Dahlia Piercing

What do you think is the rarest and scariest type of lip piercing? Is it the one that reminds you of the infamous murder- Black Dahlia? The Dahlia piercing got its name from the facial mutilation of the American actress Elizabeth Short known posthumously as Black Dahlia. A few people consider it to be one of the types of face piercings but it is more of a lip piercing. Though it is very uncommon, still if you want to attract some admiring glances, this is the type of lip piercing for you.

What is Dahlia Piercing?

Dahlia piercing is also sometimes known as Dahlia bites or The Joker piercing because of the comic book super villain’s well-known scars. It is although a kind of lip piercing yet it is not your lips that get a perforation. The piercing is done on the edges of the lips to give them a lengthening effect.

Cute Face Piercings

Dahlia Piercing Images
Dahlia Piercing Images

Important Things To Consider

Dahlia piercings are the most complicated type of piercings due to the precision in their location. You need to go to an expert and experienced piercer. If it is too close to your lips, there are chances of rejection, migration, or even tearing of the mouth also. If it is too far from the mouth, it becomes more of a cheek piercing than a lip piercing making it different altogether.


  1. Piercing the correct place will require cleaning and marking the desired spot with a pen or a marker.
  2. After that take a hollow needle and carefully insert the labret jewelry in it.
  3. Naturally, this type of piercing takes a bit longer than a single lip piercing.

Does Dahlia Piercing Hurt A lot? – Pain

It is a kind of double piercing on either side of the lips, so it’s quite evident that it will cause more pain. It also depends on your tolerance levels which if less, you can experience a high amount of pain. After the piercing, there can be a bit of bleeding but with the passage of time, the pain will gradually decrease.

The Healing process

It can take up to 20 weeks to heal completely. The initial stage will be crucial as it is located near your mouth so be careful while eating and cleaning your mouth. There may be swelling so you might experience difficulty eating food. There can be instances where you find a seepage of whitish-yellow liquid from the wound indicating that the perforation is healing.

It depends on the personal care and hygiene you maintain. Although the wound will take around five to six months to heal, it will improvise each day.

Dahlia Piercing Stud
Dahlia Piercing Stud

Double lip piercing Aftercare

Just like you need to take care of the sutures if you get them, you also need to look after the piercings to avoid infections. Here are some tips to protect you from germs.

  • Keep the area dry. If you sweat too much, make sure it does not drip near the piercings. It may cause irritation.
  • Clean the area regularly using a cotton ball with sea salt solution or a cleanser like H2O Ocean.
  • Do not touch the jewelry, this will only worsen your wound as the bacteria present on your hands may infect it.
  • Do not drink alcohol, beverages like caffeine or eat spicy food. It will stimulate the nerves and healing may take time.

Remedies for Infection

Follow some simple steps to get relief from it:

  • Do not remove the jewelry on your own. Either let it remain in place or go to your piercer to take it off.
  • Clean off the pus and then apply an appropriate medicated cream on it.
  • In case the infection gets worse, consult a doctor and follow his prescription.
  • At home, you can find coconut oil which has antimicrobial properties. It helps in healing and can be used pre and post infection to quicken the healing process.
Dahlia Ring Piercing
Dahlia Ring Piercing


The best jewelry for this kind of piercing is cute small studs. You can also try pretty CBRs or curved barbells which will look cool and sexy.

Cost of Dahlia bites

The average price of Dahlia piercing usually lies between $20 to $80. It can vary with the type of jewelry selected and the choice of the parlor.

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