple Piercing Jewelry


There are about 4 kinds of cheek piercing variations, namely:

  1. One-sided Cheek Dimple Piercing/ Back dimple Piercing
  2. Dermal Cheek Piercing
  3. Fake Cheek Piercing
  4. Cheekbone Cheek Piercing (Also known as Upper Cheek Piercing or High Cheek piercing)

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The healing process will not take more than 3 months. If you take extra care of your pierced area, it might get better sooner. In case you don’t look after it, infections or even migrated or even worse, rejection can take place. To protect your cheek from any injury should be your priority.

  1. Any damage can lead to problems causing a lot of pain.
  2. Even if your soap causes irritation to the pierced cheek, you should change it with a mild one without wasting any time.
  3. Saltwater cleaning is the best way to wash away all the dirt that might surround your wound.

Infections & Complications

  • Any sort of infection or complications can lead to swelling, redness, numbness, etc.
  • There is a possibility of nerve damage too.
  • The parotid ducts might get damaged if there is an improper placement leading to constant leakage of saliva through the cheeks.
  • Other possible complications include the possibility of gum recession or even cracking of the teeth. If the jewelry used is not of the standard quality, there can be redness and chances of severe itching might also be on the cards.
  • Dimple piercing scars are also a matter of concern.

Cheek Piercing Jewelry

Cheeks get a piercing usually with a labret stud or with the help of a barbell. Labret studs of 1.6 mm are common for the purpose. The jewelry material can be of gold, sterling silver, stainless steel etc. Some people walk an extra mile with Cheek gauges, which is a recent hipster look.

Fake dimples are the jewelry that you can wear without undergoing the piercing pain.


When it comes to the question of how much does it cost? The price is anywhere around $60-70. Do not go for cheaper options but go for the experienced guys who have been doing this day in and day out.

Many people often ask the question “do cheek piercings give you dimples?” Yes after the area heals, it forms a scar resembling natural dimples.

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